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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to yet another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we wil be discussing the up and coming Hell in the Cell match between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. Who will take the rubber match? Also what is up with the Big Show’s current run? Is he keeping younger guys down? This and much more on the Wrestling Roundtable

Let’s start with the Power Rankings for this week.

1.”The King” Jimmy King – The one and only, got his title back from DDP.

2. DDP – Gave Jimmy King one heck of a match in a triple cage match.

3. Sting – Just as we thought DDP had won, comes down and saves the day for Jimmy King.

4. Goldberg – Led the way for the new “King’s Court”, taking down DDP’s lackeys.

5. Fireman Fred – He’s gonna hose ya….GYAHHHHHH!!!!!

Jesus Christ, Frosh!! You did it again. I guess we are going to make a habit out of this. Maybe you should have your own show..

For those of you who would like the real Power Rankings, here you go.

1. John Cena- The United States Champion is rolling right now, what is next for Cena?

2. Seth Rollins- Had a rough week getting beat by Dean Ambrose on Smackdown, Kane is next on his radar.

3. The Big Show- Big Show is hot right now leading up to his match against Brock Lesnar this weekend.

4. Dean Ambrose- Pinned the WWE Champion on Smackdown, and that gets you into the Power Rankings every time.

5. Kane- The multiple personalities is having Seth Rollins go crazy. Is another WWE title in the works for the Big Red Machine?


This week in professional wrestling

The first ever United States Tag Team Champions are crowned when Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev defeated Dutch Mantel and Bobby Jaggers in the Finals of the tournament.

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage squared off for the first time ever in Philadelphia PA.

the AWA held their first SuperClash event.

And here are this weeks questions for our panelists.

Hell in a cell

It’s official, Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker III will take place at Hell in a Cell ppv inside of a Hell in a Cell, what do you think of this match and give your prediction for it.

Steve- The Undertaker has absolutely ZERO business competing again against Brock Lesnar, yet alone inside of a Hell in a Cell. The WWE is hyping this to be a hell of a match. Realistically, the match at Summerslam was slow and boring. You put Taker in a Hell in a Cell against a guy like Brock Lesnar who probably could literally kill him, this match is going to be awful, and I truly believe that the Undertaker will face serious and career ending injury during this match. This is a mistake by the WWE, as well as The Undertaker.

Eric-  Well, it’s official we are going to see Lesnar Taker III at Hell in the Cell. I am glad this match is not happening at Wrestlemania next year. However, I am hoping this is last time these two men fight each other. This feud is long overdue to be finished. I wasn’t wanting to see it happen at SummerSlam but it happened. The Taker has really been showing his age as of late. He’s not the man he used to be and I think it’s time for him to call it quits. He needs to save himself for one final match next year at Wrestlemania 32 then call it quits. I love the Taker and I don’t want to remember him a beating and broken man. Now my prediction for that match: Brock Lesnar will be victorious. 

Josh- I really hope ‘Taker doesn’t die.  The man has just run out of gas.  Lesnar is about the only opponent that can make it look really bad, but still be strong enough to hold taker up and take it easy on him.  And it pains me to say this.  ‘Taker is one of, if not my absolute ALL TIME favorite wrestler.  He needs to realize that his time has come, and he needs to retire…for good. Besides the health issue, I have no interest in seeing part IV (remember, I pointed out they faced each other during Lesnar’s rookie run, which Taker lost.)  Taker looked weak (the character too, not just the man) when he tapped out to Lesnar.  Lesnar should win this easy.

Chad- Oh god why oh why are doing this Hell in a Cell Undertaker has passed out the last two times facing Brock Lesnar in a singles match let alone the demonic structure and let alone having these two face each other in another Hell in a Cell, they fought 13 years ago at No Mercy in a Cell match which contributes to my long running belief that this PPV has absolutely killed what this match is supposed to be. No Cell match should ever get a rematch. This is a 100% bad decision all the way around.

