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Welcome back wrestling fans. So I have a question for you? What is so great about Thursday? Yes, it is the day before Friday if you have the weekend off. It is the say Smackdown is on if you are a big fan of that show. But the real reason Thursdays are so great is because you get to spend your morning, drinking your morning coffee, and reading the most electrifying forum in all of the world wide web, the WRESTLING ROUNDTABLE!!!

This week we have a lot to go over in preparation for Night of Champions where Sting goes after his first ever championship in the WWE when he faces off against Seth Rollins. Seth, don’t get too comfortable, because you also have John Cena for the United States Championship. We will discuss Night of Champions and give you our bold predictions, and much much more.

Let’s start with this weeks Power Rankings

1. John Cena- A Big win over the money in the bank winner has Cena ready to get his US title back.

2. Seth Rollins- Rollins is on a bit of a slid going into Night of Champions.

3. Sting- Forcing the WWE Champion to submit on Raw moves Sting up two notches. Can he do it on Sunday and become the WWE Champion?

4. Kevin Owens- Owens seems primed, ready, and confident going in to his first Intercontinental title match.

5. Ryback- The Intercontinental champion wanted Kevin Owens, and he got him this Sunday at Night of Champions.


This week in Professional Wrestling

Ring of Honor makes its New York City debut

the WWE celebrates Edge’ career in Toronto during an episode of Raw.


Here are this weeks questions. 

night of champions

Give us your bold predictions for Night of Champions.

Steve: So I was really leaning towards actually picking Sting to defeat Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship this Sunday night, however, usually, not all the time but usually, when someone gets beat the Raw before the Pay Per View, they usually win at the Pay Per View. Sting made Rollins tap out making it appear that Sting has Rollins’ number. So I will say that Seth Rollins will find a way to beat Sting. Likely due to outside interference by the Black Scorpion. I don’t think Seth will have the same luck against John Cena as I think Cena will regain the United States Championship. I think Kevin Owens will win the Intercontinental title over Ryback. I am going to go out on a limb and say the New Day will defeat the Dudley Boyz and retain the titles. Give me Nikki Bella over Charlotte in the Divas championship. I like Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Savio Vega to defeat the Wyatt family. No Savio is not really going to be their partner, but had to throw that in there for Eric. And give me Dolph Ziggler defeating Rusev. So there you have it. I am most certain that Frosh will disagree with nearly every one of my picks but that is just what he does.

Eric: Night of Champions is this Sunday live on the WWE network for only $ 9.99. Here is my bold predictions for Sunday. Seth Rollins retains both titles, Kevin Owens win the Intercontinental title, Charlotte wins the divas title, Dudley Boys win tag team titles, Ambrose Regins and Mystery partner win ( we can hope it is Savio Vega as their partner), Ziggler, and Neville Lucha Dragons.

Chad: 2 new champions in Kevin Owens and the Dudley Boyz. And I will say that John Cent gets his championship back but Sting gets robbed of the chance to win the WWE championship.

Jim: Rollins – Sting.  My prediction is that Seth Rollins loses two matches and goes away forever.  But given that the WWE seems to be in love with him, I’ll probably be wrong on everything.  But what I really believe is that they’ll find a way to let Sting technically win, but Rollins retain the belt.

Rollins – Cena.  John Cena is the best thing WWE has going, and has been for a long time.  Not letting him hold a belt is terrible.  He needs to win this one back.
Nikki – Charlotte.  Another one that I pray they get right.  The WWE needs to forget that AJ ever existed.  If they allow Charlotte to win, it’ll keep AJ in the record books.  And honestly, the force feeding of Charlotte upon us is just miserable.  I don’t care if the twins switch out, Kane interferes, or Ric Flair himself jumps in and costs his daughter the title…Nikki needs to retain the belt and take the new record.
Anything utilizing the Wyatt crew…don’t care, won’t predict.  I refuse to ever watch anything associated with Wyatt, and this will continue at NOC.
Ziggler – Rusev.  WHY???????????????????????????????????  It’s Night of Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Neither is A CHAMPION!
The Dudley Boyz – Whoever.  It doesn’t matter.  The Dudley Boyz should, must, have to, need to, win.  Period.

