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What’s up wrestling fans, welcome back to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. We have a lot to discuss this week so let’s not waste any time.

Let’s start with the Power Rankings this week

1. Me – I am the only one with answers worth listening to.

2. Eric  – If anyone’s opinion matters anywhere close as much as mine…its his damn opinion.

3. Jim – Trying hard to displace me as ultimate heel, just not quite there yet.

4. Todd – I don’t even know who this is.

5. Steve – Creator and head writer for the RoundTable.  But, he is a Packers Fan….that puts him at number 5.

Dammit Frosh! You did it again! I guess we are going to make a weekly habit out of this.

Here are the real power rankings

1. John Cena- Back to the US open challenge, and another victory for the United States Champion.

2. Kane- Kane the Demon? Kane the Suit? Either way, he has the WWE Champs number.

3. Seth Rollins- The Champ is set to go to hell with a demon, will he walk out of Hell in the Cell as champion? Or even walk out of Hell in a Cell?

4. Brock Lesnar- Big Show? Consider yourself owned my friend. I am looking forward more to the Stone Cold podcast more than his match against the Undertaker.

5. Roman Reigns- A couple of big wins for Roman against the Wyatt’s puts him back in the power rankings.


This week in professional wrestling.

Brian Pillman passed away in his hotel room in Bloomington MN.

The first ever Hell in a Cell match took place between Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. This match also featured the debut of Kane.

WWE Smackdown was born in 1999.

Here are the questions this week.


Finn Balor was recently photographed in front of TNA headquarters. There was no mention on why he was there. Is this just a photo for fun? Or do you think Balor is actually considering jumping to TNA?

Steve: Well it has come to light a little more on this situation that Finn Balor was there just passing by and he was actually telling TNA to “Suck IT” So Finn is not going anywhere, he may be the next big star in the WWE main roster.

Eric: TNA is still around? I think this photo was all for fun. I don’t think Balor would consider jumping to TNA unless there is something wrong with him in the head. TNA product is crap and their wrestlers ain’t shit, case in point Sharkboy. Sharkboy is biggest lil bitch I have ever meet. He’s scared of that guy from In my damn opinion #sharkboyfearseric Finn Balor is a amazing athlete and will be around WWE for a long time to come. I don’t ever see him going to TNA.

Josh: He was there taunting them.  There is no way anyone in their right mind jumps from WWE to TNA.  This question was pointless, so I will instead talk about something else.  What in the heck was that with Rusev on RAW this week?  Really?  The marriage angle?  Soooooo weak.  Rusev deserves better than this.

Chad: He’s not going anywhere he’s the NXT champ, Him and Samoa Joe are in the running in Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament. The WWE is pushing this guy to be a top name in the company. He’s not going anywhere. He told TNA to suck it as almost any free agent wrestler should at this point; I mean really to win the world title at the biggest show of the year and relinquish it b/c of an injunction really?

Todd: I don’t know why any wrestler would consider jumping to TNA right now. It seems there are a lot of wrestlers leaving TNA real soon. They are losing their T.V contract at the end of the year. NXT is way better than TNA and Finn Balor is close to moving up to the main roster in WWE. Its to early for April fools, I so maybe he was just having fun.

Jim: I truly think this was all in good fun.  He’s wearing the championship belt and is being fastracked to WWE’s main stage.  Jumping at this point would be superiorly stupid on his part.


John Cena has been taken off the European tour, and it is said he is out of active competion for the remainder of the year, and is not scheduled for any events until December, he asked for time off citing personal reasons. What are your thoughts on Cena out of action for two months?

Steve: It says that he is showing his age and cannot keep up this greuling schedule 300 days a year. I think he wants to take a little time to recover from nagging injuries that he has been sustaining over the past couple of months. I think he will drop the US title to someone worthy of holding it then come back and maybe make one more run at the WWE Championship.

Eric: John Cena is finally possibly taking two months off. Good for him. That man has worked his ass off for the past may years, over ten years to become the top man in our industry that we all love. The wwe will survive without him. They have proven it time and time again, that they can still sell ppv even without Cena being on the card. Don’t get me wrong, John is an amazing talent and can definitely put asses in the seats but the man deserves a break. I’m anxious to see what the WWE will do in his absence.