Todd- I think it makes no sense if WWE wants Undertaker to wrestle at Wrestlemania 32. This match has changed or shorten peoples careers and with Undertaker already has been in 12 of them.  At Undertakers age I believe this will be his last match, he will not recover in time to wrestle at Wrestlemania 32 at this point in his career. I have been a fan of the Undertaker ever since his WCW days when he was known as Mean Mark Callus in the mid 1980’s. As much as I would love to pick the Undertaker, I just don’t see him winning this type of match against the Brock Lesner at his age and in his current condition. Undertaker will be lucky if he walks out of Hell in a Cell. I reluctantly pick Brock Lesner.

Jim- My feelings haven’t changed, and they won’t.  I’m so very tired of Brock versus the Undertaker.  If the Undertaker can’t show up on TV for a few Monday’s or Thursday’s, then why do we kept getting him force fed to us on our pay per views.  I don’t care.  Especially since neither is wrestling for a title.  Neither has the time nor ability to appear week in and week out, but they’ll dang sure show up for a big paycheck pay per view. They don’t care about the fans.  Screw them both.  My prediction?  The same as always.  Grandpa Taker goes away forever.

john cena

What’s next for John Cena now that he has regained the US title?

Steve- Cena needs to continue to do the US open challenge, and put a show on for some of the younger talent. He needs to continue to use that championship to continue its relevance as it was one of the most prestigious championships in wrestling. Why he lost it in the first place is beyond me, but I don’t write for the WWE, and can honestly say I do not know any of the main writers for the company. So I have no idea what they are thinking. I do think that it would be a good idea to continue the feud between Owens and Cena and culminate a title for title match to unify these two championships. I really have been against unifying these titles in the past, but I think you could really bring relevance back to both championships if you have one guy hold both and defend both championships as one. Once you have the titles defended on more a routine basis, then you can decombine the titles and have them defended separately.

Eric- John Cena is once again the WWE US champion. In my damn opinion, god that has such a great ring to it. Should be the name of a show, is the greatest US champion of all time. He has brought more prestige and honor to that title than anyone has ever brought to it. He has made the title worth more than the Intercontinental championship and that has been around for years in the WWE. I would love to see him go back to his US championship open challenge. I think that was one of the greatest things ever on RAW. The title was being defended every week and you never knew who would be getting the shot that night. I really enjoyed that and that’s what I think is next for John Cena.

Josh- He will continue to defend it until WWE has confidence enough in a young wrestler to beat him.  My prediction will be Sammi Zayn, or possibly Finn Balor.  I do like Steve’s idea of unifying the titles, which is interesting, because he was totally against uniting the titles when that was an actual question here on the roundtable (and he was the ONLY one of us against it).  Combine that with Sammi Zayn winning the US title and you have a GREAT feud between Zayn and Owens to unite.

Chad- I think the time has come to unify the two belts into one you already have a ready made rivalry with Cena and Owens or could have Cena get beat on Raw for the Belt and possibly have a best of series of matches between the two. Now who beats Cena? Somebody from NXT would be goo possibly like a Balor or even Samoa Joe which would give us the Joe vs Owens which I think could be very entertaining.

Todd- I think WWE should consider unifying the IC title and the US title. They should retire the US title. No disrespect to all the greats who have held this title. I just feel that it was originally a WCW title and I also think that the fewer the titles the more they will mean. So WWE should rehash the feud between John Cena and Kevin Owens to Unify the two titles.

Jim- Hopefully it isn’t back to the “I’ll fight anybody” storyline. He needs to go for the heavyweight title.  He needs to win it.  He’s the most popular wrestler in the world, and he needs to defeat the current reigning idiot.


This past September marked the 20th anniversary since Monday Nitro debuted, what was your favorite moment from Monday Night Nitro?

Steve- Any time Hulk Hogan got beat. No seriously, my favorite moment was the moment where Arn Anderson essentially retired in the ring and offered his spot to Curt Hennig. That was a really emotional moment for wrestling as one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the game decided to hang it up and in a very formal and respectful way, hand over his Horseman spot to a guy who really could have been a great Horseman, had they gave him the opportunity to run with it.

