Season Previews: Bengals, Browns, Steelers

Season Previews: Cincinnati BengalsCincinati Bengals

The Bengals are the Buffalo Bills of the first round. 0-4. For any other franchise, you would be looking at changing coaches or at least scraping the lockerroom to do something. But not in Cincinnati- Marvin Lewis is 0-6 in the post season, but going 0-1 would make you better than almost every coach the Bengals have had since Sam Wyche. Heck, ask Jaguars fans if they wouldn’t be happy with a 10-6 season for once. The Bengals have put a lot of faith and money and time into Andy Dalton. He’s given them solid play, but not exactly stunning play. The Defense added AJ Hawk, and he does know a little about winning football, something the Bengals used to have to pay extra for. If Geno Adkins is back to pre-ACL form, they could have a very good defense. AJ Hawk is in decline, however, and could pair with Geno in a what-might-have-been duo.

Overall, the schedule is hard this year. I’m looking at 3-3 in the division, maybe even 2-4, 1-3 vs the AFC West, 2-2 vs NFC West, and Losses to Seattle and Houston. Yeah, I’m not predicting a happy ending. 6-10 for the year- give or take a game. Be happy though, you wont be in for playoff disappointment.

Season Previews: Cleveland Brownscle-browns-helmet

The Manziel Story is over, but keep in mind the Browns brought in the guy that made Derek Carr look so good last year. Whomever is QB is going to have possibly the best O-Line the new Browns have ever had. Alex Mack is back, Joe Thomas is still a force, and the Browns have added some parts in free agency and the draft. That run defense still stinks, and thats going to cost them the season. I do think they are on the right track, and if they can get Manzeil to look somewhat like Carr. 2016 could be the year.

1-5 vs the Division, 2-2 vs the AFC West, Since the get Oakland at home, 2-2 vs the NFC West, but bonus games vs Jets and TItans could make this another 6-10 season.

Season Previews: Pittsburgh Steelerspit-steelers-helmet

Just kinda confirmed what we knew, the offense is going to be able to move the ball, and the defense is going to have trouble stopping anyone. I do think they will come around and be able to outscore most teams.

I’ll go 3-3 vs the Division, and 2-2 vs the AFC West, since they get the Chargers on the road. Another 500 record vs the NFC West – Rams on the road, and we know we have one loss vs the Pats and they will get another vs the Colts in December. Yup, I’m going 7-9. Lets also keep in mind they wont have Dick LeBeau around as DC since the first time since Terry Bradshaw had hair.

Season Previews: Baltimore Ravens

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