Josh: He drops the US title to Sammi Zayn as a US open challenge at Hell in a Cell.  (Although it would be awesome for FInn Balor to come out and win it.)  THis is exactly what John and the WWE need.  Let him heal up, and come back, maybe with some small tweaks to his character to freshen it up a bit.  (not necessarily a heel turn, although that would be the best possible outcome).

Chad: John Cena has been on top of the company for a decade straight and has plenty of little nagging injuries that can stand a little rest and relaxation so that Cena can be geared up for Wrestlemania season which is when the top stars need to be at their best so I am okay with the time off. It also allows guys like Ambrose, Ziggler, and possibly and Sami Zayn or Balor from NXT get the gold off of him

Todd: It must be really important since, it seems it came so abruptly. I don’t like the idea just because he just won back the U.S. title. Now he will have to drop it at Hell in a Cell which will be his last match until late December. Then again with John Cena out of the picture for a few months it will give other superstars a chance to shine such as Dean Ambrose, Roman Riegns, Dolph Ziggler just to name a few.

Jim: My honest reaction is…movie time.  He’s done well recently in a couple of movies, and I’m betting its a staring role in yet another action film.  Or….it just might be honeymoon time with Nikki.  But mostly, he just needs a break.  He works harder than any wrestler alive.  He was back in no time for a nose smash that would have kept most of us out of work for awhile.  Don’t read too much into it.  He just doesn’t want to go to Europe.  Good for him.

brock vs show

What are your thoughts on the Big Show’s piss poor performance against Brock Lesnar, Saturday night at Madison Square Garden?

Steve: It’s time for the Big Show to hang it up and retire. He looked absolutely horrible against Lesnar, and he was thrown around like a rag doll. To make matters worse, he came out on Raw and made it seem like he was so close to knocking him off. Ummm, Show? Were we watching the same show? You got your ass manhandled.

Eric: Big Shows performance this past Saturday was just like it says in the question, piss poor! Big Show hasn’t been relevant in a long time. The WWE is only keeping him around because they need some sort of giant figure on the roster. If they could sign another younger giant, I think the Big Show would eventually retire. The man has been going strong for 20 years now. He can only do so much! It’s time for the WWE to find a suitable replacement for him. As far as his performance this past Saturday, I think Brock Lesnar could’ve had a better match with my couch instead of Big Show.

Josh:  It has been decades since anything Big Slow has done has been considered relevant.  Yawwwnn……..Is this two irrelevant questions in one week?  Geez Steve, you better get some mojo back or you might actually drop out of the power rankings…Chad is foaming at the mouth for a chance to climb to the top.

Chad: I knew not to expect Savage/Steamboat from these two but good lord this was bad. Big Show needs to leave. The Lesnar/Big Show matchup has never intrigued me going back to 2002 can we please Brock wrestling people who I don’t know debuted in this century.

Todd: I was really disappointed in that match all around. WWE built Big Show up like he was a true giant in the weeks leading up to the match by beating Cesaro and destroying Mark Henry. Then Big Show comes out gives Lesner 3 chokeslams and that’s it. really? Big Show did not put up much of a fight at all. The 50 year old Undertaker showed more fight and heart than Big show showed. I think WWE dropped the ball on this match. They mise well kept it the way it was suppose to be against Bo Dallas, maybe it would have been better.

Jim: They spent weeks showing us how amazing and strong The Big Show is.  Then they let Brock absolutely beat his ass.  In other words, Brock is that much of a beast. That would have worked so well if we hadn’t been watching Big Show for 20 years and know he’s about the crappiest wrestler ever to stumble into the ring.  But I guarantee that’s all it is. And it’s sad, because we already know what a beast Brock is.  No need for this absolutely waste of mat time from Saturday night.


It is your chance to book Seth Rollins, but only one catch. You have to keep the WWE title on him. How do you book Rollins to make him successful?

Steve: I would absolutely keep the title on him. I would book him to have some quality matches and he is capable of having quality matches against really anyone. Have him win cleanly instead of booking him to run away like he has been or getting his tail kicked before finding a little bitch way to win. I keep the segment with Kane because that makes sense. Have Rollins beat Kane clean by himself. Next month at Survivor Series have him in a big match where he looks awesome. Keep him winning until Wrestlemania where he drops the title to Roman Reigns.

