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By Graeme MacKay, Editorial Cartoonist, The Hamilton Spectator - Friday September 4, 2015 How Canada could be doing more to stop the migrant crisis They are desperate people taking desperate measures as they flee war, persecution and poverty. They endure abuse, starvation and, for the unlucky, death in their search for asylum. The numbers are numbing. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that 60 million displaced persons are on the move. Each day an additional 42,500 Ð the equivalent of everyone living in the Northwest Territories Ð are forced to leave their homes. The flows, the most since the mass displacements after the Second World War, are global. They are desperate people taking desperate measures as they flee war, persecution and poverty. They endure abuse, starvation and, for the unlucky, death in their search for asylum. The numbers are numbing. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that 60 million displaced persons are on the move. Each day an additional 42,500 Ð the equivalent of everyone living in the Northwest Territories Ð are forced to leave their homes. The flows, the most since the mass displacements after the Second World War, are global. The number of European migrants increased 51 per cent in 2014: through Turkey, the worldÕs top refugee-hosting country; across the Mediterranean; and within Ukraine. The number of Asian migrants is up 31 per cent, with Iran and Pakistan now in the top four refugee-receiving nations. Displacement in the Middle East, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa is up 18 per cent. Ethiopia has replaced Kenya as the top African host nation. The numbers from the Americas are up 12 per cent because of the six million still displaced within Colombia. Refugee claims are up 44 per cent in the United States as a result of the increased flow from Central America. The displaced are labelled variously as aliens, illegals, migrants or refugees. Few countries particip
By Graeme MacKay, Editorial Cartoonist, The Hamilton Spectator – Friday September 4, 2015

Pardon my interuption…

I say that on different levels…

First and foremost…  Pardon my interupption by stopping by to bring up issues about how we look at, think and take care of (or not) those millions who are displaced each and every day from any humanity of life by war, by poverty, by famine and sometimes just because they happen to be born into a life with little chance to be  anything in this world at all except poor, weak and hungry. Pardon my interuption for talking about and bringing to your attention the the topic of migrants, poverty & homeless.


Pardon my interruption, last week, to this weekly column… I plead being sick and weak, and, dagrabbit, man, I was in the hospital for three days…

It wasn’t serious… yeah, if’n your in the hospital then that’s serious…  it was just a matter of having a skin dIlemma that decided to take it upon itself to go a whole bunch of steps too far… psoriasis-597527

That is to say… I got some sort of contact dermatitis… aka serious rash… that somehow went from my damn hands to cover much of my legs and arms… and… well to say it simply AND as undisgustedly as I can… it started to itch like all get out and “weep” a tad. So, I went down to the local infirmary and they told me to get thee to emergency…

Three days later… after being put into semi-isolation and being checked for an infectious disease…  all the king’s doctors and all the king’s nurses still had no freaking idea what I had or what caused it…

infection-control-by-shaheena-masoodi-8-638They did decide that it wasn’t infectious… took off the isolation signs on my room’s entrance way with the order to wear special yellow gowns upon entering my room and then told me I just had some sort of contact dermatitis said that got out of control; prescribed some damn powerful ass kicking steroids and an anti-itching pill and slowly kicked my ass out of that private room back onto the street and said to go see my dcotor and and a infectious disease specialist…. though I was ineffected by any infectious disease they, or I, was aware…isolation-rooms

Moral… wear some gloves and maybe a damn mask when puttering around the yard and digging in dirt that been there from the good old days days when peeps would burn their garbage and then bury it…. or…  it could have come from using strong-ass fertilizers…  who the hell knows…

Just take precautions is all I am saying… I didn’t… wish I had…  it was an unfun three days and an experience still not over…  and the truth be told…  these freaking steriods are kicking my ass…

In the last week of September…

joe1…on the 24th… Pope Frankie will be in NYC to check in on the city that never sleeps and its populace. With his visit will be much fanfare… pomp… ceremony…pope-st-patricks-renovation

In 2012, the diocese of NY started a $175 million “makeover” of the venerable St. Patrick’s Cathedral… aka the stomping ground of one Archbishop Timmy Cardinal Dolan… for those not privy or knowledgeable about Catholic Church nomenclature… that Cardinal in Timbo’s name is an additional honorific that denotes he is one of the church’s hierarchy or princelings, who among other things get to elect the pope…

Now three years nigh… the job is almost done… just in time for Frankie’s sojourn to the city… and everything in the place has been repaired and cleaned so that it glistens and shimmers like none can remember.

