Season Previews: Washington Redskins

Season Previews:

wsh-redskins-helmetWashington Redskins

The question in Washington, as always, is do they go with the highly drafted Heath Shuler,  or do they go with lower rated, and much lower drafted, Gus Frerotte. The trouble is, what can they get for RG3, and is his cap hit going to be worth dropping him?

RG3Lets be honest, Kirk Cousins looks good in flashes, but its not like he’s Steve Young off the bench. He’s got a similar completion percentage, and is just as careless with the ball, RG3 is a  much better option if he can run, but locked in the pocket, there isn’t much of a difference. The best there might actually be third stringer Colt McCoy- who oddly enough gets little love from anyone.

All 11 starters on offense are back, but that’s a mixed bag, but whomever is playing QB, they have weapons. DeSean Jackson is a threat from anywhere, even though 6 TDs has to be depressing, Pierre Garcon is still a primary weapon, but only had 3 TDs with 12 more catches. Roy Helu was not only the 4th leading receiver, but averaged 5.4 YPC. By the way, he’s gone. Alfred Morris is the undisputed #1 back, but can’t catch like Helu can, and 3rd Rounder Matt Jones is pretty much another version of Morris. The O-Line has got problems. Trent Williams is great, but he’s looking for a giant deal, and deserves it. The rest . .  .not so much.

Defensively, the Redskins are THIN. Plus that was before losing Junior Galette and Bashaud Breeland (who might be back by Halloween).

DeAngelo HallThe Pass Rush has to something, cause like a lot of teams around here- the secondary just stinks on ICE. DeAngelo Hall is still here, but he’s hurting already, as is Duke Ihenacho. Two free agents the Redskins did bring in are going to preform well here as Stephen Paea is a solid pocket crusher and Terrance Knighton is a boom or bust guy. But when he’s on, he can be a difference maker. That Secondary though . . .

I don’t have a ton of faith in the Redskins- no matter who is the QB.

0-6 vs the NFC East. Dallas has too good a line, Chip Kelly is too smart, and the Giant have too much firepower.

Jay GrudenI’ll go 1-3 vs the NFC South, They have to catch someone. They do get the Bucs at home.

1-3 vs the AFC East. They get Buffalo at home, and face New Jersey in a “insert QB here” Bowl.

Bonus games are the Rams and Chicago. They very well could beat either, depending on them. I’ll split the difference, putting them at 3-13.

I think the RG3 opera is going to hurt there locker room, and the secondary is going to hurt the on-field product.

College QBs circle Oct 18 on your calendar for Toilet Bowl 1.

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  1. 3-13 feels right. Who knows when it comes to Washington, but I agree that they are clearly the worst team in the division.

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