Hey everyone how was your Columbus Day? Did you all have a great day off of work for those who had it off? I sure did, but now we are back at it for another round of Questions and Answers from you the fans. This week was there any plans to have the Iron Sheik hold the WWF championship for longer than he did? This and much more on #ask7pound.

Before we get to the questions this week, we have a little bit of bad news by BAD NEWS BRENNAN.


In the world of Baseball Reggie Jackson is known as Mr. October for his success in the postseason. In the WWE The Rock is one of the most successful competitors of his time…I have some Bad News…The Rock on PPV in October was not a smart bet with 1 win between 98-01 including 2 crushing title defeats to Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho.



Did you know that Edge and Beth Phoenix have a child together? Man oh man, that Edge was a little player in his days in the WWE. Lita, and Beth Phoenix? Who else was there Adam?


Who has questions for me this week? Let’s find out.

Joey gets us started with the Iron Sheik’s title reign.

So the Iron Sheik had a title reign that lasted all but a month in the WWF. Was there any plan to keep the title on him longer than that, or regain the title at any point? He seemed like he was over and would have made a good champion. 


When the Sheik won the championship from Bob Backlund, he was only going to be what they called a transitional champion. This is where they put the belt on someone only to put it on another guy shortly thereafter. When he beat Backlund in December 1983, it was already set in place to have Hulk Hogan win it from the Sheik in Madison Square Garden a month later. Back in those days, wrestling sort of had a thing where they did not want to have a face vs a face, and they thought with Hogan being the Real American, who better to have him defeat than the evil Iranian, a country that the United States was basically at war with. This happened simply to build Hogan up as the Real American and to get him over with the fans fast. It worked. Even though he only had a short reign as champion, the Sheik never fails to mention that he was once a former Worlds Champion. I also recommend you follow him on Twitter as he is absolutely crazy. As for him regaining the title? I guess, sure it was always an option if the Hogan experiment did not work, but that was never the plan. Sheik would eventually move on from Hogan and form a tag team with Nicolai Volcolff and they held the WWF tag team championship when they won it in the first Wrestlemania. I do agree with you though, Joey. I would have liked to see what he could have done with a more lengthy reign as the champ.


Orko from West Philadelphia born and raised wants to know about wrestlers under the ring.

When wrestlers appear from under the ring, how do they get there? I can understand when they cut out from a TV audience, but how about the LIVE audience. How do they get under the ring? 


On most occasions, the wrestler just goes under the ring before the crowd arrives and hangs out under the ring for the entire show. This could make for a very long night for that wrestler, especially if he is not scheduled to appear until the main event. This could be literally a 4 hour stint just sitting under the ring in very cramped quarters. If you have seen underneath the ring there is not much room to move under there. Other times what will happen is that sometime during the show, like if there is a cage match scheduled the wrestler will come out in a hoodie or something to disguise himself and appear to help set up the ring. He will then casually slip under the ring and most of the time no one notices and they think he is just setting up the cage for the next match. There are other times where in between matches they will have someone come down with a box or a crate with the wrestler inside of it they will have other things in there like tables, or chairs as if they are setting something up. The wrestler will slip out of the crate and under the ring. This is what usually happens when the wrestler gets pulled under the ring. Example: Summerslam 09, when Edge fell through the ring from the ladder. The hole he fell in caught on fire, the show ended, and people came back with a crate that Edge simply went out in that. As if no one knew who was in that crate. But sometimes they just stay under there until everyone leaves. Really just depends on the match, what kind of matches are happening, and if the wrestler feels comfortable staying under the ring for a long period of time.


Chewy from Savannah Georgia chimes in this week.

Who decides on who is next in line to win championships? I remember back in the day in the NWA they said they had a championship committee to basically vote on who the next guy was. Is this the case now?

nwa title

The writers and bookers are the ones who decide on who is going to be the next champion. However, it all stops with Vince McMahon as he always has the final say on all storylines. Back in the 80’s they did have a committee where they voted on who would be the next world champion, not so much the secondary titles or tag team titles, but the NWA title for example, they had a committee that was with all the promotions that they discussed and decided on who was worthy of holding that championship. Back then, the wrestler had to put up a deposit of up to $25,000 just to carry the title. They usually kept the title with them at all times and would be responsible to bring the belt to all the shows and so forth. If you saw Ric Flair’s DVD, back when he left the WCW for the NWA, he brought the WCW championship belt to the WWE, and when WCW asked for the belt back, he said he wanted his deposit back, so when he gets his 25K, he will give them the belt. That never happened, Flair kept the belt, and to this day still has that particular championship. Now, they only take the title belt for special promotions, so they don’t have to have a deposit to hold the championship like they used to. To my knowledge, and I have been known to be wrong on occasion, the WWF never had this stipulation with their particular championship.


Alan wants to know about the Russian Nightmare

What ever happened to Nikita Koloff? and Why was he never given a run with the World title?


Its pretty simple actually, Nikita was always going to be an upper mid card type wrestler. He was never going to draw the numbers and crowds like a Flair, a Dusty Rhodes, Sting, just to name a few. Also, back in those days to be the champion, you had to be able to cut a decent promo, I don’t know if you have ever heard a promo by Nikita, but you cannot understand a word he is saying half the time. I suppose that you could have miraculously made him American and be able to speak in his normal voice. That’s right, in case you had no idea. Nikita is not even foreign. His name is Nelson Simpson, and he is from Minneapolis Minnesota. He speaks perfect English. While his voice is raspy, and deep, his Russian accent is not real.

Currently, Nikita is a born again Christian and has gotten involved in the ministry. He runs a small wrestling promotion called the UWA which is sort of an outreach promotion and extension of his ministry. He made a few appearances in TNA back in 2003, wrestling under the mask of Mr. Wrestling IV, where he attacked and then eventually helped his former Superpowers tag team partner Dusty Rhodes. Nikita has also written a few books called Breaking the Chains, which is a Christian living guide, and also Wrestling with Success, which is a guide to positive thinking. Koloff also gives motivational speeches here and there to help lift people up when they are down. He also has been in several movies.


Jason takes us home this week about unified titles.

I was watching the WWE Network and some older WCW shows. I recall that in the early 90’s they had the Unified tag team champions basically from WCW and NWA. Why did they unify these titles? and has there ever been a unified champion or champions since then?


If you read the Wrestling Roundtable every Thursday. We discuss alot about unifying the Intercontinental and United States Championship. This actually happened back in 2001 at the Survivor Series when the Intercontinental Champion Test faced off against the United States Champion Edge. Edge won the match and unified the two championships. They eventually retired the US title temporarily, but it actually happened.

Why did they unify the WCW and NWA titles? Well it was really to show that WCW had the best tag teams in the entire world, and put more emphasis on prestige on the title holders. That is really the only reason they did the unification, plus there was no way they were going to have two tag team titles again. I thought it could work, but I never worked for WCW.

The WCW and WWE titles were unified and was known as the undisputed WWE Championship. Then more recently, the WWE and World Heavyweight titles were unified.

The WWE also unified the Raw and Smackdown tag team championships when the brands combined again. Again, this made zero sense and they scrapped the Smackdown titles.

They have unified the WWE and Intercontinental championship on a couple occasions, but it was never meant to be an actual unification. Triple H, the WWE Champion defeated IC champion Kane, then the IC title went on a hiatus for a few months.

The Television and US title were unified in WCW by Scott Hall, then Hall basically threw the TV title in the garbage, only to be reclaimed by Hacksaw Jim Duggan a short time later.


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