NFL Roundtable: 9/26 Edition

Welcome to our first edition of the NFL Roundtable for the 2015-2016 season. If you have a question, tweet it to me @7poundbagdotcom by Tuesday.

ind-colts-authentic1. Re Colts:
Do you think a coach should call out his QB?

Steve: I have always believed that a coach should never call out his QB publicly. I think that they need to settle this privately in his office, including away from the team. By calling his QB out, This takes away all faith that A. The media has with the coach/QB relationship, and can take away the chemistry of how the team feels about the confidence in their QB. Sometimes it works and the QB responds well, while other time their career goes down the toilet; ie: Robert Griffin III.

Jim: Never. The problem isn’t luck anyway. The problem is the game plan. And Luck has too much class to call out the coach.

Joe: If, he really sucks or is just mucking things up on the field on a constant basis? Then, yes. Because it probably means he ain’t listening to what the coaches are telling him in practices and someone needs to say something to get his attention in a big way.
Other than that… then, no.. keep it in house and behind the locker room doors.

Chad: I’m ok with calling out a player when your team success and job security depend on said players results on the field

Bill: Absolutely. If a player is underperforming and he’s the leader of the team, he should call out himself rather than being called out by others. Luck is a great QB but this season, while still early, has not been all that kind to him. I suspect he’ll right the ship as the season goes on but for now, he’s on notice. Time to man up, Andrew. Coach demands it.

2. Should the Cowboys Panic?Cowboys

Steve: Despite losing Romo for the majority of the season, the Cowboys are still in pretty good shape. Especially with the way the Eagles and Giants have started. The Cowboys still have an amazing running game, and a fantastic defense. They also just picked up Matt Cassel in a trade with the Bills. While Cassel is not your go to QB, he is enough of a game manager to be effective and give the Cowboys enough wins to get into the playoffs, kind of like he did with the Patriots when they had 11 wins. Granted they did not make the playoffs, they were also in a loaded AFC that year. The NFC East is not that competitive, and could be won with 9 wins. Losing Romo may take away a couple wins, but look for the Boys’ to win 10 game and win the East.

Jim: No, because of their division, 8-8 is enough to win it this year, and they’ll win 6 more.

Joe: Nope.. they got a backup QB who has more than just a few pass attempts in his career (see Giants their backup QB has 5 pass attempts in 3 years) and won’t be afraid to use him. Plus, although Dez Bryant is a key piece of their offense, but, he isn’t he only offensive weapon they got. If their defense hunkers down and the QB just manges the offense and minimizes mistakes, then, I think they will be just fine.

Chad: Actually I think they are in the division in football where they can withstand the injuries and still have a shot at the playoffs. The redskins aren’t going anywhere. The giants and eagles have flaws

Bill: Yes and no. Losing Bryant was tough but it’s the job of the other receivers to make up the loss. Losing Romo really hurts. Sure, the Cowboys have Weeden in the wings and traded a seventh rounder for Cassell.. but will either be able to make the ‘boys go as Romo does? It’s hard to say but if choosing between the two, I’d put more faith in Cassell… but just barely.

3. More Paniced: Seattle or Philly or New Orleansphi-eagles-Helmet

Steve: Philadelphia is in big trouble. They have looked absolutely horrible in their first two games. So if I had to pick out of the three, the Eagles get my vote. They have no passing game, and they seemed to have gone away from the running game. Chip Kelly may be on the chopping block if this continues. Seattle will probably rebound like they did when they started 3-3 last season. But they are giving up way too many points and if this continues, they are going to have to rely on their offense to win games. They need Kam Chancellor back, and I mean now! New Orleans? I really didnt have much on the radar for them anyway, so I don’t think they have any room for panic. The only question that may come out of the Saints locker room, is can they even compete for that division now that Brees is out for an undetermined period of time.

Jim: Philly. They’re terrible. 0-16 is a distinct possibility.

Joe: Philly should be the most worried… I just don’t think they are all that good. Big test coming up this week vs the Jets. Big test for the Jets, too.

Chad: For me it’s Philly they have 3 running backs and an offense barely doing anything. Chip maybe regretting some of the moves he made.

Bill: It’s a toss up between Philly and NO, but I’d be more likely to go with Philly at this point. DeMarco Murray isn’t producing, While Bradford has been putting up decent numbers, he’s not putting up what he should. Is that his fault or the fault of Chip Kelly seeing that he’s crafted the team in his image? Is the running game going to begin producing or is Murray’s production in DAL a fluke? Can the Eagles get it together and make the playoffs? If they don’t, will Kelly be put on the hot seat? The expectations are high now in Philly and it’s do or die time already. Same goes for NO, but I think there’s more pressure on the Eagles. They NEED a win this week. Period.

4. Are the Redskins finally escaping the cellar of the NFL?wsh-redskins-helmet

Steve: Are the Redskins finally escaping the cellar of the NFL?h
The NFL? Yeah probably, I mean don’t get your hopes up over a home win against the Rams. Sure the Rams beat the Seahawks a week earlier, but they are still far from being a playoff team. Washington looked alright, but still only needed 20 points to beat the Rams. I still see Washington as a 5 win team at best, but that is thinking high.

Jim: Yes, but only because Philly us so bad. Washington certainly is a good team, but not a championship team. They’re still gonna lose a lot of games

Joe: Could be… might be a dogfight between them and Giants for last place OR it might be that they surprise a lot of people and actually contend… with the Cowboys… for first place.
It seems every year some team is picked to be at he bottom of the NFC East and then they do a complete turnabout and contend for the top spot in the division. I think Washington may do that this year.

Chad: Yes I believe that Cousins is a stable presence at QB which is the first step towards escaping the cellar.

Bill: Yes, but albeit barely. They need to get the Griffin situation sorted out ASAP. Until then, this team isn’t going all that far.



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