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Welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week our distiguished panelists discuss Seth Rollins and his top ranking according to the PWI. This and much more!

Let’s start with this weeks Power Rankings

1. Seth Rollins- Okay okay, so he lost two matches on Raw and was pinned by the Intercontinental Champion. He had a bad night on Monday, but he is still on top of the Power Rankings.

2. Randy Orton- Big win over the Money in the Bank winner Sheamus Monday night. However, a beatdown at the hands of the Wyatt family may have Orton’s head a little sidetracked.

3. Sting- Didn’t have a match on Raw, and probably won’t until Night of Champions, but Sting is playing some massive head games with the champion.

4. Ryback- The Intercontinental Champion scored a pinfall victory over the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That gets you in the Power Rankings every time.

5. Kevin Owens- No match this week on Raw, but Owens is seemingly gunning for Ryback, and his Intercontinental title.


This week in professional wrestling

Bret Hit Man Hart wins his first of two King of the Ring tournaments in 1991.

The Black Scorpion debuts and starts his torment with Sting.

Monday Nitro debuts in 1995 on TNT at Mall of America. Sting defeated Ric Flair in the Main event. Lex Luger returned to WCW a day after appearing on a WWE Pay Per View event.

CM Punk declared himself a “Heyman Guy” and forms an alliance with Paul Heyman. This made just the second time a WWE champion went from face to heel in the middle of his championship reign. The other? Randy Savage.

Here are the questions this week. 

seth pwi

Last week PWI released their yearly rankings and listed Seth Rollins at the top of the list. Do you agree with Seth Rollins being the #1 ranked professional wrestler?

Steve: Wait for it, this may surprise you. Yes! I agree with this 100%. You cannot argue with the success of Rollins over the past year. Money in the Bank winner, Winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Winning the United States Championship. Nobody has had a better year than Seth Rollins. While I don’t agree as you know with the way he has been booked. He has done everything that the WWE has asked of him. Not only has he been the top heel in the company, he has also made appearances on The Late Show with Jon Stewart, sparking national headlines for the WWE. He has been the top guy, and the WWE is seemingly happy with him. Despite how I feel about how he is being written on TV, Rollins should be the #1 ranked wrestler in the industry.

Eric: Yes, I agree 100 percent with giving Seth Rollins this honor. He deserves this more than anyone. He has proven it over the past year. From the break up of the shield to becoming the top heel in the wwe. Rollins has earned this spot. I think last year he was robbed at the slammys by Roman Reigns for superstar of the year. Rollins should have gotten that award, but no he got screwed. I applauded PWI and voting Seth Rollins as number 1 in the annual PWI 500. This is well deserved and I for one am excited to see what happens next.

Josh: Who else would you give it to?  This says more about the current state of professional wrestling than it does about Seth Rollins.  But the man has seen success.  Only other wrestler that might be up there would be Lesnar who is barely ever there, or possibly Cena, but he hasn’t had the world title in a long time.  This makes sense at this time.  Rollins has potential to be a big player, he just needs better writers.

Chad:  I will give the heel his due Seth Rollins with he has done as the authority top star being in contention at the Rumble; Cashing at Mania; and whether by hook or crook (mostly crook) walking out time after time as the champ. You have to give Rollins credit for the year he has had and he really would not have had a lot of competition; potentially Jay Lethal’s double title reign or AJ Styles for his international success. But Rollins is the correct choice

Todd:  I got two words for PWI. Hell no!!!!

Jim:  If their ranking is by who the champion is, you can’t argue with it.  If their ranking is by who is worth a flying f….worth a darn in professional wrestling, then he’s at the bottom of my list.  He’s just terrible.  His continued BS reign is one of the lowest points in wrestling history.  If he continues as the champ, they will continue to lose viewers.

night of champs

What percentage of a chance do you give Seth Rollins to walk out of Night of Champions with BOTH the United States Championship and WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

Steve: I will never say never and say 0% on this, while I do think that Cena will regain the championship at Night of Champions, I do think that Rollins will walk out of Night of Champions with the WWE Championship. I never know what the writers of the WWE are thinking, and are planning to do. So I will say that Rollins has a 50% chance to walk out of Night of Champions as the WWE and United States Champion. This really would not make any sense to have Rollins hold both championships, but who knows. I will say this. Frosh had a good idea last week when he said Rollins keeps the US title, and loses the WWE championship. I think it will be the other way around. However, I could see that happening.

