Season Previews: Miami Dolphins

Season Previews:mia-dolphins-helmet
Miami Dolphins

Most look at Miami as a team on the rise- spoiler alert, I don’t. The last time the Fins threw big money at a top of the line free agent- they got Mike Wallace, who walks out the door right as Ndamukong Suh walks in. He’s a beast- but he’s also a bit dirty and is always a play away from not playing anymore that season. Also out the door is Randy Starks – 3rd on the team in sacks. Ryan Tannehill does have some weapons- Replacing Mike Wallace, who couldn’t get used to not having Big Ben, is Greg Jennings, who has to learn without Aaron Rodgers. No dropoff there. Tannehill did go for 27 TDs but again got sacked at a stunning rate- this line needs some serious love, Brandon Albert is hopefully going to help here if he’s back from his knee issues. The Dolphins have got to help Lamar Miller out some- he got 1099 yards but only 8 TDs- and had so much backup, Tannehill was the second leading rusher. Not bad if its Newton or Vick, but Tannehill?

Ryan TannehillCompounding that is the fact that Tannehill has been sacked more than any other QB since he entered the NFL. Have the Dolphins done much to help? Not from what I have seen in the Pre-Season.

The Dolphins have some defensive talent, but if Suh can’t stay on the field, or if he just sucks up bodies without anyone being able to take advantage to get a pass rush going, that secondary has holes. The Linebackers have not convinced me they can do anything either.

This is an all-Offense, questionable defense team, and I have questions if the braintrust can do anything here. Tannehill has gotten better every year, but a very good QB should have been able to get more out of the talent around him. Maybe Cameron Jordan is the guy he needs.

Ndamukong SuhI’ll go 3-3 in the division. 2-2 vs the AFC South, and 1-3 vs the NFC East, Yeah I know I’m giving the NFC East a lot of love, but I think they deserve it, and Washington might sneak them game 1. Bonus games vs San Deigo (road) and Baltimore are losses- so 7-9. Watch out if they get some confidence however, with the Redskins, Jags and Jets all coming before the bye week in week 5 with a possible winner home vs Buffalo as well. 4-0 at the bye? Very Possible.

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