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Welcome to the greatest wrestling forum in the land. The Wrestling Roundtable. This week the experts discuss the fallout of Night of Champions that occurred last Sunday night. Who walked out of Night of Champions with the gold? We give our expert opinions on the event, and fill you in on our opinions moving forward.

Let’s start with the Power Rankings

1. Eric Asafailo- Still thinks Shark Boy is a little bitch.

2. Santino Marella- Still cant get over that IC title win over Umaga

3. The Gobledeygooker- Why the hell not?

4. Shark Boy- <——- Little Bitch

5. John Cena- He pinned Seth Rollins to win the US title, he has to be on here.

Wait a minute… FROSH!!!

Okay so let’s get to the REAL Power Rankings this week.

1. John Cena– Cena regained his United States Championship at Night of Champions then pins the WWE Champion on Raw the next night. This is a no brainer for the top spot.

2. Seth Rollins- Now Seth is in the record books as holding a pinfall victory over Sting, and cleanly I might add.

3. Kevin Owens- The New Intercontinental Champion seems badder than ever.

4. Jay Lethal- The debut of a Ring of Honor wrestler. The ROH World and TV champion won both of his matches against RedDragon.

5. The Big Show- Big Show is hot right now. Two victories back to back against Cesaro, and now a big match against Brock Lesnar on October 3rd at Madison Square Garden.


This week in professional wrestling. 

Ric Flair won his first of sixteen world championships by defeating Harley Race.

Bobby Heenan made his WWE debut

Stone Cold Steve Austin gives his boss, Vince McMahon the Stone Cold Stunner for the first time.

Here are the questions for this week


What are your overall thoughts and comments on Night of Champions?

cena night of champs

Steve: Holy shit did Seth Rollins win clean? That was the most shocking part of the entire night. I thought the show was pretty good overall. Much better than Summerslam, but you could almost make an argument that a TNA Pay Per View was better than Summerslam. The opener was good with Kevin Owens taking the IC title off of Ryback, I think that was a good call, which I will elaborate more later. The Dudleys winning by DQ was the right call keeping their legacy, and keeping the belts on New Day, even though I don’t like New Day all that much. Charlotte vs Nikki was a really good match, maybe the best of the night before the Main Events. I was not too thrilled with the six man tag match. I love Chris Jericho, but I think Roman and Dean could have selected a better partner, plus the end didnt make any sense. Then the Main Event, I thought it was good and I predicted it. Cena walked out US Champion, match was great. Sting was unable to dethrone Seth Rollins for the WWE title. I like how it ended with Kane coming out to get his revenge on Rollins, not allowing Sheamus to cash in. But the shocker to them all. ROLLINS WON CLEAN!!!!

Eric: I thought it was the worst ppv of 2015. I know some of fellow panelist have said other ppvs have already taken worst ppv of 2015 but this one takes the cake. It was probably the most uneventful show in awhile. The biggest thing that happened on the show was Charlotte beat Nikki Bella for the WWE Divas title and ending her 300 day regin as champion. Other than that the ppv had little to no relevance to it. I was very disappointed by it. I’m glad I watched it on the WWE network and not on ppv. I give this show a 3 out of 10. I liked the divas match, Kevin Owens winning the Intercontinental title and seeing Chris Jericho back. Other than that, this show is very forgetful. So once again, finally score for this event is a 3 out of 10. WWE, it’s time to retire the NOC ppv event.

Josh: I liked it all the way up till the main events.  All of the matches were solid, and quality.  But the main events were reversed from what they should have been.  Rollins should have retained the US, and lost to Sting.  Think about this…the Franchise, arguably one of the greatest men to ever lace up the boots is now 0-2 in WWE….They are giving him the Ryback treatment (early career).  Oh no!  It’s Sting!  He is so dangerous!  He just can’t win a big match in WWE!  Worthless.  Sting should have won, taken the strap, Rollins starts to beat up Sting after the match, Sheamus comes out, then Kane’s music hits and saves the day.  That would have been a good ending.

Chad: I liked the show Owens winning the ic title was good even Charlotte winning the Divas belt was good. Jericho showing up was a nice surprise. The return of demon Kane was a nice touch. I liked the Rollins won clean. The drama of an almost cash of Sheamus added some intrigue this was the show that Summerslam needed to be.

Todd:  I would give Night of Champions a grade of a (C) overall. The ending was the best out of the last 3 or 4 Pay Per Views. No match really stuck out as stealing the show. If I had to pick the best match I would go with the Divas Championship match Nikki Bella vs Charrelotte. I thought it was a great win for Charlotte and a good start to a new chapter in the divas division. I was disappointed when I found out who the mystery partner was. I heard his name thrown around prior to Night of Champions. I just thought it need to be a bigger stronger guy to counter Strowman. If they are trying to make The New Day relevant they needed to win clean over The Dudley Boyz and not take the cheap way out like they did. That just makes them look weak. Just like Rollins has his entire title run. Surprising he won clean in his second match, I almost fell off my damn couch! I strongly believe if Sting does not get injured that match ends differently. Either Sting wins or Seth Rollins gets help in beating Sting. I believe they changed the ending because Sting got injured. I mean really there are a lot better ending then a roll up pin to end a match.

