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Okay yeah that was lame, but whatever. Welcome to another round of Q and A with #ask7pound. Do you have a question? Send me a tweet @StephanHall, or send me an email swhall03@gmail.com. I am more than happy to answer whatever you throw my way.  This week we have a lot of great questions by you fans, so let’s not waste any time. First, we have a little bit of BAD NEWS!


At Summerslam John Cena attempted to tie Ric Flair for most title
reigns at 16. Let’s flashback to when The Rock challenged Kurt Angle
at No Way Out 2001 for the WWF title and attempt to become a then
record 6 time WWF champion. These two engaged in highly contested
match with many nearfalls that all led to a Rock Bottom to Angle for
the finish…I have some bad news though… Earl Hebner forgot the
finish didn’t count the fall and Rock had to drag Angle up and hit
another Rock Bottom for good measure to secure the win and go on to
face Stone Cold at Wrestlemania X-7.


Did you know?

Did you know that Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are brothers? They are second generation wrestlers behind their father Mike Rotunda, also known as I.R.S. 

Here are this weeks questions.

First up is Eric, who wants to know about a masked man who attacked Earthquake. 

What was the deal with the masked man in the video? What it supposed to be a new wrestler debuting or a new gimmick? I don’t remember anything coming about with this.

The wrestler you are referring to is none other than Brutus Beefcake. This was after his boating accident where he essentially shattered his face. He came out into many matches and attacked various heels like Earthquake, Dino Bravo, and other various heels. This occured for a couple of weeks, but the identity of the masked man was never revealed on television. Apparently, Brutus just had nothing better to do during this time, so the WWE just had him go out and attack heels. Nothing ever came of it, you are right as the WWE scrapped the idea without cause, thinking all wrestling fans world wide would just forget. Interestingly enough, it worked. Before you sent this question, I had never even knew of this happening.


Jamey from Terre Haute Indiana asks about the WHOOOO Nature Boy!

With all the build up for the dream match between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, why did the WWF not have this match on Wrestlemania? Wouldn’t that have made the most sense? Instead we got Savage vs Flair, and Hogan vs Sid Vicious. 

Well it would have made sense, and that was actually the plan all along is to have Hogan vs Flair in the main event of Wrestlemania. Here is what happened, and for those who know me well I am not making this up.flair vs hogan

Flair came to the WWE in the fall of 1991, where he immediately began a program with Hulk Hogan when he was dubbed the “Real” world’s champion. They brought out the WCW World Championship belt, and eventually blurred it out so it would not be shown, or recognized on TV. Hogan and Flair had many matches at house shows, headlined Madison Square Garden, which would have lead up to a championship match between Hogan and Flair for the title. The problem was Hogan and Flair’s matches were so bad that at times you could have heard crickets in the arena. This was in large part because Hogan was not able to keep up with Flair and the two just did not have the chemistry to work together on the biggest stage in wrestling. There was no way that Vince McMahon was going to have these two face off and have a horrible match in the main event of Wrestlemania. Umm…Vince, sir, buddy, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID!!!!! The Hogan vs Sid match that closed the show at Wrestlemania VIII, was the worst match maybe in the history of Wrestlemania. So to answer your question, Jamey, Hogan vs Flair was on the table, but the house show matches just didn’t work for them.


Ethan from Springfield Illinois asks about my inner self. 

You seem like a pretty die hard wrestling fan and know alot about the business. My questions is. Why do you hate Hulk Hogan so much. He did so much for the business, and you bash him every chance you get. Why?