Todd: 1. Dudley Boyz def. The New Da  2. Dolph Ziggler def. Rusev 3. Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose, and Mystery partner def. The Wyatt Family 4. Charelotte def. Nikki  Bella 5. Ryback def. Kevin Owen 6. John Cena def. Seth Rollins  7. Sting def. Seth Rollins 8. Neville and Lucha Dragons def. Stardust and The Ascention


Do you agree or disagree that the Dudley Boyz should walk out of Night of Champions as the Tag Team Champions?

Steve: No. I said it last week that I don’t think the Dudley’s have any business back in the WWE. Sure, they are a legendary tag team that has held the WWE Tag team championship 9 times. They have had their run at the gold, and there are so many awesome young teams out there that deserve to be at the top of this division. The Dudley’s are simply taking a spot away from some of these younger teams. So I disagree here.

Eric: Disagree, The Dudley boyz have been gone from the WWE for close to ten years. They just kinda walked in WWE and were given a title shot. I don’t think they have earned a title shot yet. I think they should at least have to face some of the other tag teams on the roster first before they get a shot at the titles. There are many other teams on the roster who have been around and deserve a shot at the titles. Do I think they will walk out Sunday as the tag champions, Yes I do. Do I like that they will walk out of Night of Champions as the tag team champions, No. I don’t think they have earned a shot yet.

Chad: I agree with tithe company can run with the story that they came in and dominated the tag team division in a month to get other teams chasing them for the gold.

Jim: I absolutely agree.  They’re the only tag team in the world that are worth watching in 2015.  It would be just pitiful if they don’t win.  Which means they probably won’t, since the WWE is so frigging lame these days.  But they SHOULD.

Todd: I agree just because I don’t like The New Day. I think any other tag team should have the titles but them.




If Sting does walk out of Night of Champions the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What does the WWE do with Sting after that?

Steve: If he walks out as the champion, then I think Seth Rollins will win in back either the next night on Raw, or at Survivor Series. You can give Sting a couple of months reign then have Seth return to his little bitch ways and win the title back in controversy. I think this would be Sting’s last run, and he will likely retire only to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Dallas next year. Some may say it would set up Sheamus to cash in the Money in the Bank, but I don’t see that happening as it would take away a solid WWE moment for Sting.

Eric: Well they could give him a few months off. I mean they did it for Lesnar, why not Sting? I’m joking. I think if Sting does win the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP he needs to feud with Bray Wyatt. I think seeing Sting and Wyatt in a feud has potential for greatness written all over it. I think Sting could be used a transitional champion and could really help elevate Bray Wyatt carrer by putting him over and allow Bray to win the title from him. It works for everyone. Sting gets his title run, then Bray Wyatt gets his title run. Sting can then get ready to retire and maybe possibly have a match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Although there is always a chance he may not walk out as champion this Sunday. In order to see if he will or won’t you gotta tune into the WWE network this Sunday for Night of Champions.

Chad: If Sting wins I believe he can hold the belt until a rematch with Rollins at Survivor Series. Him holding the belt until Wrestlemania would be a tough sell but I would be ok with it.

Jim:  If Sting wins, he’ll be perfect for Wrestlemania.  Cena – Sting would be epic.  And I wouldn’t fight him against anyone until Wrestlemania.  Of course, that’s impossible, which is why dork will retain the heavyweight title.

Todd: He can have a long title run til Wrestlemania where he will face John Cena. I know he is only part time but if brock Lesner can have the title for a while why can’t Sting. I think that would be a great way for John Cena to tie Ric Flair 16th title reign. Seth Rollins has been booked so terrible it might be good to get the title off him any ways.

lesnar vs lashley

It has been rumored (not confirmed) that the WWE may move up Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker III to the Royal Rumble, and is attempting to sign Bobby Lashley to face off against Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32. Is this a good idea or bad idea for the WWE to try and set up this match?

