Welcome to Tuesday everyone, and that means its time to answer you fans’ questions on the past present and the future of professional wrestling.

First lets get a little Bad News to start off the day. 


In 2001 WCW went out of business as part of the AOL/Time Warner
merger and quickly the World Wrestling Federation started acquiring to
build towards an invasion angle to see what company was the best…I
have some bad news though…A lot of the WCW household names didn’t
take contract buyouts from so you had the WCW invasion without Hogan,
Savage, Hall, Nash, Goldberg, The Steiners, Sting and Flair which
underwhelmed many in the wrestling world.


Did you know that Wrestlemania III was not the first time Hulk Hogan bodyslammed Andre the Giant? He slammed Andre several times during their feud in the early 80’s when Hogan was a heel. 


Here are the questions for this week

Brant gets us kicked off with a question on the third guy.

Was Hulk Hogan always supposed to be the third guy at Bash at the Beach? I had heard somewhere that he was thrown into it last minute. 


Well you heard something that was partially correct. The whole plan was to have Hogan be the third guy all along. However, Eric Bischoff and the uppers in WCW still had their doubts leading up to Bash at the Beach whether to turn Hogan heel or not, as he was the top face of the company, and they felt that it was taking a huge risk to do that. So they had a back up plan. Remember during the match, Luger got hurt Hoganand was taken to the back due to his injury. They set this up before just in case they decided to scrap the Hogan idea and make Luger be the third guy. Bischoff decided to pull the trigger and sent Hogan out to deliver the big leg drop to Savage, thus starting the NWO. Here are a couple things during this night that really changed the course of wrestling in the 90’s. First, Hogan was in fact scheduled to be the third guy to join Hall and Nash. As stated, they had the back up plan with Luger just in case Uncle Eric got cold feet and changed gears. When Hogan turned heel, he got on the microphone and called their faction the New World Order of Wrestling. This was not planned. Hogan actually called it the new world order with no idea that it would turn out to be as the NWO moving forward. That is why you did not see t-shirts made until later. If you watched Nitro the next night, he was in all black, but no NWO shirt. That didnt come out until a week later. Second, every member of that match, Sting, Savage, Luger, Hall, and Nash were all members, or eventually members of the NWO. No one had any idea that it would turn out to be as big as it got.


Cody from Hotlanta brings us back to WarGames

Why hasnt the WWE adopted WarGames? I always loved that match in WCW, and thought that the WWE could do wonders with it. Do they not own the rights to it?

Really for a couple of reasons. Yes they own the rights to the match the WarGames, and if they saw fit, they could put the match out there at any given time. So the reasons the WWE has not pulled the trigger on it, is it takes up alot of space, and takes a lot of time to set up and take down.

wargamesWWE would rather sell more tickets, than have another ring, another cage, and hire extra ring guys to set it all up. So money is a big factor in not having WarGames in WWE. Another reason they don’t do it is ironically out of respect for the NWA, and for WCW. There are a couple things that WCW did that the WWE will not try to refurbish. Starrcade is one, WarGames is another. Vince feels that this should be exclusive to the WCW, as it was started by them back in 1987, and had a few matches under the WarGames rules. Remember the WWE tried to takeover the Great American Bash, and had a few pay per views on that? Well some loyal WCW fans who started watching WWE after the buyout really started to complain that this was a WCW event and the WWE has no business using that event. Vince can legally do it, but he really cares about the fans.  The last reason I found why they don’t use WarGames anymore is because it really is a dangerous type of match, and the WWE frowns upon having wrestlers bleed in a match, and let’s be honest, without the blood, is it really a WarGames? But you never know with Vince. I don’t think we will ever see another WarGames match, as we have the Elimination Chamber now, and that is as close to WarGames as we are going to get.


Gene from Portland Oregon has a question a question about Jimmy Snuka

With the recent arrest and indictment of Jimmy Snuka it made me wonder. This happened in 1983, and Snuka was never in any major storylines, or competed for championships. Was that because the WWE knew about the incident and were afraid to do something with him?