Jim: Sad.  Not much more needs to be said, but I’m not a man of few words.  The results were predictable, the matches were stale, and it makes me want to stop watching wrestling.  Forcing Ric Flair’s daughter on us is a slap in the face of true wrestling fans.  Making the match, which was going so well, end just out of the blue with a really poorly performed shoulder tackle and her trademark on the knees arms spread yell of a woman desperate for acceptance was just pitiful.  The continued success of the Wyatt’s is miserable.  And the continued reign of the singularly worst “heavyweight” champ in the last 20 years is beyond acceptable.  And ending the way it did, with a “Kane vs moron” story yet to come makes me want to puke.  But hey, Summer Rae got some new boobs.  Congrats.


Has Sting wrestled his last match?


Steve: I think he has, and I think that he will be inducted into next years Hall of Fame. Sting looked good against Rollins, but you could tell that he just couldnt keep up with him, and there is no way he could keep up with the younger talent. There still is a slight chance we could see Sting vs the Undertaker at Wrestlemania in a double retirement match, but that is a very slim chance. Hell of a career for Sting, I take my hat off to him and he is one that I will always have the utmost respect for him and his career.

Eric: No, Sting has one more match to wrestle in the WWE and thst is against the Undertaker. Sting finally got his shot at the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP this past Sunday. Now he’s got one match left to do in WWE and that is to fight the Taker. I think the Taker is also saving his last match to have against Sting. Both men are past their prime and have seen better days. I think both men are ready to give it up for good. I would love to see this match happen at Wrestlemania, this way both me can’t go out at the biggest show of the year. So to answer the question : Has Sting wrestled his last match? No

Josh: He hasn’t won yet on a WWE PPV…so no.  They cannot send him out a loser…I mean, they technically CAN…but they shouldn’t.

Chad: I hope not but it is probably for the best that he not wrestle again because of how close he got to being very seriously injured. But I think that WWE would let him go out on as a winner and possibly into a gm type role.

Todd:  No, I don’t think he has. If there is any way he can come back from this injury he will. No one wants to go out like that. Everyone wants to go out on a high note at all possible but who knows he is 56 years old. I would like to see him wrestle at one more wrestlemania then retire. On top of all that Sting is now 0-2 at WWE Pay Per Views.

Jim: God I hope so.  Why bring him back to have him lose?  So stupid.  Anybody could have lost.  Let me try.  I can lose too.  And I weigh more than the “heavyweight” champion.  And it now appears that the worst champion in WWE history has permanently injured Sting.  That’s two MAJOR talents that the idiot has injured just in the last few weeks.  When will they stop letting him wrestle when he clearly isn’t able to.  They made him stop doing the Curb Stomp, because he kept actually stomping on people’s heads.  Now he’s not only ended the career of Sting (which should have ended 5 years ago), me may have permanently injured his neck.  No walking off into the sunset for Sting.  Great job idiot.


Jay Lethal won both of his matches at the Ring of Honor pay per view defeating both of Red Dragon. Purely in Ring of Honor, and not mentioning other promotions. Is Jay Lethal the most successful (not saying the best) wrestler in Ring of Honor history?

jay lethal

Steve: He is good, no he he great. But I still think that distinction goes to Austin Aries. I think he has had the most success in Ring of Honor history. Lethal is right there though, but Aries got his start in ROH, and I think it was him who really put the company on the map.

Eric: Yes, in my damn opinion Jay Lethal has become the most successful wrestler in ROH history. He is the first wrestler in ROH to hold the Television and World title one at a time. Also he has held both title since June. He goes out and works his ass off everytime. Yes, he did recently defeat both members of Red Dragon in one night. Red Dragon is probably one of the best tag teams around today. That is a major accomplishment for him. I can see ROH keeping both titles on him for a long time. He is a great fit for the job. I have very much respect for him for doing this. Way to go Jay Lethal.

Josh: That question is pointless….success in Ring of Honor is like success in the Canadian Football League…who cares?   That being said, I actually do like RoH, but they are the little fish, and the only people that pay attention is the IWC, they have not hit the main stream yet.  Get them a big time TV contract and restart the Monday Night Wars…and we will talk (Side note: RoH is the ONLY promotion that would stand a chance head to head with WWE).  The only performers that matter are the ones that go on to bigger and better things.  That being said, some of the RoH performers are tops in their class, even among the big boys, they just haven’t gotten a shot yet.  And as mentioned earlier, if RoH changes themselves from the little fish to a big fish, then they will be the bigger and better thing, and this question would be relevant.