Eric: 95% I think the WWE has a lot of time and money invested in Seth Rollins and I don’t see WWE just given up on him that quickly. Rollins is a great talent and I think he is doing well as a double champion. I think the WWE needs to have him pin Cena clean and go over Sting. If Rollins can do that, then WWE can then retire the US title and have him focus on the WWE world heavyweight title. The only 5% that makes me doubt is that the WWE may try and put the title on Sting, which I really hope they don’t do that.

Josh: Rollins will retain the US title, and then lose the WWE title (possibly due to a Cena interference?  Maybe give Rollins a taste of his own medicine?)  Sting will then hold it to lose to Sheamus by cash in.  Although I wouldn’t say it is impossible for Rollins to walk out with both, incredibly unlikely….like 10%

Chad: Keeping Both Titles after Night of Champions I would say Rollins has a 25% chance of that happening. I’m leaning towards Cena reclaiming his belt but would love to see the Stinger get one reign as champion in WWE even if Sheamus cashed in right then and there with an exhausted Rollins after 2 title matches

Todd:  I give Rollins 0% to keep the U.S. Championship on the account that he lost to Cena on Raw after he Broke Cena’s nose and he only won at Summerslam because Jon Stewart interfered and hit Cena with a chair. I give Rollins a 50% chance to keep the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and that is only if he gets help. There is no way he beats the icon clean. So overall I give Rollins a 25% chance to walk out with both titles.

Jim: I give him a 100% chance of losing both.  Although again, I may not watch.  I’m seriously boycotting pay per views while they continue to force feed us shovel fulls of crap.


The WWE prematurely released a spoiler to the wrestling world when they released that at Night of Champions Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will team with NXT rising star, Baron Corbin. Is this the right call? And his he ready to be in this spotlight so early in his career?

Steve: Sadly,I don’t know too much about Baron Corbin other than he is a big guy who can work. From what I have seen of him, I just don’t think he is ready. I would much rather see a guy like Finn Balor join Reigns and Ambrose as he has already been in a headliner match for the WWE on two occasions. We will wait and see.

Eric: So Baron Corbin could be the mystery partner for Ambrose and Reigns at Night of Champions. Do I think this is a good idea, sure why not? I have watched this guy on NXT for awhile now and I think he is ready for his time on the main roster. It is one of those sink or swim moments, plus the WWE has signed a lot of guys recently to contracts for NXT so it is time to clean out some of the older guys who have been there for awhile that way new guys can start. So lets see what he’s got and put him in the match.

Josh: He has a look and would look like he belongs with the team of Ambrose and Reigns…but we don’t really know enough about this guy…let him carry the NXT strap for a bit, see if he can handle the big time, before you bring him up to the real big time.  But hey, I have always said the cream rises to the top, so if he has it, let’s see it.

Chad: I won’t claim to know a lot about Baron Corbin but I believe he has the look to be on the main roster. Personally I think this would be a great chance to get Samoa Joe in on the match and get some experience on the main roster

Todd:  I don’t know a lot about Baron Corbin. By the looks on Raw WWE might have changed their mind and went with Randy Orton which I think it is a bad idea to pick anyone on the main roster in my opinion. I think it should be someone new to the main roster like maybe the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe.

Jim: I like Corbin, and I think he’s a perfect fit for Ambrose and Reigns.  And honestly, I’d rather seem them spotlight him this way than how they’re trying to make Kevin Owens a superstar on his own, and letting him defeat obviously far superior talent.