Ethan my friend, you have just opened a can of worms. I’m sure if Eric from In my damn opinion is reading this, he is shaking his head because he knows what I could do with this question. Okay, so you want to know why I hate Hogan so much? Here you go. I have been a fan of professional wrestling for about 30 plus years, and have followed not only the in ring talent, but studied what happens outside of the ring and backstage as well. I am a traditionalist when it comes to the business and how people, hogan suckswrestlers more so, treat the business. While I can appreciate everything that Hogan has done to put wrestling on the map. I credit Vince McMahon just as much for this happening. Hogan will first, take all the credit for where wrestling is today. He feels that everything is owed to him for what he did 25 to 30 years ago. Let’s talk about what this guy did in recent memory. Hogan is not the kind of person to put over younger guys in an attempt to boost their career. He has to be the guy everywhere he goes. He had a problem putting Lesnar over when Brock was up and coming. Sure he did it, but he threw a piping fit in the back. When he came back to face Shawn Michaels, he had to go over Shawn even though we all know Shawn was the better wrestler. The one thing that stands out in my mind,  was at Bash at the Beach 2000, Hogan was taking on Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Head writer, Vince Russo wanted Jarrett to go over Hogan and lead WCW. Hogan would have no part of it, and used his creative control to void that decision and he was going to walk out of Bash at the Beach as the champion. This angered Russo to the point where he had Jarrett go out and just lay down, and the two had one of the most memorable shoot interviews in recent memory. Hogan basically blamed Russo for the fall of WCW, and to an extent that is not far fetched, but if Hogan would have played ball with them, then maybe, just maybe they could have survived a couple more years. Also personally I despise Hogan. I had an “opportunity” to meet him many years ago. Now when you go back stage to meet some of the superstars, most of them are really cool with you and ask you how you are, are you enjoying yourself? So on and so forth. Not Hogan. If and only if he gives you the time of day. He will ask you questions like did you see my match vs Flair, vs Piper, Did you know I was hurt during said match but still went out there. Did you watch any of my movies? Yeah we saw Mr. Nanny, Hulk. Good Stuff (insert sarcasm). So Hogan is all about himself. He is selfish, and only cares about his success and persona, not about what is right for the wrestling industry. This is why I hate Hulk Hogan.


Carlton from New Hampshire wants to know about…politics?

With the Presidential election looming. Which current WWE star do you see potentially making a run in the political scene?

I assume that we are excluding Vince McMahon here, as I think he would run this country better than cenaanyone we have had since Ronald Reagan. So really interesting question here, Carlton. I really don’t see anyone in today’s era getting involved in politics, but if I am forced to answer this, I would say John Cena. Why? Well it is simple, Cena is the kind of person inside and outside of the ring that genuinely cares about people, and strives to make a difference in the world. He is a peace maker, and wants to do good for everyone in the world, not just the United States. So I could see Cena making run in the political scene, maybe as an ambassador somewhere. I think he would excel in this role too.


Benjamin takes us home

There are so many second and third generation wrestlers in the business today. My question is, do these guys have a one up on other wrestlers, and do they get an automatic pass to the WWE, or to any other promotion based on their family?

Sure they have an advantage when it comes to getting into the business. If a second or third generation wrestler wants an opportunity, they have one thing that is really hard to find. A connection. Now, what bret and stuthey do with these connections is entirely up to them. They do not get a free pass into the WWE, or any other wrestling promotion just because of who their family is. Take the Samoans, yeah all thousand of them. They have a solid connection to get into the business, but they still have to work their way into the main roster, and even to get into NXT is no picnic, it takes years of training to get to where they are. Sure, there are some guys like Lesnar, or Goldberg, who just had that look and burst on to the scene without much training. Worked out for Lesnar, not so much Goldberg, as he was more of a one and done. Take a guy like Bret Hart. Son of a legendary promotor and wrestler Stu Hart. Do you think he just called up McMahon and said hey Im Stu Hart’s son, make me the champion. Hell no, he had to work his ass off in Stampede wrestling to prove himself, then when he got to the WWE, he had to bust his butt and work every day to get better to get to where he got. As a wrestler, you have to want it, no one gets a free pass. Just as DH Smith, son of The British Bulldog. He had the opportunity, but was not good enough to stay on the main roster. Now he is working the independent circuit somewhere. Bray Wyatt, rotundasson of should be WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda #rotundaforhof. Bray had to work his ass off in the independent leagues, then work his way up to NXT, had a horrible gimmick in Husky Harris, before coming into his own in the WWE. Same goes for his brother, Bo Dallas. He had to work his butt off to get to the main roster, and he is far from a main eventer.  So while yes they have a door cracked open for them if they want to get into the business, but it is just an opportunity. Nothing is handed to these guys.



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