Welcome to yet another edition of #ask7pound where I will answer your questions relating to the world of professional wrestling. This week we take you back to Starrcade 1993 as one of you gives me a couple questions. Was a future WWE Diva on this program? Find out this and more!

First lets start of with a little Bad News.


The Hart Foundation, Bret the Hitman Hart, and Jim the Anvil Neidhart, were one of the greatest tag teams in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Managed by one of the most legendary managers of all time, Jimmy Hart, the Hart Foundation won the WWE Tag Team championship two times, and had some great feuds with teams like Strike Force, Demoltion, the Nasty Boys among other top tier teams. Bret went on to become one of the greatest singles wrestlers of all time winning the WWE Championship on five different occasions, as well as the Intercontinental Championship on two occasions. But I have some BAD NEWS!! The WWE thought it was a great idea to reform the Hart Foundation with the Anvil, and Bret’s younger brother Owen Hart, to try and recreate this team as The New Foundation. The New Foundation was a god awful team, and had the worst outfits known to man wearing those parachute pants and suspenders. Think that is the worst idea? Then they dumped the Anvil after a short time and teamed Owen with Koko B Ware and formed “High Energy.” Same ugly as pants, but just another spin off from the New Foundation, which was a spinoff of the Hart Foundation. Didnt anyone ever tell the WWE that when you make a copy from a copy it doesnt turn out too well?

Did you know?

Did you know that Charlotte North Carolina where Starrcade 93 was held, was not actually Ric Flair’s hometown. He was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Here are this weeks questions

Hal from Greensboro NC. kicks us off with a few questions about Starrcade 93.

At Starrcade 93. The British Bulldog was supposed to face Rick Rude for the World Championship or International Championship whatever they called it. Why did he not show up and why did the Big Boss Man take his place?

The story will tell you that The Bulldog suffered a severe injury and was going to be out for a while. Inrude vs boss truth, The Bulldog was in rehab for drugs. He was let go by WCW soon after that and then made a return to the WWE in 1994. Why was the Boss inserted? Well he did hold a victory over Rick Rude a few weeks prior to Starrcade, so he was the logical choice to face off against Rude for the WCW International Championship at Starrcade 93. But lets go to that match. There was a spot during this match where Rude was backdropped about 15 feet in the air. To this day, it was the biggest back drop I have ever seen.

Who were the Colossal Kongs?

A really really bad tag team.

Okay for real, they were a really really bad tag team. But the two were Scott Thompson and Dwayne KongsMcCullough. The two had absolutely zero success as a tag team. As they were voted as the PWI Worst tag team in 1993. Funny though, because King Kong, Scott Thompson was ranked in the middle of the pack at #236 in singles wrestlers in the PWI 500. I don’t recall him ever being in a singles match. The Colossal Kongs were on Starrcade 93 when Awesome Kong was scheduled to face off against Shock Master. This was the most horrible match from start to finish, they even screwed up the beginning as King Kong was the one wrestling in the match. Jesse Ventura makes a joke during this match when he said it says King on the trunks, unless they put on the wrong wrestling gear. The match ended with Shockmaster bodyslamming King Kong and pins him with a slam. What the hell?

Was the girl at Flair ‘ s house when they showed him leaving for the arena, Charlotte?

flair family

Yes it was. 7 year old Ashley, now known as WWE Diva Charlotte, made two appearances at Starrcade 93. First she was in the home of Ric Flair when he departed to the arena, and then she was there after the show when Meeeeeean by god Geeene interviewed the new champion after the match. Ric, and his family were by his side. Did you also see who else was there? His other son David Flair, who knew that just 6 years later, David Flair would be in WCW holding the WCW United States Championship.

Ilias from Houston TX wants to know about a wrestling roundtable member.

I read your column every week and also the wrestling roundtable. My question is Who is Frosh that you make mention to almost every week?

frosh  (This cat was brutally harmed after this photo was taken)

Frosh is only the single biggest heel in the entire wrestling world. He would beat down his own children just because he feels like it. You look at him the wrong way and you may end up in the hospital. Frosh does not like puppies, and pretty much anything that most human beings like. Who is Frosh you ask? Eh, its only Josh from the wrestling roundtable. However, we do thank you for your support in reading our columns. Well we do, Frosh may put a virus on your computer for viewing and not agreeing with anything he says.

