Season Preview: Atlanta Falcons

Season Preview:
atl-falcons-authenticAtlanta Falcons

Mike Smith is gone. I still think he got a raw deal, considering how old the GM let this team get and how many bad picks and signings have been made- not to mention how much got given for Julio Jones, not exactly a Sammy Watkins haul, but not exactly a Randy Moss return. Smith had to go, though, back to back losing seasons just isn’t tolerated in Atlanta.

Stop laughing.

I said stop laughing.

Matt RyanDr Quinn, Football coach is over from Seattle, something that makes this Carolina Fan very unhappy, and if he’s able to do to Atlanta what he did in Seattle . . .what am I saying, he’s not in charge of drafting. He should be able to get the talent to play Playing against the Panthers and Saints can cause any Defense to look bad, but considering you also two games against the Bucs, hard to justify anything but a cruddy defense.

The problems don’t end there. The Offensive Line has got problems, and that has got to be Kyle Shanananananahan’s number 1 job. That line is just going to have trouble opening holes for whomever the main back is. I’m trying to remember how many great backs come from Indiana, but again, what do I know.

The Passing Game is what is going to keep things afloat for the Falcons. If you need a team for NFL Blitz 2015, this is a good one to get. Matt Ryan’s only drawback is he’s a bit on the immobile side, and the Falcons don’t exactly have the players for a moving pocket.

julio jonesI’m not a huge fan of Shanananannahan, never have been. I think Dr Quinn, Football coach is a good hire. I’ll always take a assistant over a retread, but that defense is going to be a work in progress, and that O-Line has issues and unfortunately, ball control through the air is a tricky thing to do, no matter how good your receivers are.

I’ll go 1-5 vs the division. They do get Tampa in November, but in December, they play Carolina twice in three weeks, with a game in Jacksonville between them (Carolina has a slightly harder game vs the Giants) So that might be the win there. I’ll give them a win vs the AFC South as well, I’m going to go with the 0-fer vs the NFC East, since they do play all 4 teams in the first 5 games. Bonus games vs Minny and SF are both losses. Whoa. 2-14? Really? Fine, you tell me where I get more wins. I’ll go 3-13.

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  1. 3-13? You’re crazy. I’m not saying the Falcons make the playoffs, although it is possible, but no way and I mean no way is this a 3-13 team. Not when they can win at least two games against the AFC South, at least two in the NFC South, and probably take a game in the NFC East.

    Most I can see the Falcons be is 8-8 but they’re at least a 6-10 team.

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