NFL Roundtable 10/2 Edition

Welcome to the second week of the NFL Roundtable, where the group discusses if the Falcons are for real, if we should stick a fork in the Niners! Plus we rank the undefeated teams!

1. is Atlanta really that good?Matt Ryan

Joe: They have improved themselves on defense and have some weapons on offense… so, yeah, they are for real… kinda… I think they make the playoffs but not much more than that.

Steve: Atlanta has a ton of talent, now that they have a running game again with Jones, and Ryan is throwing like he is capable of. With a new coach at the helm, I think Atlanta simply underachieved last year, so yes this team is for real.

Dan: I think Atlanta is playing a little better than what their team really is, but they are a threat in the NFC. They have a dangerous offense with Freeman showing what he can do at RB. Matt Ryan has proved himself at QB, Julio Jones got a huge deal and is playing up to his contract and the offense is just clicking. As long as that offense keeps rolling, Atlanta will keep rolling.

Chad: The RB committee is doing enough; defense and special teams are doing enough; The Ryan to Jones connection is strong. I believe they can keep this up

Jim: Atlanta has the best defensive mind in the business as their head coach, and the best wide receiver in the game catching passes.  They are probably even better than we’ve seen.  They will dominate the NFC South and quite possibly have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  They are the Seahawks from two seasons ago. And no wonder, with the same guy building the defense.

2. Is Cincy finally becoming a threat?Cincinnati Bengals

Joe: Cincy hasn’t been all that bad in recent years it’s just that when they do make the playoffs they don’t seem able to get past the wild card game… (4 years running 2011-2014)… but… this year they have the look of a team that is jelling together and their QB  seems to be rounding into a guy that the team seems to believe. They have a better than just good defense and this just might be the year they get past hat wild card game and then probably get smacked upside the head in the AFC Finals by New England… or somebody.

They have a nice mixture of pass and run so far… though as a team they were just held to only 86 yards on the ground against Baltimore and had to rely more on Andy Dalton’s passing to pull that game out. But, prior they had 127 and 175 yards on the ground respectively against Oakland and San Diego.

However… so far they haven’t really played anyone that I think all that great… and they only blew away is one of those teams… Oakland in the first game of the season.

But, looking at their schedule they may have one of the easier schedules going (this is subject to re-analysis as the season goes on) as the only really tough games they may face are…Denver, Buffalo, Arizona and they will play the Steelers without Roethslisberger or I would also count he Steelers in the tough game list.

Steve: They have always been a regular season threat. While yes I thought they were going to have a down year. People are penciling them in to advance deep into the playoffs. Not going to happen. They should win the division again this year as the Ravens have no offense, and the Steelers lost Big Ben. They won’t go anywhere past the first round of the playoffs.

Dan: I think Cincinnati has been a threat, they’re just proving themselves to be more than what they were hyped up to be in the pre-season rankings. They were looking at competing with Baltimore & Pittsburgh in the AFC North and they’re doing just that. Andy Dalton & AJ Green are leading the offense away to a AFC North division title as long as they can handle Baltimore & Pittsburgh.

Chad: For the division  Yes as far as the AFC goes they are still a ways from NE, Denver

Jim: Cincy has one problem.  they like to start strong and blow it in late November/December.  Marvin is the problem.  He’s just not a winner.  Hopefully I’m wrong, because I love seeing parity in the league.  But until they actually win a playoff game, or more, I’ll stick with “same old Bengals”.

3. Are we ready to stick a fork in the Niners?Colin-Kaepernick

Joe: Pretty much… they’ll win a game or two more… maybe… before all is said and done, but, essentially… they suck. Let me put it this way… I will probably not pick them again to win in our  little weekly pick-em that we do right here on 7Pound.

Steve: I stuck a fork in the Niners well before the season started, Once they made the stupid mistake to get rid of Jim Harbaugh who did nothing but win with this team. They were done a long time ago.

Dan:  I was ready to stick a fork in the 49ers before the season even began. They’ve gotten rid of a lot of players. Then they start off the season beating Minnesota 20-3 and looking good in front of a MNF ESPN audience. Then they get handled by PIttsburgh and destroyed by Arizona. Opponents have figured out Kaepernick and the team just isn’t what it used to be.

Chad: Wouldnt you after their start I mean at least the bears are trading assets for future picks.

Jim: Absolutely.  There’s something foundationally wrong with the 49ers.  They have no spirit.  It’s as if they don’t want to win.  That’s far different from a team like the Bucs who are simply too inexperienced to win.  San Fran should be in the top 10 every season, but that’s just not the case this year.  No playoffs, and quite possibly a top 3 draft pick…..that’s their future.

4. Rank the 3-0 teams


New England
Green Bay

1. Green Bay- Defense still needs some work to close out games, but Aaron Rodgers could lead this team to 14 wins.

2. New England- Don’t get too excited over a 50 point outburst by the Patriots over the Jaguars, they are the Jaguars. In their first two games they let both the Steelers and the Bills back into the game.

3. Arizona- Carson Palmer is playing his ass off, and the Cardinals offense is the best in the NFC.

4. Cincinnati- Had a little bit of luck against the Ravens, and with Big Ben out for a while, the Bengals can take over the North.

5. Denver- After two close games, the Broncos looked back to form against the Lions last week.

6. Atlanta- Matt Ryan and James Jones are a force to be reckoned with, and they will compete for the division title and/or the Wild Card

7. Carolina- The Panthers were my preseason pick to win the South, I stand by that, Cam is that good, that he alone can make enough noise to propel the Panthers. He proved it last week.

Dan: Packers, Patriots, Cardinals, Panthers, Broncos, Bengals, Falcons. I think the Packers are the best team in the league, followed by New England & Arizona in an extremely close battle. If you want to see who the teams to beat are, it’s GB, NE and Arizona. While the Packers haven’t scored as many points as NE or Arizona, they’ve proved themselves – to me at least – that they’re the best overall team in the league.

1) New England
2) Green Bay
3) Arizona
4) Atlanta
5) Cincinnati
6) Denver
7) Carolina

Jim: OK, since it’s Monday, if the Packers win tonight, they are right in this spot.  If they lose, just take them out.

5.  Broncos.  They’re winning by pure luck and happenstance.
4.  Panthers.  They’re good, but I can’t figure out how good.  Sometimes they look terrible.
3.  Bengals.  There’s something wrong with this team.  I can’t figure it out.  But I think they’ll be the first to lose.
2.  Packers.  They’re almost the best team in football.  Almost.
1.  Patriots.  They ARE the best team in football.  Top to bottom, Bench to field. Coaching and owners.  They’re just better than everyone else.


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