Steve: Sounds like a good match on paper, but I would almost guarantee this would be another Lesnar vs Goldberg match. I don’t think the fans would be into it, as most want to see the Undertaker and Lesnar square off in a revenge type match for Taker to get his revenge at Wrestlemania against the same man to broke his streak.

Eric: First of all I don’t think it’s a good idea at all to have Lesnar – Undertaker III. There is no need for these two men to fight again. They have had their two matches, they need to let that feud die. However, I am interested to see a Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley match. I think that would be a great match to see between them two. I would be paying close attention to that. I hope that it does happen. I don’t wanna see the Undertaker Lesnar III though. 

Chad: I would not be in favor of Lesnar/Lashley because of the fact that it would be a Lesnar/Goldberg debacle. In my opinion Lesnar/Taker 3 was a match made for Wrestlemania.

Jim: I’m all about Bobby Lashley.  He’s fun to watch.  He had a small shot in the WWE 8 years ago, and has always deserved another one.  Him against Brock would be huge….well, the two of them are huge.  I’d hope the match would be too.

Todd:  Bad idea. Bobby Lashley is just an overgrown muscle head. Brock Lesner would beat him in like 30 seconds. WWE should not sign him. They don’t want TNA’s left overs. I know he was in the WWE before but they were smart to let him go. There are so many other guys that would be better to face Brock Lesner like Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Ryback just to name a few.

lethal vs strong

A couple weeks ago, Ring of Honor wrestling featured a “Night of Champions” on TV. This featured matches between the Young Bucks vs Kaz and Daniels for the tag team titles, and Jay Lethal vs Roderick Strong for the ROH World Championship. Some say that both of these matches could have been match of the year candidates in all of professional wrestling, not just Ring of Honor. Question: Is it time for Ring of Honor to come out of their shell, and see if a major network can pick them up?

Steve: I hope so. There is so much freakin talent in Ring of Honor, that people are missing some of the best athletes. The two matches on the program in this question were absolutely incredible. I would definately say these were easily match of the year candidates. In order for ROH to be a top tier organization they need to find a network that can fund them and give them a better budget, if that happens, and a major network like Spike, truTV, or something like that picks them up, they will actually compete with the WWE. They will never take them over, but they can compete.y

Eric: Yes, I have said it for a while now. Ring of Honor is the second best company in the US. They have already way passed TNA. TNA doesn’t have anyone  or action. They do have the biggest little bitch in the world. That’s right I’m referring to Sharkboy. So trend this #sharkboyfearseric Ring of Honor has the best wrestling around right now. I live sitting down and watch them on tv. Every time I see they are on, I will sit down and watch it. I think they could do wonders if they can get on a major network. I would love to see this happen very soon.

Chad: I believe it is time for ROH to get onto a network based on their talent and the fact they have surpassed that other company as number 2 in the US. It is time for ROH to get its shot.

Jim: Some also say that the Hale-Bopp comet was the ticket to 39 people jumping on an alien spacecraft.  In the end, the world was simply minus 39 idiots.  Nothing featuring Lethal and Strong could ever be considered by me as “match of the year”.  They’re terrible.  And I’ve made it clear how I feel about the Young Bucks.  People actually pay to see them?  But since the Young Bucks lost…I’m happy at least.  But to answer the question:  As I said last week, there are cable channels desperate for content.  If there was a television market for the skinny kids wrestling under the ROH banner, there would be a contract in place.  It isn’t on because nobody wants to watch it.  Go to any ROH match live, and see what I mean. There’s nobody there.

Todd:  I have been watching Ring of Honor for a few months now. From what I have seen they put on some great matches and have some great talent. They do perform in front of smaller crowds which might hurt them as far as getting a major network to pick them up but they definitely have the talent on their roster. I would say they could try and see what happens.



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