Eric-  I thought long and hard about this one. There was many great memories from Nitro over the course of its run. However though, my favorite moment in Nitro history was when the NWO attacked the wrestlers backstage at MGM studios. I can remember being a kid and being legitimately concerned for the wrestlers who were attacked. Rey Mysterio getting thrown into a trailer head first. I remember go out to my mom and crying and being in fear the NWO mite come and attack me. ( hey, I was 9 years old give me a break) Now I go back and watch that as an adult and think that was an amazing tv for pro wrestling back then. If you have, definitely go check it out on the WWE network for only $ 9.99

Josh- This is easy.  My favorite moment from Nitro, or should I say the one that sticks out most in my memory is when “The King” Jimmy King lost his WCW world heavyweight championship to Diamond Dallas Page.  That conniving Titus Sinclair orchestrated the King’s Court turning against Jimmy King, and doing him in with a 4 Post Massacre.  No one could have survived a 4 Post Massacre.  And to think, it wasn’t even a PPV.

Chad- Man, Frosh taking my ideas…I guess as a backup I’ll go with Goldberg beating Hogan in the Georgia Dome even though the match only had 3 days buildup and should have been on PPV which is one of the reasons WCW lost the war. Just the buildup of Goldberg and being in his hometown, having to wrestle that night, and it surely made Steve happy to see Hogan lose.

Todd-  My favorite moment of Monday Night Nitro happened on March 26, 2001 the very last episode and the very last match between the now 16 time World Champion Nature Boy Ric Flair and the Icon Sting. Even though WCW knew they were done after that show that was a tremendous match. The way the match ended with Sting making Ric Flair Submit with the scorpion deathlock and then both of them embracing each other at the end you could not ask for a better ending. Arguably two of the greatest wrestlers ever to lace up a pair of boots.

Jim- December 22, 1997.  THE NWO TAKEOVER!  Everything I love about NITRO centers around Eric Bischoff or the NWO.  And honestly, the 2nd greatest moment was Bischoff joining the NWO. Third would be Bischoff cutting his amazing hair off and revealing nothing but gray underneath.  But I digress.  When the NWO took over, it really started the greatest storyline in wrestling history.  I still have my NWO shirt.  Wrestling has never been the same without the NWO.

show vs cesarao

Is it worth pushing the Big Show at the expense of newer and younger talent such as Cesaro?

Steve- On a writing stand point it does, because they built up Cesaro as one of the next top stars in the business. The Big Show has a match on October 3rd, against Brock Lesnar, and in order to successfully promote that match as legit, they have to build up the Big Show to be virtually indestructible. That is the thing with the Big Show, you can put him in so many different gimmicks, whether it be a comedy gimmick, a monster, or a gentle giant, and he will run with it and do well. So this is entirely happening because they have to build him up only to probably get taken down by Brock Lesnar. Shows current run has nothing to do with Show, but everything to do with Brock Lesnar. As far as using Cesaro? I don’t think we have seen the last of him, but his window of opportunity is diminshing. They have to have Cesaro win clean over a top guy, maybe Rollins in a non title, maybe Owens for the IC title? If they push Cesaro out of the way again, my bold prediction, is that he is done.

Eric- No, Big Show has been part of the WWE for almost 17 years and he’s been in the Wrestling business for 20 years. The Big Show has had his time at the top of the mountain and he doesn’t need to be pushed anymore. It’s time for the new guys to start taking over. I understand that the Big Show is the Giant in the world of professional wrestling, maybe it’s time for the WWE to start looking for a new giant to take over. People are tired of seeing him. I think that is a big mistake by pushing big show instead of the younger talent. 

Josh- I am tired of seeing show get pushed at the expense of young talent.  I get that they are building Show/Lesnar at MSG…but seriously…even with the push, how many people care?  Show needs to go to part time, once every so often, ‘mania season, or summerslam, maybe at the rumble, show up and be a giant.  Make him a true attraction.  But Cesaro has a limited window anyways, don’t use guys like him.  Use guys like the team of Heath Slater, Zack Ryder and Los Matadores.  Have him DESTROY 4 guys, instead of beating one who does not need the loss.  Show’s career is nearing the end, stop having him end other guy’s careers before they can start.

Chad- We mentioned that’s it the 20th anniversary of Nitro…Well it’s also been about 20 years of the Big Show and he needs to start cutting back on his schedule and be more of an attraction to put an Owens, or whoever gets promoted up from NXT next to get the next generation over.

