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Purge: Anarchy

The Purge: Anarchy seems like they had some side stuff they wanted to say in the first movie, but for whatever reason didn’t. I thought the original movie had a lot of logic gaps in it, and to be honest, the “taking it to the streets” idea seemed like it might have been the better way to go- but is it?

Let’s find out.

So we start off with a few subplots.

the_purge_anarchy_official_wallpaper1. A black family is trying to survive with an older man, his daughter and her daughter.

2) a Young Couple- Holy Crap! That’s Matt Saracen! – uh, are having marital problems but are needing to get out of town and home before the Purge starts, but are being looked at by a bunch of people on dirt bikes and a van- these are the ones in the masks that was all over the ads for this one. Kind of like they wanted to use the Jokers Masks from the Dark Knight, or the V for Vendetta masks but couldn’t get the rights. Coach Taylor is gonna be pissed that Matt is stepping out on Julie.

I’m sure the writing of “god” ties into something the writers thought was clever, and has something to do with the people holding hands and “praying” to the new founding fathers, but If I tried to explain it, I would be guessing, but I have theory, but I’ll come to that in the spoilers

3) A loner is getting into his car, it’s pretty obvious that he is going to be going after someone, and this is kind of what we think the purge is all about, you know the thinking that if we have one night where nothing is wrong, we can be all peace-loving worker bees the other 364 days a year- or 365 if its a leap year.

Question, on a lear year, do they get an extra 10 minutes or so to purge? Or 4.8 Minutes? I mean if the cleanse is only good for a year, does that mean I get 2 days to Purge every 100 years?

Obviously, all three of these groups meet up, and we have to get them through the night. Who lives? Who dies? and what kind of social commentary are we going to have shoved down our throats?

Answers after the spoilers.

Purge Anarchy PersonOh wait, there’s more

There is a, uh group of urban people who are trying to start a counterrevolution about the Purge.

So is this movie better than the original?

Not even close. I think they had a better plan, but the execution is so badly done, its irritating. The questions in part one is more about “what good does the Purge really do” and “why are these idiots praying to and for what”

This movie brings more questions and solves nothing. While I would agree that the Purge is just another way for the Rich to turn the poor against each other and to keep control over them, the HUGE SLEGDEHAMMER OF PLOT is almost taken from Poor vs Poor to Black vs White. I mean heck that makes the resistance into a militant wing of the Black Panthers, and if THAT is the case, then what does it matter about the Purge timelines?

I can understand the willingness to see what the poor is going through since we got the story of the rich in part 1, but again I have more questions, and none of the answers I wanted, and It just feels like we have random enemies and heroes coming in and out, and no real reason for it. We dump the whole what is going on with the poor, for a crappy racism analog. Odd, considering the whole first movie was white on white crime, except for a wife.

This movie is almost what WOULD happen if there was a such thing as a PURGE. Let me recap. Its one night a year where people get out all thier aggresion and anger, so that we can be civilized the other 364 days of the year. The fact that people we don’t care about in socitety get eliminated from the picture is just an inintended (alledgedly) side effect.
So what happens is the rich get to bid to kill people? What makes you think that people are just going to pay STUPID amounts of money to do what is perectly legal? I’d be willing to bet if I wanted to kill someone- and didn’t care who it was, as long as I got to do it, there are places in the world I could do it for a lot cheaper than 100K.

I can’t really see a reason to watch this one. I still think the concept has legs, and it reminds me a bit of a Hostel type horror movie IDEA, just not pulled off with the same vision. I’ll give it a 3 if you liked the first one.

Spoilers Shead

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