Destination America has stated that they have zero plans to renew TNA on their network. Does this spell the end of TNA, or will they catch on somewhere else?

Steve: I think the end of TNA happened a long time ago…NEXT.

Eric: TNA hasn’t’ died yet?!?!?! I thought they died off along along ago especially after signing that worthless piece of shit, punk ass bitch Sharkboy. He’s just about as useless as TNA it self. I hope that since TNA will not have the tv time it will finally fold. You can only watch a horse die for so long before it becomes time to pull the trigger and put it out of its misery. I look for maybe by Thanksgiving at the latest TNA will be out of business and Sharkboy will be back where he belongs. Being the most overrated jackass in the world of professional wrestling. (mic drop)

Josh: I didn’t know Test & Albert had their own TV deal….Wait…didn’t Test die?  How does that work?  I guess it would make sense for the TV deal to not get renewed then.

Chad: Even I the man with a TNA since 2002 T-Shirt have to say it’s over for TNA. You have no new shows announced except Bound for Glory and no new TV tapings scheduled. A company cannot survive w/o a network.

Todd: I think this is it. TNA has been in the dumps for years now. What is bad is that the management know that TNA is going under and they are not telling their talent. Its no wonder so many stars jump ship in the last few years to go other places. TNA SUCKS!!!


Jim:  Somebody will pick up TNA.  It’s just not a good fit for Destination America.  But it does have an audience, and cable channels are desperate for content, so it’ll be somewhere more appropriate.


Two part question: Does Nikki Bella eclipse AJ Lee’s record for longest reign as Diva’s champion? Second, who will ultimately dethrone her and take the title from her?

Steve: Nikki will get the record, because they don’t want anyone associated with CM Punk holding any kind of record in the WWE. Even if AJ left the WWE on decent terms. I think Nikki keeps the title through Night of Champions but will likely drop the title at the same event that she won it at, the Survivor Series. I think Sasha Banks will be the one to dethrone Nikki and take the title despite the rumors that Charlotte was the one who is supposed to be the next top diva. I like Sasha’s chances.

Eric: Yes, in my damn opinion, Nikki will pass AJ as the longest reigning divas champion in WWE history. The WWE is trying to erase everything having to do with CM Punk, so what does this have to do with AJ Lee? Guilty by association. She is married to CM Punk because of that I believe the WWE will have Nikki Bella blow past AJ Lee’s record. Now, who will take take it from her? That’s easy, Charlotte. She has the look, the blood line and is a good role model for girls to look up to. I think she is what the divas division about now, pretty gals who can wrestle. Only time will tell.

Josh: I have a feeling that yes she will, but storyline wise…she shouldn’t.  Charlotte should stop her cold just before the clock runs out and deny her that final victory.  That is the better way to tell the story, then it becomes about revenge, Nikki getting even with Charlotte, make it personal.  Then have the first ever Diva’s 60 minute Iron-woman match to end the feud.  That would be awesome.

Chad: The Bellas mom is engaged to John Laurinaitis; so yes Nikki will break the record.

Todd: I’m glad I watched Raw tonight cause my first answered changed. I guess if they are going by the exact time on the Bella-tron or whatever they call it, then Nikki Bella will miss the record by hours. I didn’t know they kept records down to the hours, minutes, and seconds. This answer is still the same. Charlotte will dethrone Nikki. Charlotte should have won the Divas Title a few months ago when she first came up to the main roster but thanks to John Cena that didn’t happen.

Jim:  I certainly hope she breaks A.J.’s reign.  I thought of A.J. the same way I think of Rollins.  A champion with almost zero talent being shoved down our throats.  So I vote yes, Nikki breaks the record, and we all forget A.J. Lee ever existed.  And honestly, I think they’ll eventually shove Charlotte down our throats as the Diva Champion.  Because Ric Flair has pictures that Stephanie McMahon doesn’t want released.  It’s the only reason I can think of that Charlotte is allowed to wrestle, let alone win.  And Ric must have made a deal to make her the champion, because suddenly she can’t lose.





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