Oliver from West Newberry Mass. chimes in

When Ron Simmons won the WCW Championship from Vader, was it all about giving Simmons the title because he was black? They made a huge deal about he being the first black WCW Champion ever.

I mean that may have played a small factor in giving him the title, but if you really followed WCW back in 1991 and 1992, you could see that Ron Simmons was being groomed to be in the main event picture. He was winning at virtually every pay per view he appeared in. He faced off against Lex Luger at Halloweenron simmons Havoc 91 for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in a two out of three falls match. While he did not win this match, he did pin the champion in the first fall. Not only that, but he had an awesome story with his football days playing for Florida State. He was getting recognized by FSU when they retired his jersey, so giving him a run also gave them some publicity. Simmons was very over with the fans, and performing very well in the ring. So yes they made a big deal about race and he being the first black WCW Champion, but that was a selling point as they were making history by doing this. Simmons was the perfect wrestler to make this happen, and he deserved everything he got!

I have another question on the same topic. Who was the first black WWE Champion?

the rock

Okay well this depends on if you consider the Rock as an African American. Rock won his first championship in 1999 when he won the championship tournament in 1999 by defeating Mankind. I king bookerbelieve that Rock is half African American and half Samoan, so me personally I would say he would be the first black champion. However, if you want to be 100% political and go Al Sharpton on my ass here, then the answer would be Booker T. Booker won the championship when he defeated Rey Mysterio in July of 2006 at the Great American Bash. This is when he was known to one and all as KING BOOOKAAHHHHH. So again to answer your question, it would either be the Rock or Booker T.

Jake from State Farm well Clarksville TN asks a question this week.

Who was the first person to appear on the Brother Love show?

June 19th. 1988, Brother Love was born. He was introduced on an episode of Wrestling Challenge by Bobby the Brain Heenan. Love really did not have a guest during this edition of the Brother Love show, brother loveunless you call Heenan a guest. His first actual guest on the the show was the Big Boss Man. Here is some history of the show though, and about Bruce Pritchard (who portrayed Brother Love). Did you know that Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant were very reluctant to appear on the show because both of them felt that it had no business in wrestling. This changed quickly as back then Hogan had no creative control and couldnt sleaze his way out of it. Andre would do what he was told as a professional. But the two (Hogan and Brother Love) really did have some decent segments with each other. Maybe they “LOOVED” each other. Also, just to share, Pritchard is now the Executive Vice President of talent relations in TNA, basically he is the Jim Ross of TNA. I guess good talent doesnt like Brother Love or something, because they don’t stick around TNA too long.

Matt takes us home with one of my favorite topics

Why is Mike Rotunda not in the WWE Hall of Fame?

mike rotunda

Did Eric put you up to this to get my blood boiling? Well whatever the case, the question is out there so here we go, fasten your seatbelts. Why is Rotunda not in the Hall of Fame? Because the WWE is stupid and cannot recognized true in ring talent. Rotunda is a multiple time tag team champion in both the WWE and in WCW/NWA. He was one of the most recognized NWA World Television Champions. He appeared at the very first Wrestlemania when he along with WWE Hall of Famer Barry Windham defended the World tag team championship against WWE Hall of Famers Nicolai Volcoff and the Iron Shiek. See what is missing here? ROTUNDA IS THE ONLY ONE IN THIS MATCH WHO IS NOT IN THE HALL OF FAME!!!!  If you ask me, and you did, Rotunda was the best wrestler in that match. Sure he was not the most flashiest of wrestlers, but he took whatever was thrown at him and made it the best he could. He never complained about anything. He took a tax man gimmick in 1991, a gimmick that Vince McMahon even thought would fail, and ended up making a 5 year run with it, holding the tag team championships with one of the more dominant teams in the early 90’s Money Inc. So with this resume, let’s keep him out of the Hall of Fame, hmmm I know lets put in Koko B. Ware. How many titles did he win? 0! Let’s put in Arnold Schwarzenegger, what the hell was his claim to fame in the WWE? Hitting Triple H one time? So yeah let’s keep Rotunda out of the Hall of Fame, great idea WWE. Smarten up and induct the man, he deserves it. #rotundaforwwehalloffame

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