Gene, you pretty much hit this right on the head. Yes the WWE knew about the incident in 1983. At the time, they had plans to put the Intercontinental Championship on him and defeat Don Murroco eventually. After this occured, Snuka’s career was pretty much done as far as having a lot of success. Sure he was a big part of the organization, but he was traditionally the third wheel.

snukaAfter Piper hit him in the head with the coconut, that really should have started a huge feud with the two, that ultimately could have put Snuka in the main event at the first Wrestlemania. They kept him in the match as a corner man for Hogan and Mr. T. However, he was not going to be headlined in the match in fear that the authorities could make an arrest. Wrestlemania was a huge gamble for Vince McMahon and he was not going to take any chances with the talent he had that had something hanging over their heads. So you could ask the question, Why is he in the Hall of Fame if he still had this hanging over him? Well to that respect, so much time had elapsed when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Keep in mind when he was selected to be a member of the Hall, it was many years after the incident, and many years after he stepped away from the ring. Nobody really thought that he would ever be charged with this murder, so they put him in the Hall of Fame. Now, they did an about face and are seemingly giving him the Benoit treatment, as they have removed him from the Hall of Fame website, and their alumni page.


Adam takes us back to 1989.

So I was watching a lot of old school wrestling back in 1989, as that was really the prime of me being a wrestling fan, and it made me wonder. Demolition traded the tag team championship between the Brain Busters. Then lost them later in the year to Andre and Haku, who really didnt seem like much of a team. My question is: They were feuding with the Twin Towers at this time, so why did they drop the belts to Andre and Haku, and not the Twin Towers?

There are a couple reasons why the Twin Towers never got their shot at the gold. First, they had plans for the Boss Man to turn face, and feud with Slick and Akeem. So they didnt want to give this team a title run as they had alternative plans. Okay sure, plans can be altered.

So why Andre and Haku?

andre and HakuSimple, Bobby Heenan. When the Busters lost the titles to Demolition, they left the WWE over a contract dispute and Arn returned to WCW. Heenan wanted those tag championships back so back, he recruited two of his members of the Heenan family to do so. Andre the Giant being the muscle of the team, who could not be stopped by anyone not named Hulk Hogan. And Haku, a ring technician who had tag team experience. So it was all about the Heenan family getting back the belts. I agree with you though on the 1989 year. I loved that year as a wrestling fan. I actually wondered the same thing all the way back then. It did make more sense years later as I got older and wiser, and learned more about the business.


Trent asks about the Big Boss Man

As over as the Big Boss Man was early in his career. Why was he never put into a main event role, or even given a run at an IC title, or a tag title?

The Boss Man’s run started in 1990 and ran through 1992 with the WWE. During that time, he not once wrestled for the World Championship. He did compete for the title during his feud with Hogan in 1989. So let’s start there. Boss Man was a top face in the company, and teamed with Hogan, Beefcake, and Warrior on occasioboss mann, and had some feuds with some top heels like Earthquake, Bravo, Perfect, just to name a few. During the early 90’s there just was no room for the Boss Man to be put at the top of the card. You had the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan in 1990 and 1991, then they put Bret Hart at the top of the mountain in 1992, with Ric Flair having the title. These are big names in the business, and Boss Man had no chance to be at the top with these guys. He just  wasnt that over. As far as the Intercontinental title goes. He did compete for that title at Wrestlemania VII, and defeated Mr. Perfect by disqualification. Why he never won the title was because they had no plans on taking it off of Perfect, until they found the right guy…hmm…that was again Bret Hart. As far as the tag titles go? Who would you have paired him with to make sense? He teamed with Hogan, and he wasnt going to be in a tag team, same with Warrior. Bret was starting his singles career, plus tag team wrestling back then was probably the best that it had ever been with some top teams. He just peaked at the wrong time, when many other stars like Bret, Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna, Bulldog, were all starting to come into their singles runs. There just wasnt any room for Boss Man to succeed. He did get his chance as a tag team champion later in his career with Ken Shamrock, and he was a really good Hardcore champion.



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