Comments are all aglow with praise for the job that is about to be accomplished… highlighted by such phrases as… “It looks really amazing, like an old but new building at the same time.stpats8n-2-web

Just a thought… I wonder how Pope Frankie will feel about how all of this money was spent… he who has invited two Syrian refugee families into his place… the Vatican… to live while they flee from the their war torn homeland…

Who has said upon his being made his popeness… “If a person, on a winter’s night, dies here on the street nearby, that’s not news. It seems normal! On the other hand, a drop of 10 points on the stock exchange is a tragedy. People are discarded, as if they were garbage!”

Who has said the church needs to abscond with its worldly ways and concentrate more on its spiritual duties and necessities… the poor,  the weak… the hungry… the destitute…

Who has said, “The measure of the greatness of a society is found in the way it treats those most in need, those who have nothing apart from their poverty.”good-pope-francis

Just wonder how much money that $175 million could have been spent on providing for the health, safety and welfare of those most in need… and… what Frankie might think…wrmer tonight

And… as if we need reminding…

There once was an old curmudgeon who thought that he knew what was best for NYC… and who still does… who is know n by the name… Giuliana… Rudolph Giuliani…

You chase ‘em and you chase ‘em and you chase ‘em and you chase ‘em, and they either get the treatment that they need or you chase ‘em out of the city.
You chase ‘em and you chase ‘em and you chase ‘em and you chase ‘em, and they either get the treatment that they need or you chase ‘em out of the city.

Seems Rudy-Kazooty still thinks he know what’s right for NYC even though what he says when he tries to think and tell us all what is wrong with NYC… which is mostly… Bill de Blasio… aka the present mayor of NYC… simply… wrong.

Yep… Rudy gets his facts wrong… or just outright lies… your choice…

Anyways… Giuliana wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that de Blasio’s handling of the homeless has been terrible and that he…. his Rudeness hisself… found “humane and effective solutions” to helping the homeless during his two terms as mayor.

This despite just a few days earlier when he bitched on WNBC about a homeless dude who was cooping on his block and then crowed that “in his day” they “chased” the homeless away.

The present discourse about the travails of the homeless seem to stem from the fact that the present mayor…deBlasio… is taking on heat for a NYC homeless situation that according to the stats say that at one point in 2015 nearly 60,000 people… a record high… slept in shelters earlier this year… although by last week that number had somehow dipped to some 56,635 people sleeping in shelters.

Regardless… not a nice or low number of folks who needed shelter from the storms.

Billy… the sometimes over promising of unreachable liberal goals… de Blasio’s answer to Rudy the Red’s commentary? “I think he’s delusional…. Homelessness went up about 40% on his watch,”

But, nay sayeth the ex-mayor… Giuliani says he found “humane and effective solutions” to helping the homeless during his two terms as mayor.

Bill & Rudy (r)
Bill & Rudy (r)

de Blasio retorted that he… Giuliani… in fact made the problem worse when he was in office, and, de Blasio then added that the ex-mayor of NYC only softened his hard stance on homeless peeps after Timothy Cardinal Dolan, in an NYDN op-ed asked New Yorkers to be charitable to those less fortunate than themselves.

Why fore I write this?

Before writing his op-ed, Giuliani complained to WNBC about a vagrant living on his block, and bragged about how in his day, they “chased” the homeless away.

Cardinal Dolan’s op-ed urged New Yorkers not to “reduce these troubled people to objects, to animals, to ‘a problem to get rid of.’”

Simply put… de Blasio said, “One day last week he talked about chasing and chasing and chasing people. Then Cardinal Dolan very powerfully reminded New Yorkers that people who are homeless are human beings who need help and need their lives turned around… At that point, you noticed that Giuliani changed his rhetoric.  So this is really a tale of two Rudys… one who says he liked to chase people away and another who suddenly thinks he was nurturing to the.

Want a second op-ed on the discourse between the tale of two mayors?

More political nonsense…

… says Denis Hamill a journalist, writer and op-ed writer for the NYDN.

Denis Hamill
Denis Hamill

Hamil says… “Rudy Giuliani’s recent screed in another publication blames the homeless problem in New York City on Mayor de Blasio’s “progressive” policies. Rudy’s hypocritical rant ignores the fact that homelessness rose 40% on his watch. The problem continued to skyrocket under his successor, Michael Bloomberg.”

Patrick Markee of the Coalition for the Homeless told Hamil back in February that, “When Bloomberg took office in 2002, there were 31,000 homeless. When he left office, there were 54,000, a disastrous 75% spike.”