Todd- Hell No! Why push Big Show at this point in his Career. Cesaro is getting Robbed. Twice we thought he was gonna get a push and both times WWE scrapped it out of no where. Once when they put him with Paul Heyman and the other time it looked like they were gonna push him on his own shortly after his tag team partner Tyson Kidd was was injured. Neville was the same way. We thought he was gonna get a push but then that all of of sudden disappeared. They didn’t do a whole lot with Kevin Owens after feuding with John Cena until recently when he won the IC title. Rusev started out awesome and they ran him into the ground. They haven’t done nothing with Bo Dallas since coming up from NXT. Roman Reigns was suppose to get a push toward the world title but that hasn’t really happened yet, i’m not gonna count wrestlemania cause he got robbed.

Jim-  It’s worth pushing my 7 year old at the expense of Cesaro.  Like I continually say, if the fans cared about Cesaro, he’s be pushed harder.  He’s a terrible wrestler, and just a terrible speaker.  He’s not top level talent, and could be sent to the minors and allow solid talent to be pushed.  Now, is it worth it to push the Big Show?  I personally believe they’re making one last push for the Show before he retires soon.  His “punch” is tired news.

kane vs rollins

Buy or Sell: Kane with his split personality feuding with Seth Rollins.

Steve- I was kinda on the fence on this one at first. But I will buy it. Kane is hilarious and this current gimmick really portrays what Kane has been in his entire career. He has been the Big Red Monster, and he has been in a comical gimmick, like when he was with Daniel Bryan. This puts both of those gimmicks into one person, and he has basically adopted a bi-polar type gimmick like he has no idea what either personality has done before. So I like it, and with Rollins taking out Kane’s knee a while back, the feud actually makes sense. It also, assuming they book it right, would be a good opportunity for Seth Rollins to get another clean win over a top guy. He already beat Sting clean, and if he does that with Kane, he could adopt a gimmick that gave one main eventer and multiple time WWE Champion a huge run that is still going to this day..Remember the Legend Killer? Seth could be heading down this path. And you could always bring Hogan back for one more match with Rollins just to make Hogan look like the little bitch. I’d be all for it.

Eric- Sell, same thing as Big Show in previous answer. Kane, has been in the WWE for over 20 years now. I think there is many other guys who could be better choices for having a main event push. Kane needs to be worried about putting over the younger talent which I believe he will. However, this split personality gimmick, I don’t like it. I think it is very stupid and pointless. Please give us something better.

Josh- Totally a buy.  I love this stuff.  Kane has traditionally been one of the best performers in WWE.  Be it a monster heel, a comic foil, or what have you, Kane has pulled it off masterfully.  This is going to build to a great match at HiaC.  This is the first time in a LONG time that I feel Kane actually SHOULD be in the title picture.  And honestly, I can see WWE putting the strap on the guy, give him one last run.  Do I think they will?  Of course not, or they would have done it with Sting…or for that matter Jerry Lawler when he was in a ladder match with Miz.  But Seth CHASING the title would be something worth watching RAW every day for, as he doesn’t have the MiTB contract anymore, and would be forced to win it back clean.

Chad- Buy a little; Sell a lot- Buy: Buy Kane as the masked demon big red machine some of my favorite memories were the times in 2000 and run through the McMahon-Helmsley Faction like nothing. Sell: This is a little too close to a TNA storyline when the Monster Abyss had the twin brother lawyer, Joseph Park, who was very limited offensively, and then when there was Blood turn into the monster.

Todd- Buy and Sell: I Buy cause I like the split personality with Kane. I think WWE has done good with that. The feud makes sense considering what happened a few months ago with Rollins and Kane on Raw. I Sell cause Kane has no business wrestling for the world title at this point in his career. If WWE was gonna start this feud they should have let Shemaus cash in his money in the bank contract. The only reason I thought Sting might win was because he has never held the WWE World Championshipship before. Kane on the other hand we know he is not going to win, so there is no point to this match cause the result is written right in the middle of the ring.

Jim- Sell.  It’s terrible.  I don’t need Glenn Jacobs at all.  I need Kane.  Forget the happy go lucky BS and wear the suit, and destroy people.

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