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Hitchcock is one of those names that more people know then possibly his movies. Ask the average fan to name a Hitchcock movie, and after Psycho, they might have trouble, even more will have trouble after the Birds, maybe North By Northwest and a few others. I’ll admit to only seeing a few of his movies, and none of his Black and Whites.

Alfred Hitchcoch 20 setBut recently I came into possession of a Hitchcock collection. Yup, 20 movies, a good many of them from England.

So I’m going to be working my way through these, and I’m going to be doing these a little differently. Instead of a 10 point scoring scale, I’m going to be doing a simple thumbs up and thumbs down on this one. If I can see ever getting into this one again, its getting a thumbs up.

Let me kick off with a disclaimer on this movie. Well, Silent Movies in general. I have seen, to this point, a grand total of ONE Silent Movie to this point, Nosferatu. So I’m not sure how this is going to go.
The plot is fairly straight-forward, and yes, spoilers in this text, since this movie is a bit past my Spoiler Limit.
A rich girl blows off her father to meet her boyfriend in his voyage to Europe, and her father, convinced that the boyfriend is a gold-digger, chases after her and in doing so, the Stock Market “takes advantage of his absence” and he’s bankrupt. So Daddy and Daughter have to live poor for awhile, and the entire time is some weird dude hanging out hitting on the girl. The girl is stuck-up and the possible Kanye is a bit of an ass, and what is the deal with Daddy and the weird dude?

Ok, skip the next paragraph if you don’t want the plot spoiled.220px-Champagne1

Daddy lied about losing his fortune to teach his daughter a lesson, and they are still rich. No word if they are still rich 2 years from this movie, but as of today, they are rich. Daddy has hired the stranger to spy on his daughter and Kanye, and gives his blessing. Everyone’s happy, but at the very end, the couple picks another fight as credits roll.

I have a bit of a hard time dealing with this movie, as I have stated, I don’t have a lot of experience in silent movies, but my goodness I had a hard time getting a lot here. There is a good bit of people talking and then you get a 15 word blurb to move the story along, I understand you don’t exactly subtitle a silent movie, but good lord you have to pull a lot from what is going on, I do know that’s the point, but as unused to being shown and not told, especially from a plot so THIN, I guess that might be on me.

The acting is fun. Betty Balfour was known as Britain’s Mary Pickford, and its clear that Hitchcock does his best to put the camera on her every possible second. She’s great to look at, of course, but just doesn’t have a lot to do other than smile, laugh and pout. She excels at them all.

Bottom Line, I’m gonna pass on Champagne, the plot is just too thin and can’t overcome the time I spend looking at the screen trying to figure out what is said over what is going on. 2

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