Hamil … as he wrote his piece… that there are more than 56,000 people in our homeless shelter system, more than 23,000 of them children. And more than 3,000 street homeless.

He says that the right wing coalition … mostly the elephants… after a year and a half would have us think that homelessness is a new social problem that good old Bill de Blasio created.

Hamill alleges he ellies and al ltheir comrades sue this issue becae u(1() it s summer and the homelss are very visible… and… “because the right’s first drumbeat against our progressive mayor was that New York would be returning to the bad old days when he and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton curtailed stop, question and frisk by 90%. That attack was a dud.”

Hamill avers that crime in 2014 was lower than under Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly. And…. That NYC just has gone through the safest summer in 20 years.

Hamil says the bald faced facts are that de Blasio has done more in 20 months to combat homelessness than Bloomberg did in 12 years.

The Daily News reported this past Monday that de Blasio has already housed 1,600 homeless veterans.

Hamill says that two years ago, there were 3,000 vets living in shelters and 300 sleeping on the streets. He points out that Brett Morash, a retired naval officer and spokesman for Services for the Underserved, predicts that by year’s end, there will be 500 vets in shelters, and about 10 on the street.

Morash’s astue observation?

“There really has been a precipitous drop.”

Cardinal Dolan (r) with Mayor de Blasio
Cardinal Dolan (r) with Mayor de Blasio

Hamill concludes… “As the 14th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I’ll take the opinion of this retired naval officer over that of Giuliani, who ghoulishly cashed in on the awful terrorist attacks that sent our now-forgotten vets to war. While Giuliani says the cure for homelessness is “to chase them, chase them, chase them and either they get the treatment they need or you chase them out of the city,” last year, de Blasio, working closely with Timothy Cardinal Dolan, steered 15,000 homeless into permanent housing.

Instead of chasing the homeless out of the city Giuliani-style, de Blasio is trying to house them and treat the mentally ill with compassion.

The rest is hypocritical political nonsense.”

Or in words more to my liking… talking out of two sides of the mouth… with bullshit adripping…

In case you been hiding in a hovel somewhere without access to any media whatsoever…

A recent article reported that “Amid civil war, the advance of ISIS and growing instability and poverty, tens of thousands of terrified refugees have fled Syria and other areas of the Middle East and North Africa for a better life, descending on Greece and other southern European nations in an attempt to gain entrance into the European Union.”

And the US has taken some heat for not being a big participant in taking in some of them tens of thousands of refugees…

A  NYDN report started off…

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free… but not your Syrian refugees.”

The piece went on to state that European Union countries were mobilizing… albeit belatedly…  to take in hundreds of thousands of desperate Syrians, while the US government were thinking about taking in … oh… maybe… like 1,800 by the end of this year… and up to 8,000 in 2016.

Germany expects to receive 800,000 asylum applications this year and has already pledged to take in 35,000 refugees.

France, which has agreed to take 26,000.

Spain, which vowed to shelter 16,000.

Britain and Scotland have said they will allow 5,000.

Poland, which has already taken in 300,000 Ukrainian escapees from the fighting in that country, has agreed to take in 2,000 Syrians.

Oxfam America has called on the U.S. to resettle 70,000 Syrian refugees. While, International Rescue Committee president David Miliband has urged the U.S. to resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees before the end of 2016.

Senate donkeys, including Obama friendlies, Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), have also urged the administration to allow more Syrian refugees then what was being considered. Klobuchar has said that the U.S. should resume “a long tradition of providing safe haven to refugees,” and that a failure to provide Syrian refugee aid is similar to “the international community’s tragic failure to shelter Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi genocide.”

But so far the White House and State Department have been unreceptive to any idea of allowing a mass influx of Syrian migrants into the US.

US Sec State’s diaphanous and somewhat blasé answer has been to aver that refugee resettlement would solve no real problems but “We have huge refugee camps in Jordan, in Lebanon. They’re spread more in the population. In Turkey, we have refugee camps. It may be that we have to set up some sort of refugee camp structure for the time being in order to deal with it”

Really? Setting up places which would serve no more purpose then to be a kinda internment camp for people to be shuttled into as if they were no more than cows on a Texas to Omaha cattle drive? Then to be left to whatever sad tortuous lonely left out life they could scrounge up…

Really? That’s the US solution?

