Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend, and survived the case of the Monday’s yesterday. We are back at it again this week for another round of questions relating to the world of professional wrestling. This week we discuss the legend of Manu. Who the fuck is Manu? Well find out this and more on #ask7pound.

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Let’s get started with a little bit of Bad News by Bad News Brennan


Well it’s Early October which can only mean one thing that we are on the road to Hell…..Hell In a Cell. This very different of a cage match has been used to write off feuds and end rivalries on the biggest PPV and their have been 29 broadcast cell matches…I have some bad news, though the WWE has kept a Cell match away from the public eye that being the Dark Main event from a Raw in 2011 in which John Cena defeated CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler to retain his title…guess that brings us to 30….

Did you know?

Did you know that Sting competed in his first NWA World Championship match against Ric Flair at a show called Clash of the Champions? Ironically, he competed in his first WWE Championship match at a show called Night of Champions. Sadly, Sting did not walk out of either match as the champion. 


Let’s not waste any time and lets get to your questions.

Eric from Dawson IL. gets us started about an unknown Samoan

Hi Steve, I really really enjoy reading your column every single week. I am a huge fan of this, and all of the other wrestling segments on this site. Is there any way you could send me an autographed photo of you so I can show all of my friends? I am also Shark Boy’s number one fan. 

Here is my question. Recently I was watching Armageddon 2008 and I can up with a two part question. One: Whatever happened to Manu? And two: are him and Roman Regins related?

Well Eric, thank you for the huge compliment. I will absolutely get you a autograph picture right away. Just send me an email with your address and I will ship out right away. Now to answer your question, manufirst on the question on the relation to Roman Reigns, yes, Manu is the son of Afa of the Wild Samoans, which would make he and Roman Reigns first cousins. Second, Manu debuted in the WWE in 2006 originally as a member of the Legacy with Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes. Orton has said that his attitude back stage rubbed people the wrong way as his work ethic was piss poor, and he thought that he did not have to pay his dues based on who his family is. While it was never confirmed, Orton had stated that he feels that his demeanor backstage heavily contributed to his release from the WWE. Nowadays, Manu is still wrestling here and there in the independent circuit. He was briefly on the documentary WWE 24 that featured Roman Reigns, but that was the last and most likely the only time he will appear on a recent WWE program.


Geoff from Baltimore MD wants to quote the Raven, nevermore.

Question on Raven. Was he ever the WCW Crusierweight Champion? I read an article on him a few days ago and it said that he was a former WCW US Champ, WCW Crusierweight Champ, and WWE Hardcore Champ. I know he was a US Champ for a short time, and was a Hardcore Champ many times, but I never knew of him being a Crusierweight Champion. If he was, when was he?

Well kind of, let me explain. Raven was never the WCW Crusierweight Champion, however he was the scotty flamingoWCW Light Heavyweight Champion under the name Scotty Flamingo. He was the third ever Light Heavyweight Champion when he defeated Flyin’ Brian Pillman at the first ever Beach Blast in 1992. He only held the championship for a short time before losing it to Brad Armstrong and then the title was held up and never heard from again. That is until they brought in the Crusierweight title in 1996. If you recall a post I had a few weeks ago, I discussed the Light Heavyweight title, and then the Crusierweight title. The WCW Light Heavyweight title was only around a year before it was retired, so I can see where many would forget about it.


Vic from Nashville TN asks about the Iron Man match. 

When was the first Iron Man match in wresting? Was it HBK vs Bret?

steamboat vs rude

The first ever Iron Man match that took place was actually in WCW in 1992 when Ricky the Dragon Steamboat faced off against Rick Rude. This event occured at Beach Blast 1992 where you can see this on the WWE Network. The second, also involved Rick Rude when he went to a draw with Dustin Rhodes at Beach Blast 93. Shawn vs Bret’s was the first Iron Man match that the WWE held, and was the first ever 60 minute Iron Man match. The matches with Rude and Steamboat and Rude and Rhodes were both just 30 minutes.

Adam from Kansas City, KS chimes in about The Fabulous Moolah.

According to the record books, the Fabulous Moolah held the Womens title for like 28 years. My question, is was this legit? Did she continuously defend that championship for 28 years, and who finally took the title off of her?

Thank you for your question, Adam. I really enjoyed researching this question because I learned a ton. In September, 1956, Moolah won a 13 woman battle royal to claim the vacant Womens World moolahChampionship. While this was an NWA promotion where she won the championship she was never officially dubbed as the NWA Womens Champion due to a conflict with the promoter. It was not until 1964, that she was officially named as the NWA World Womens Champion. However, she did in fact trade the championship off and on during her 28 years as holding the championship. Her longest uninterrupted reign was from 1968 to 1976. In the late 70’s Moolah actually bought the rights to the name the Womens World Champion during her then 6 year consecutive reign as champion. In 1983, she sold the rights to the Womens world championship to Vince McMahon, and lost the championship in 1984 to Wendi Richter. It was at this time after the match that the WWE stated that Moolah had been the champion for 28 years. While yes, it was a 28 year career, she never had more than an 8 year stretch where she held the title at one time.


Ron from Edmonton Alberta Canada chimes in about Bret Hart.

Big Bret Hart fan, my question is when he won his first championship over Ric Flair in Canada, was this something that was thought of ahead of time, or did they want to get the belt off of Flair, Im only curious because this was not televised or on a major event. 

Every so often, the WWE would pull a switch-a-roo and would have a title change on a non televised event. It happened with the Flair vs Hart title change, it also happened with Diesel when he defeated Bobflair vs hart Backlund for the WWF title in 1994 in Madison Square Garden. The cameras were rolling, but it was not a televised event. The same thing happened with Flair and Hart. The cameras were on, and they did release the match in its entirety on a Colusseum Home Video called Smack Em’ Whack Em’. When Flair defeated Savage for the championship a month before that, it was only to be a transitional champion as they had all the plans to put the title on Bret Hart. That is why Bret dropped the Intercontinental title to The British Bulldog at Summerslam, to prepare him for his World title run. So what better place than Bret’s own country? Yes, this was the plan all along.

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