Season Previews: Tampa Bay Bucs

Season Previews:

tb-buccaneers-helmetTampa Bay Bucs

Jameis Winston,Jameis Winston,Jameis Winston

Jameis WinstonThat’s all you really hear about with this team, and that’s a mistake. This team has some real talent. I’m not a fan of Lovie Smith, and all the flack I got last year about it, goodness knows he proved me wrong in earning the top overall pick.
The defense has two good building blocks, with Gerald McCoy as good as they come and the recently rich Lavonte David being two great cornerstones. If the offense can give them any rest at all, this is the second best defense in the division. The issue is they are thin, and McCoy is the only consistent threat to the QB. Jacquies Smith did give them a little help late in the year, but is still unproven.

Lavonte DavidSo lets talk about the offense. The offensive line sucked last year, with Bucs QBs going down at the third worst rate in the NFL. The Bucs added two people in the second round to help, but Winston is still having trouble finding time to throw the ball so far.
But the targets he has. Mike Evans is a star in the making, and Vincent Jackson is solid. I still think Mike Glennon is a QB at this level. Winston looks good, but has a problem with tricky coverages and trying to do too much. You can get away with forcing the ball against Virginia. You won’t vs the Panthers. Its going to be a painful learning curve for the Bucs, but I think Winston is going to make the NFC South the best QBed division until Brees retires. If Winston can give the Bucs 25-12 TD/Int ratio, they should be happy.

Ill give them 2-4 vs the division, since the get both NO and Atl at home in December, 2-2 vs the AFC South, since they get Jax and Ten at home early. 1-3 vs the NFC East, since they all have quality lines but one. Bonus games vs Houston and Chicago are both losses. Well, Chicago is at home for the Bucs, so lets give them that one for 6-10.

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