That’s the USA’s answer to the Syrian refugee situation?2015-09-07_15-35-11

Then, just last week the refugee crisis attracted international attention when a 3-year-old boy who was trying to escape from Syria to Europe with his family, drowned off the coast of Turkey… A photo of the boy was akin to a shout for help heard round the world as it was instantly picked up by all sorts of international news and social media.

International Rescue Committee President and CEO David Miliband, whose group has advocated for the resettlement of and assistance for hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, said the U.S. must play a more active role in the crisis…  On NBCs meet The Press he said, “It’s time for the U.S., I think, to have the kind of debate about how it can continue its leadership role. If you’re asking should the United States be playing the role alongside the European Union, my answer would be a very strong yes. There’s been a chronic failure over the last four years of international powers, including the U.S., … to come to grips with the nature of the Syrian civil war, so that it has metastasized now into not just a Syrian civil war, but one that engulfs parts of Iraq as well.”

Miliband, says that the U.S. should resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees inside the country before the end of 2016.

“And the European Union, whose fumbling, feeble response over the last few years and significantly, over the last few months, has led to the appalling scene that you’ve seen on TV screens and newspapers around the world,” he added.

But… then what’s that sound I hear… A bunch of folks… many thousands of thosands even… saying… we do our part so often so why we gotta even think about footing the bill one more time?

And the migrants… refugees…don’t we have a big enough immigration problem now without adding to it?

Let me lay some news on ya’ll that I once heard back when I said similar words to them that I just wrote…

Katrina duringIn August 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the US Gulf Coast, especially, noted was horrific catastrophe that befell the city of New Orleans… to this day New Orleans has yet to fully recover… the Gulf Coast has fared somewhat better.

A response to Katrina lasted almost two weeks… during which victims were evacuated, rescued, fed, sheltered, and received medical care from first responders, charities and other non-governmental organizations, and private citizens. By the end of the phase… the night of September 6… 10,000 people remained in New Orleans, and, the emphasis shifted from response to recovery.katrina aftermath

1,500 people in Louisiana alone lost their lives as a direct result of the hurricane.

Within days of the severity of Katrina’s wrath and devastation being reported internationally, the US was being deluged with offers of assistance… both small and great, but, offered with the purpose of helping a country recover from a tragedy.

Among the countries responding were long time friendlies… Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom…

Aid was offered from other countries that we normally give aid to… such as Bangladesh.

But, there were also offers of aid from Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Pakistan.. .countries no one usually thinks of wanting to see the US being aided in any manner.


In the end… the aid and assistance came from more than 151 foreign countries and international organizations and totaled about $854 million…

Russia called first and gave the US over 50 tons of relief supplies…

Cuba… was another of the initial countries to call offering aid… in the form of 1,586 doctors and 26 tons of medicine. The offer was ultimately rejected by the State Department because of the US embargo against Cuba restrictions…

Then White House spokesperson Scott McClellan was quoted as saying, “When it comes to Cuba, we have one message for Fidel Castro: He needs to offer the people of Cuba their freedom.”

One of the Cuban doctors, said, “Let’s get going. This is not political. This is a humanitarian emergency. People are dying and they need our help.”

To no avail… pity…

Nearly $400 million worth of oil came from Kuwait, to help replace the lost supply from the Gulf Coast oil rigs that were damaged or temporarily shut down due to the hurricane or to be sold to buy other relief supplies.

Want more?

Australia… donated about $7.5 million directly to the US and $20 million to the American Red Cross

Bangladesh… gave $1 million and offered rescuers.

Iran… offered to send humanitarian aid and 20 million barrels of crude oil.

Canada gave thousands of beds, blankets, surgical gloves and dressings and other medical supplies. Then sent four of its military ships and three helicopter to the area… with more than  1,000 aid workers that included engineers and navy divers. The Canadian Heavy Urban Search and Rescue out of Vancouver was in Louisiana by September 1…  Ontario HydroHydro-Québec, and Manitoba Hydro, along with other electrical utilities, had crews set to go to the affected areas.  Money donations although were very high, the province of Alberta by its lonesome gave $5 million.

Egypt… sent 2 C-130 planes loaded with blankets, medical equipment, and canned food.relief

Germany… gave about 25 tons of food rations to be transported to the disaster area. Plus they offered airlifting, vaccination, water purification, medical supplies including German air force hospital planes, emergency electrical power and pumping services. A team of specialists of 89 flood fighting specialists and 5 medical personnel were dispatched from Germany to Louisiana by the United States Air Force. They brought 15 high performance pumps (10 pumps with a capacity of 15,000 liters per minute and 5 pumps with a capacity of 5,000 liters per minute) and by September 10 the German pumps started the first 15,000 liter pump… three other 15,000 liters pumps followed. The drainage of New Orleans would have taken much more time if these pumps and THW specialists had not been provided.