Eric: Here is how I would make Seth Rollins successful. First of all, when Kane came out at Night of Champions and attacked Rollins, I would keep that the same. Then the next night on Raw, I would have HHH attacked Rollins and kick him out of the Authority. Then Kane would become HHH’S new main man in the Authority. Leading up to WWE hell in the cell where Rollins would defend the title against Kane. With HHH as guest referee. Then at the Hell in the Cell PPV I would have Rollins beat Kane cleanly and retain the title. Thus continuing, Rollins fued against the authority by making Rollins a face.

Josh: This question makes no sense….we can’t have free reign to book him if we have to keep the title on him….if so, every single person’s answer is Seth Rollins beats wrestler A, then wrestler B, and retires with the title after 12 years of successful defenses…..Please ask a question that makes sense.

Chad: Pull a UFC Rollins gets his ass handed to him by Kane, escapes with the title, The authority instead of stripping the title from an injured champion holds a Deadly Game tournament that culminates in an interim champion with occasional promos by Rollins saying that he is the REAL World Heavyweight Champion.

I’m sorry this is a loaded question free reign but keep the belt Rollins….I’m Sorry but I have some bad news…That is not free reign.

Todd: Seth Rollins def John Cena in ladder match at Wrestlemania 32

Jim:  I book Rollins to wrestle Shane McMahon, Shane doesn’t show, and Rollins wins by forfeit.  How’s that?  I hate Rollins.  Every possible scenario I can dream up for him has him dying a horrible death at the end of the match.  It’s the only way I can think of to stop this insanity of him remaining the champion.  Ric Flair.  John Cena.  Dusty Rhoades.  See the common link?  Great champions!  And….Seth Rollins.  What doesn’t fit here?????????


We asked last week about a DIVAS Money in the Bank match. What other gimmick match would you like to see the DIVAS compete in, and which Divas do you put in this match?

Steve: How about a 6 diva Hell in the Cell match for the Divas championship. You can put Nikki, Charlotte, Sasha, Naomi, Paige, and bring up Baylee to compete in the match. Give Divas a chance baby.

Eric: First of all, I would like to see them in an Inferno match. Bahahahaha! Jk jk! I would like to see the Diva’s compete in a Hell in the Cell match. I think that it is time for the divas revolution and they could definitely pull off a hell in the cell match. Who I would like to see in it?! Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte. Charlotte has it in her blood that she was born and bred for this business. She has a lot of talent and could pull off this match. Beck Lynch, is tough as nails and a good fighter. She would give Charlotte a run for her money. “In my Damn Opinion” this match would put asses in the seats.

Josh: The ironwoman match coming up is a great start and a DIVA’s money in the bank match would be awesome.  We have so many things to choose from, Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, TLC…nah, I would go for a First Blood match….no, not that kind of blood, you sick people.  I mean an actual First Blood match, first to make their opponents bleed, wins.  Charlotte and Nikki would be perfect for this match, and I think those two could really pull it off.

Chad: I think the most likely of the match types not to be done before would be a Chamber match although I would not expect any spots from the top of the Pods. I’d be Ok with a Rumble type match with maybe the NXT Divas involved as well; really an open Invite to any former diva; any free agents.

Todd:  I would like to see a Divas Elimination Chamber.  Current Divas Champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Bayley, Paige

Jim: Do I have to keep it clean?  Because I’ve got a ton of great ideas.  Yeah?  Oh well.  I miss strap matches.  They’d be even more fun with Divas.  Also, anything goes street brawls.  Let the women do more than reversals where they end up in the 69 position all the time.  But most of all, the Women’s Royal Rumble.  There have been women in the Royal Rumble, but the Diva roster is very strong, and they could easily put this together.


That’s all for this week folks. We welcome back Frosh to his ass hole type ways, we had missed his dickish humor the past couple weeks.

Don’t forget to check out the other wrestling segments. Tomorrow In my Damn Opinion with the Wrestling Roundtable’s own, Eric Asafailo, and every Tuesday #ask7pound where I answer your questions related to the world of pro wrestling.

Thanks for tuning in, and have a great weekend!



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