Bellator Dynamite Thoughts

Bellator Dynamite

Lets talk Bellator Dynamite!

I do like the thinking that Bellator has in going with the “SuperCard” treatment. With the UFC having trouble keeping excitement going on with weekly cards, the SuperShow aspect has a bit of an appeal, if not a depth of quality that the UFC has.

So tonight we have a four man tournament to be the #1 contender to the 205 title, and a title fight as well. Plus a “special” announcement (if you don’t listen to Chael Sonnen’s Podcast) and some Glory kickboxing. Plus Josh Thompson returns to San Jose!

NOTE: I’m not giving a play by play of the fights, just my thoughts on them.

Bellator continues its attempt at being Pride 2.0 with the Screaming Pride Lady doing the announcement, and having all the fighters come out on the ramp. I like this aspect of the fights, and to tell you the truth, when I grab a DVD of Pride, I do love that I know whats going on before the fights even start.

King Mo LawalMo Lawal is, for some reason, still being touted by Bellator as some magnificent fighter. I’d be scared to think what they would do with Roy Nelson on the payroll.

Linton Vassell has the same record as Mo, but without the awesome entrance and media push. If Vassell wins this tourney, Bellator might shut down the 205 division like they did the Heavyweights.

Mo wins a DULL fight. Holy crap this fight made Mir/Arlovski look like Hendo/Shogun- and I still think Mir won that fight. The only good thing here is these fights are only 2 rounds, and after a fairly decisive first round, Mo does more clock-watching than anything for the first half of the second round. The Commentary team are doing their best Joe Rogan impression for Mo here.

Bellator Dynamite BracketsEmanuel Newton– you would think- should be built up a little more, but Bellator tends to shit all over him at any opportunity. He’s beat Mo twice, once fairly impressively, but Bellator still doesn’t care about him.

Phil Davis – The Blue Chip Free Agent. Right. Just like Brian Urlacher was a Blue Chip Free Agent. Davis is impressive vs a lot of people, but once he hits a certain quality, he looks BAD- and when Ryan Bader is that level of quality, ouch.

In all honesty, this should be the Finals. Should be Mo vs Phil, and Newton vs Vassell. Anyway.

Phil does what Phil does. Took down a guy and submitted time. Newton is a great defensive wrestler, but thats all he has is  a great defense. Liam couldn’t get him to tap, but Phil does in the first round. Very impressive win here, and if Bellator cared about Newton, this would be even more impressive.

Phil calls out Mo and puts over Bellator.

GloryNext up is the Glory portion, with a different scoring system

Glory fights are three three minute rounds with scoring is the 10 point must system but it’s based on a slightly different system.

1. Knock downs .
2. Effective damage caused by spectacular techniques (jumping or spinning attacks).
3. damage caused by basic techniques.
4. effective aggression.

Three knock downs in a round or four in a fight constitute a TKO.

We get a women’s fight first, with Gilbert Melendez’s wife vs someone that’s 0-0.

Yup. Main portion fight here.

Mrs Melendez wins, and I don’t care. Where’s Andrea “KGB” Lee or did Invicta take everyone good? 0-0?

Next up is another Glory bout, this time with Paul Daley vs a guy that’s SUB 500! Are you kidding me with these Glory Fights? Way to ensure I don’t care about your product. Is this put out by early 80s WWF? Will the main event have Cro-Cop vs Skip the BodyDonna?

Oh, Daley wins, did I mention the Brooklyn Brawler missed WEIGHT BY OVER FIVE POUNDS?  Daley also lost the last round, but anyway.

Back to the Bellator Cage

Josh Thompson is back! I would like to see a last 5 fights graphics- but pimping Josh Thompson but then seeing a 1-4 stretch might not be good for the TV ratings. He’s facing Mike Bronzoulis, who lost in the FightMaster finals to Joe Riggs. He also just won the Legacy title.

Thompson pretty much blows his doors off. Its a three round one-sided affair before Josh is able to take the win before the submission.

Glory Title FightNext up is the Glory Main event for the 205 title. Iron Mike Sharpe will- no wait. These two guys have great records. I guess Glory is like regular boxing, a whole lotta crap then a great Main Event.
This was a really good fight, but good lawd at the clinching. This is a fight for the vacant title when the champ was stripped for not defending.

Glory needs to add another scoring part- slipping. If you are gonna give extra points for spinning shit (tm Nick Diaz) then we need to add a penalty for doing it badly or for losing your footing during an exchange. If all the Glory fights were of this quality, they might have actually gotten some fans, but putting a 0-0 person and a 1-2 person out there was just stupid.

Back to MMA, no wait, we have to talk. Former PRIDE President Sakakibara is out to announce he has a deal to start a promotion that will start out on New Years Eve- with the main event starring . .


FedorNo idea who he’s gonna fight, but I tried to tell people the UFC is not where he was going. Spike TV has the US rights to the fights only, by the way.

Coming after that high, we find out that Mo is crippled, so he’s out. Something tells me he didn’t want none of Phil. Vassel is also out- for some reason. So Alternate Franis Carmont gets the  spot in the Finals!

Who’s excited for this one! Oh, Carmont fought FIVE HOURS AGO. That’s not going to help him any. Carmont is on a 3 fight LOSING streak coming into tonight. Yup. Sounds like a solid matchup here.  His opponent in the alternate bout was on a two fight losing streak and was 33-20. Geesh.

They start off with some serious . . circling. Davis accidentally lands a hook and Carmont goes down like Coker has his family in the trunk of his car.

Phil gains a point from me by calling out McGeary instead of the standard whomever wins. Kind of a fun post fight interview in praising god and thankful that the athletic commission doesn’t test for prayers.

Tito OrtizTito Ortiz has won his last two fights in Bellator, so not only does he get a title shot, but also 20,000 if he can get 200 points on Family Feud. No one mention he lost his last 3 in the UFC before that, and is on a 3-7-1 downturn.  He’s trying to win a title for the first time since . . .UFC 40!

Liam McGeary is undefeated, but hasn’t beat anyone we care about other than when he beat Emanuel Newton.

Ortiz should give entrance lessons. The UFC should hire him to do nothing but co-ordinate entrances for all the main eventers.

Oritz lands a single leg, but I think Liam was more than happy to hit the ground. Joe Rogan would wet his pants watching Liam in this fight. He takes a few shots, but ends up getting an inverted triangle and Ortiz TAPS!
Ortiz holds Liam for a long time talking to him, and he takes the belt from Coker to wrap it around Liam. Post fight, Ortiz doesn’t blame injuries, in what might be the first time in his MMA career, but put over Liam like he owns stock.
Phil hits the cage with his belt, and says that Liam is going to have to be a little bit better to beat him.

Liam McGearyBellator Dynamite Final Thoughts:

The Glory Team-up was a mistake. 3 fights, two were worthless from a long-term aspect. If you can’t take it seriously, then why should we?

The Tournament could not have worked out better. You buried Newton, gave Mo an excuse to get a shot later on, and Phil came out looking like a man among boys.

The title fight was great. Ortiz not blaming a hangnail, or a ruptured hymen or a open head wound or missing tibia was a treat. I’m glad Jimmy didn’t turn into Rogan and try and get the retirement commitment from Tito.

I’ll be back later with thoughts on FEDOR.

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