India… gave $ 5 million to the United States Red Cross… plus sent  25 tons of relief supplies for the Hurricane Katrina victims.

Israel… a top recipients of US financial assistance… donated 80 tons of food, beds, blankets, medical supplies, and generators.

And there was obviously more countries to numerous to list here…

Just mentioning all of this because it ain’t a story we hear… and… deserves a mention in light of our lack of participation in aiding and assisting the Syrian refugees… It ain’t all a one way street… other countries provide aid and assistance even to the good old strong US of A…

We can, and we should do more…. Our present stance is ignorant and non-charitable at best and inhumanely stupid and asinine at its worst….

Sorry, but, that’s just how I feel… we do not live in a vacuum and when the shit hits the fan in a most disastrous way we do get what we need… and from some surprising sources…

Yeah… we give a lot and we have lot to take care of in our own country but there are sources in the US who need to stop thinking larger and larger profits and start understanding it’s the right thing to do to from those massive profits and provide for those less fortunate than their selves in bigger and more magnanimous ways.

Some quick hitters…

Instant Karma gonna get ya… sorta…

A police chief, Marvin Hoover, stepped down as Clatskanie (Oregon) Police Chief this past Friday after two of his own officers reported a June incident, in which Hoover  was said to have  pounded on his chest like Tarzan and danced around the room as he howled like a chimp.

According to a copy of a complaint which was obtained by KOIN, Officers Dustin Alex Stone and Zack Gibson said their boss’s offensive tirade began in the police station’s breakroom on June 25.

Bad cop...
Bad cop…

The back story… earlier that day, Stone help arrest a black woman for disorderly conduct.  The woman threatened to sue the cop shop because she said she got busted due to discrimination.

Stone decided he should tell Hoover about the situation.

Stone said as he started to tell Chief Hoover about the woman saying things like… “When you look at me, my black skin and my nappy hair, all you see is an animal.”

Hoover said… “That’s what she is.”  Stone also reported in his claim that the chief started to “act like a monkey….  Chief Hoover placed his hands in his armpits and began scratching them. Chief Hoover also started making loud monkey sounds… hooo…hooo…..hooo….hahahaha…hooo…..haaah…. (He) was scratching and chanting, he started to move around the room, in a dance or jumping fashion. While jumping and moving about the room Chief Hoover momentarily beat his chest like Tarzan.”

Stone tried to continue with the debriefing, but Hoover interrupted again: “That’s what they deserve (and) then started to sing the words to Dixieland: “In a land of cotton…old times they’re not forgotten…look away…look away…look away…Dixieland.”

Officer Gibson also witnessed the break room outburst. And said in the complaint… “Officer Stone brushed aside the antic, but I could observe that it bothered him. At the same time I was in disbelief that the Chief of Police was acting in such a manner while an officer is concerned he may be accused of racism.”

Stone wrote that the incident made him “extremely uncomfortable,” He filed the report along with Gibson about a month later, in July.

“I have never been in a work environment where a manager, especially an executive officer, is openly racist,” Stone wrote.

The chief was initially placed on paid leave over the incident. He announced his retirement Friday… which prompted the city’s mayors to pen a praised-filled goodbye to the cop boss… to wit… “I consider Chief Hoover an honorable man and officer… so, I say, thanks Chief Hoover for a job well done. You have this community’s gratitude, gratefulness and appreciation.”

All I got is… ya know what?  I got nothing here…

all I can say is there are some damn racist assholes in this world and some of them are in positions of power… right in good old Clatskanie.

From last week’s never published column…

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina…

is surging in the polls and has got a thing or two t osay about the the present elephant front runner… Donald Trump.

Fiorina said on CBS’s “Face the Nation, “I think it’s very difficult to lead if you don’t have the requisite knowledge. I  do think it’s important to know who our enemies are. I think it’s important to know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah and to know as well that both of them, for example, are proxies of Iran.”fiorina

Fiorina’s  remarks came after a Trump interview where the loudmouthed rich man could not provide answers to several relatively easy creampuff foreign policy questions asked by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Hewitt & TrumpTrump confused the “Quds” Force, a special Iranian military unit, and the “Kurds,” an ethnic group in Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

At one point, Trump even accused Hewitt, who will serve as one of the moderators of the second elephant debate, of asking him “gotcha” (Sarah where art thou?) questions and, during a subsequent television appearance, ripped the host for being a “third-rate radio announcer.”

