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Welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. The calender has turned to October and that means the Major League Baseball postseason, the start of the National Hockey League season and preseason action in the National Basketball Association. The National Football League is also in full swing so it’s an exciting and full sports calender for fans.

All of that is good stuff as far as I am concerned. So good, that I am going to attempt to pivot this blog away from being my emotional dumping ground and back to the light hearted zone I initially wanted for this blog space.  So this week I’m going to talk the weirdness that is the Derek Fisher-Matt Barnes incident. I’ve got to say something about this craziness. I have to.

So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you may have heard that Matt Barnes, currently of the Memphis Grizzlies, got into a dispute with his estranged wife Gloria Govan, and former teammate and now New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher. As the story goes, Matt’s twin 6 year old sons hit their dad up on FaceTime and told him that their Mom was entertaining Fisher at the family home. Matt drove over, punched Fisher, and spat in his estranged wife’s face.

The two former Lakers players, and former teammates, were good friends but I guess that’s all done now. So, reading this story I can only think of one thing: who wants tickets to the two Knicks vs. Grizzlies games this season because I’m sure those encounters are going to be AWKWARD!! Every eye in that arena are going to be on those two men, no matter how much either one is going to try and sweep this incident under the rug.

The fact that it was initially reported that Matt drove 95 miles from the Grizzlies training camp in Santa Barbara just to confront Derek only added hype to the crazy fire. Matt has stated since that he was nearby and at home when his sons reached out and only drove a few minutes, but the fact that he confronted Derek shows that Barnes once again is not in the best of head spaces.

Matt Barnes has a bit of a history with confrontation. Be it with James Harden, Floyd Mayweather, or with fans, he’s known to be a hot head. He’s also known to be pretty vulgar, since he has been fined numerous times because of the language he chooses to use with fans, fellow players, and the media. He’s also a bit of a TMZ magnet. Earlier this year he stated that he had a rendezvous with Rihanna. Something she vehemently denied, and shot down with one hell of a hilarious Instagram post. Barnes has a way of finding attention.

Derek Fisher is no angel either. He’s had his share of incidents as well, and he should probably know better than to get involved with a fellow player’s wife. Barnes and Govan might be estranged, but I would have to think Fisher could have found himself a woman that is not tied to someone in his workplace. It’s a bit obscene.

Some elements of the media want to cast blame on Govan, of Basketball Wives fame, because she too has a bit of a history of being linked to men who know Matt. Now it’s not cool of her to “smash the homies” but it takes two to tango. These men know who she is. They know who she concerns. Like I said previously, they could have looked elsewhere.

However, it appears to me that in the world of sports and entertainment the pool must be pretty limited. It always seems that athletes and musicians are constantly hooking up with the same people. I guess it’s a pretty small social circle, so I’d have to think stories like Matt’s and Derek’s are more common that we think. It’s just that the media caught on to this one and we know about it. Can’t be nothing more than that.

It is pretty funny though. Fisher and Barnes. Two men who played in the triangle offense, and one who is currently coaching that offense with the Knicks have been caught in a triangle of their own. Too bad big Shaq, another man known for stepping out on his wife, and also has allegedly slept with Govan, wasn’t there to be blamed. How awesome would have that been?

I digress but I for one am looking forward to the soap opera that will be the Knicks versus Grizzlies and I hope some new developments break out before these two teams meet up in early 2016.

I’m done. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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