Chad: Is Jay Lethal and his double title reign good for Ring of Honor? Yes!!!!! Is he the most successful? No, I would contend that such names as Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, CM Punk, ant Bryan Danielson got noticed and made in ROH & have careers moving forward.

Todd: Yes.

Jim: Jay Lethal has three months as champion and nearly as many title defenses as I have.  Although Samoa Joe has the longest reign, the title of most successful wrestler in ROH history rests with Daniel Bryan.  Not only was he the champion for over a year, he defended that championship 38 times.  And quite frankly, should have been the champion for two years before that.  Nobody fought harder, tried harder, or worked harder than him.  And he definitely deserves to be called the greatest champion in ROH history.


Nikki Bella and Paige said in an interview that they are pushing to have a Money in the Bank match in the Divas division. Would you like to see this for the Divas?


Steve: It would definitely be interesting to see. I don’t see it being a very good match, because most of the divas with the exception of a few don’t even have really good matches. Depending who you put in it, I could see this working. Put in Nikki, Paige, Sasha, Charlotte, and maybe even bring in a couple more to the roster, I would like to see it.

Eric: A divas Money in the Bank ladder match has great potential in it. Lately there has been alot of talk about the divas revolution and I must admit I have started to become very impressed by the divas division. I think a divas Money in the Bank match could be a great match. Maybe one day soon, we could see something like that. I know I would sit down and check it. Maybe next year we will be seeing this match happen.

Josh: I have been calling for this for a very long time.  They want a Diva’s revolution?  Paige said they can do anything the men can do?  LET THEM!  Give them tables matches!  Give them a Hell in a Cell!  Give them TLC, or a Money in the Bank match!  I would love to see Charlotte do the Figure 8 over the top of a ladder….How cool would that be?

Chad: I think the addition of a Divas mitb ladder match would create something on the card to take out the random singles match to use as filler on the card.

Todd: I think it would be awesome. It would give the divas division new life. WWE should put the spotlight on the divas division more than ever before now. There is a lot more talent now than there was 10- 15 years ago. I like that Charelotte won the Divas title at Night of Champions.


Jim: If they’re going to have a woman’s champ, they need a Money in the Bank for the women.  It’s an incredible popular promotion, even if it did give possibly the worst champion in WWE history.  And honestly, any chance we have to dethrone what is now the worst Diva champion ever (Charlotte), I’m all for it.


Do you agree that putting the Intercontinental Championship on Kevin Owens was the right call?

kevin owens

Steve: Yes! With respect to Ryback, he is not the guy to carry that championship if they want to make it relevant again. Owens has a strong work ethic, is over with the fans, and can do alot of amazing things in the ring. Ryback, I felt was one dimensional, and was not the right fit for the IC championship. Again, this is no disrespect to him, but Owens is absolutely the right guy to hold this championship, and I think he will do the title justice!

Eric: Yes, I think that now that Kevin Owens is the Intercontinental champion he will bring prestige back to the title. John Cena did that when he won the US title. I think Owens can do it with the Intercontinental title. I think it is well deserved. He came in and he put John Cena over twice in back to back ppvs. It is the least WWE can do to show their gratitude for Owens doing that. The man has also been busting his ass for 15 years. He has finally made it to WWE. I like for big things to come out of Kevin Owens run with the IC title.

Josh: Yes.  Ryback was good, was finally connecting with the crowd, which makes him the perfect guy to pass it on to Kevin Owens.  Owens will be a great IC champion, and this will lead to much better things for him.  I see the WWE title in his future, and a position as the top heel in the company…although I wouldn’t put it past him to be able to pull off an Austin style face role either.  Great move, exactly the right choice at exactly the right time.

Chad: I think that Kevin Owens winning the title can do great things for the belt that I don’t think Ryback was able to do. Owens I beliv3 can different styles with different guys which can lead to great IC title matches in the future.

Todd:  I do only cause Ryback really was not doing anything with the title. His injury a few months back that caused him to miss a Pay Per View kind of screwed him and the only reason he didn’t lose it then is because WWE put him up against 2 guys that we pretty much new were not going to win the title in The Miz and The Big Show. We will see what Kevin Owens will do with the title. Maybe they have plans of unifying the IC title and the U.S title down the road since John Cena Won also. That might be interesting.

Jim: Absolutely not!  He hasn’t paid his dues.  From what anyone can tell, all he does is eat.  Why do we, as fans, continue to allow the WWE to force feed crap down our throats?  He’s a terrible wrestler, terrible champion, terrible speaker….and again, since it’s compare them to me day, he fatter than I am.  There are 50 wrestlers on the WWE roster, let alone all the other rosters, better than Kevin Owens.  I hope they figure it out and move on from him.


And that is all for this week wrestling fans, thanks for checking it out this week. Make sure you check out In my Damn Opinion tomorrow with our own Eric Asafailo, and also #ask7pound every Tuesday right here on 7poundbag.com


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