Carly? I hear ya… and…  I agree…

It helps to know what the hell ya’ll be talking about before ya’ll go round blustering about this and that…

It really does if’n ya’ll wanna be a real leader and not some stuffed jacket spouting out bullshit to capture some ill-informed folks’ attention and support.

National pastime thoughts…

We’ve all seen this too many times…  foul balls hurtling over the dugouts… shattered bats gyrating into the seats…. fans getting clonked on the head… bodies… getting hurt… some  seriously…fan hurt

So, all of a sudden, there is a huge clamor for more protection for the fans… like the protective netting behind home plate to extend further down the foul lines…

Some teams have even taken preemptive action… The Arizona Diamondbacks quietly extended the netting in their park in 2014, on their own. People bitched… now people don’t bitch so much… C’est la guerre

Ya know… I have been going to games for a long time… I’m in my mid sixties.. been goign since I was knee high to ta grasshopper… do the math how  I been going to MLB games.

Back in the day, peeps might have a casual conversation or two but for the most part they watched the game being played…


Its instant entertainment in a greater and greater effort to grab the bucks out of the fans pockets… there are restaurants, shopping plazas… even  games and stuff for the kiddies… ya name it…

It’s an ever growing effort  to make going to games a  total family affair with something to do for everyone… including folks who just want to watch a good old baseball game.

But, in the stands, a lot of the fans are on their cell phones… talking… taking selfies… doing whatever…  mostly not even watching the damn game.

Listen up bunkies… balls at MLB games are being thrown by pitchers that are reaching in the high 90 MPH range… some over 100 MPH…

Athletics Red Sox BaseballBatters are bigger and stronger than ever before and when they swing and connect with a thrown ball the exit velocity… the speed at which a ball leaves a batter bat and heads elsewhere… of the crushed baseball can reach over 110… or … 115 MPH… And if that ball  hits someone…

Whoa nelly and Katy bar the door… the shit will have hi the fans and something bad very well may have been done to somebody’s body.

And sometimes… sometimes when the thrown ball meets the swung bat the sheer force is something else entirely… a shattered bat with wood shards flying all over the place like misguided missiles. Sharp shards that can and do sometimes stick into bodies causing some damn serious damge at times.

My advice… you sitting in the stands?

Pay the fuck attention to what going down on the field… might not stop all the fan accidents that may happen but I bet it will lessen them…

This weeks gratuitous pictures…


Kelly Monaco 1












Kelly Marie Monaco (39) is an American model, actress, and reality television personality…



Kelly Monaco 2












Kelly Monaco Frolic on Beach in Malibu











Another thousand words…



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  1. Before I get serious allow me to state that Kelly Monaco is hot. HOT!!

    OK. Now time for me to be serious: I commend Germany for stepping up and taking on as many refugees as possible. They’ve offered free education, free German language courses, and assistance as far as living and even jobs. The Germans tend to do a good job with that.

    The U.S. needs to do more. A hell of a lot more. I know some will say “forget those guys” but it’s a shame that they are turning a blind eye’s to Europe’s plight.

    As far as New York City matters: I’m no fan of DeBlasio’s at all but it does look like the poor guy is being blamed for things that he has nothing to do with. Now, I admittedly voted for the guy (and I wish I didn’t) but he needs more time. However, if the media has their way he’s going to be a one termer.

  2. I am not a NYer… but I am drawn to the city and if I had the moola then I would keep a small place down there… Alas… I do not have that luxury…

    So, instead visit when I can…. and… keep in touch by reading about the city and its goings on through the NYDN…

    That out of the way…

    I run hot and cold on de Blasio… I think he sometimes lets his liberal politics run amock. Instead he might think about curtailing his agenda a tad and then slowly implementing it so it’s not quite a bludgeon unto certain peep’s heads.

    But, seems he has gone bullheaded into the china shop and has pissed off some in the media who if they had their way would make him a one term mayor.

    And for some reason the NYDN has joined that group.

    Why? I’m not sure but I have noticed a very conservative leaning coming from the paper as of late.
    Not quite as bad as they were about 40 years ago but a rightward turn in their editotial policies is strongly reappearing.

  3. I’ve noticed that in the Daily News too. I’m a bit surprised by it to be honest, but I think it’s the trendy thing at this point to go after the Mayor. So, why not join the trend?

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