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Let’s get started with a little bit of BAD NEWS!


The night after Wrestlemania 19 WCW phenomenon Goldberg arrived on
Monday Night Raw and speared the Rock leading to a match Backlash.
Goldberg eventually won the World Title on Raw defeating HHH at
Unforgiven for the belt. Then the WWE started to work to the eventual
match everyone wanted to see which was Goldberg vs Smackdown sensation
Brock Lesnar who had debuted in 2002 and ran roughshot over the
company winning the title 5 months after his debut against the Rock.
At No Way Out 2004 speared Lesnar which eventually led to Eddie
Guerrero beating Lesnar for the WWE championship and the match between
the two was set for Wrestlemania XX with Stone Cold as the special
referee…I’ve got some bad news though… Brock Lesnar all but
announced he was leaving to go try the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings
and Goldberg was on a 1 year deal so this match would be both men’s
last and the crowd booed them without mercy from bell to bell which
led to a letdown of a match after all of the buildup.



Let’s get to your questions!


Jonathan from Havana IL wants to know about the champ who is here.

Was John Cena supposed to be the next top star when he debuted in 2002?


There was a chance for Cena when he debuted against Kurt Angle. The WWE knew that John Cena was going to be good, but I don’t think anyone in their right mind thought he would be as big as he has been over the past 13 years. A few things on his debut that I thought were interesting and I will share with you all. Remember when the Undertaker went up to Cena backstage? Keep in mind, Taker was a heel and the WWE Champion at the time. He walked up to Cena, Cena had a concerned look on his face and the Undertaker shook his hand out respect and said good job kid. This happened to be caught on video, but it was was not scheduled to happen. Taker did this on his own and had no idea that the cameras were rolling at the time. So that was a huge attribute to Cena’s start. To really get down and answer your question, the WWE had Brock Lesnar as their “guy” that they had pegged for the next several years. So I guess the answer is no, Cena was not supposed to be the next top star. The thing with John Cena is that he will take any gimmick and run with it. He was a heel rapper and got so over with the fans that he turned face. He redesigned the United States Championship when he won it at Wrestlemania XX from the Big Show, as he did the WWE title when he won it from JBL at Wrestlemania XXI. Cena busted his ass every single day and showed McMahon that he belonged in the WWE, so in sense, Cena made himself the top star in the business due to his hard work ethic and determination to be the best.

Mitch from St. Petersburg Florida asks about a gimmick match

I was watching Wrestlemania VII with blindfold match between Jake the Snake and Rick the Model Martel. My question is, could they see out of those blindfolds? It seemed that some of the spots in the match were staged and they were actually able to see what they were doing.


Yes, both Roberts and Martel were able to see during this match, It would be way too dangerous to have two guys go out there completely blind having no idea where they were. I really liked the spot where Martel bodyslammed Roberts, Roberts immediately gets up and Martel hits an elbow drop on the canvas. This was a really fun match to watch, and if you have not seen it, check it out on the WWE Network for just….da da da….$9.99. The material that was used for the masks are similar to those phantom masks you can get at Halloween. You can’t see the persons face, but they can see out. This is what was used during this match.

Andre asks about Nicolai Volcolff

So I have been checking out alot of 80’s stuff on the Network. And it made me wonder how Nicolai Volcolff  was able to sing the Russian National anthem before his matches. If memory serves me correctly, the United States was in the middle of a Cold War with the Russians. How was he able to do this and not get killed?


Well MOST, and I do say that most wrestling fans during this time period understood that this was entertainment and wrestling was more acting than anything. However, there were times in certain cities where both Volcoff received some threats while teaming with the Iron Sheik. There was one occasion where while he was singing his Russian National Anthem, that a fan rushed the ring and tried to attack him while he was singing. This was probably the biggest mistake of his life as he got a beating he will never forget as both he and the Sheik did a number on this guy. So while yes this was in the middle of the Cold War, it was still part of the show, and most people understood that.

Paul from Wichita KS. asks about an infamous spot

Was the Undertaker vs Mankind spot in their Hell in a cell match planned? I can’t think of any reason why Mankind would volunteer to go off the cage like that.

taker vs mankind

Nope, it was not planned at all. As a matter of fact, when the match started Mankind started at the top of the cage. This spot was not planned either, but the Undertaker ran with it and climbed up the cage. While they were fighting at the top of the cage, Foley says to Taker “throw me off the side” The Undertaker has said before that he was reluctant to do something like that fearing that Foley could seriously injure himself by doing this spot. However, because the match was LIVE on pay per view, he did it for the integrity of the match. Most, including the Undertaker thought that was the end of Foley’s career, but nope, he continued the match, and continued with the planned spots in the match, which included Foley getting choke slammed through the roof of the cage and landing on the mat. The only thing that was not planned was the chair following him down and hitting him in the face when he landed, causing a gaping whole in his lip. Foley stated one time that it appeared as if he was smiling during the match, when in actuality he was putting his tongue through the hole in his lip. So most of the spots were planned, but the big one was not.

Chris asks about the couple before the power couple

Were Test and Stephanie McMahon really an item before Triple H came on to the scene and married Stephanie?

test and steph

No this was strictly an on screen relationship only to set up Stephanie turning on her family and “marrying” Triple H. Test was used to get Stephanie some exposure. Oddly enough, Test and Triple H never even had a feud after this incident that Triple H ruined his wedding so to say. And the relationship was really never mentioned again after Stephanie got with Triple H. Kinda makes you wonder if they had continued an on screen relationship would Test have really married Stephanie, and then became the COO of the company? Nah probably not.

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