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BaN-Brooklyn-292x300What up world, and welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. The month of September has begun, and despite the little heat wave here in the northeast, the calendar reaching the 9th month only means one thing: winter will be here soon. Boo!! So while I sit here waiting for the day of me wearing a coat again, I’ll kick off this blog with a little Tom Brady news.

Tom Brady has won his day in court. Judge Richard Berman has nullified his four game suspension for Deflategate. Thanks to the Judge, Brady can start week one for the New England Patriots. I’m very happy about this. I’m no Patriots fan, nor am I a Brady fan. So why am I happy?

I’m happy because I have a fantasy football team with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady as my quarterbacks. I’m thinking about dealing Brady for a difference maker at either running back or wide receiver. I’ll gamble on Rodgers being healthy this season and cash in on my Brady chip. Think it’s smart business. That’s why I’m happy Brady can play.

DeflategateOn a serious tip though the Patriots would have been fine without Tom for the first four games because even without Tom they are the best team in the AFC East, but clearly with Brady for a full season they are once again Super Bowl contenders. They are probably the odds on favorites to return to the Super Bowl to be honest, and if they do get there and win, the first person Tom should thank is Judge Berman. Thank the judge while Roger Goodell stands there and gets booed at by the whole Patriots squad and fans. Who wouldn’t pay to see that?

The glamour position in the NFL is the quarterback position. We wouldn’t care if an offensive lineman had the NFL in court. No we care about the quarterback fighing the commissioner in court. So I’m going to keep this blog on the glamour guys of the National Football League. I got two more glamour guys I want to address. Here we go.

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed Michael Vick this offseason to backup Ben Rothlisberger. I’m happy about this but it’s because I’ve been a fan of Vick’s ever since I saw him play at Virginia Tech. I remember a quarterback with blazing athleticism, who can flick a football 70 yards down the field with ease. Michael made the game look easy, and the problem with guys who make the game look easy is that they don’t put in the work to be elite.

VickVick was lazy. He was lazy in Atlanta, lazy in Philadelphia, and lazy with the New York Jets. However, he is still a phenomenal athlete and that got him the shot with the Steelers. However, you wish the Michael Vick story was that easy. Vick fans such as myself would like to look past the prison sentence for dog fighting but it is part of the Vick story. However, as easy as I can look past it, there are thousands if not millions who will never give him a second chance.

The Vick signing brought protesters to the Steelers practice facility, and a quick browse through social media would see many stating that they will never support the Steelers again. Part of me is like “my God, let it go. Let the man move on!” However, I get it. There are people in this world who treat their animals like they are their children. Shit, there are some who treat their pets better than their damn kids.

I’m not an animal lover. Never have been, never will be, and honestly I didn’t think what Mike did was that big of a deal (sorry but that’s how I feel) but I get where the protesters are coming from. They aren’t going to let it go, and that’s there perogative. With that said I’m still riding with Vick. I still have that Virginia Tech #7 jersey that I had back when I was 20. I still have two Falcons jerseys, and I even have a Vick Jets t-shirt. Might even get a Vick #2 Steelers jersey, just because. I root for him. I hope he keeps his head down, his mouth shut and does his job. All I’d want for him and any other athlete.

The same would go for Robert Griffin III. Despite me saying on several occasions that he just needs to shut his mouth and play, I do like the guy. He appears to be a smart and consciousRG3 young man. With that said, I do wish he kept his mouth shut and play because his act has appeared to grow old in Washington. Kirk Cousins has been named the starting quarterback of the Redskins, and Griffin will likely be an ex-Redskin any day now.

Sad story, really. Griffin had a great rookie year, got hurt, and has been struggling to get it all back together. A change of scenery would be best for him. Looking at the NFL landscape, it’s hard to find a landing place but if Griffin were going to be released, I’d expect someone will step up and take a chance on him. At this point in the NFL offseason, whichever team he joins would likely view him as a backup but I think he can still be redeemed.

The Redskins once acquired Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles. Now I don’t expect the Eagles to actually trade for RGIII but imagine RGIII in Chip Kelly’s offense? This would be off the assumption that Sam Bradford gets hurt again, but would I be wrong for thinking that wouldn’t work? Or how about Buffalo? Cleveland? The Jets? The Texans? OK. Grasping at straws but RGIII will be fine. Whatever team he ends up on could use him.

I’m done. Thanks for reading.


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