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Heeees BAAAACK!!! Eric Asafailo is back to give you his damn opinion. After a long and drawn out illness from Shark Boy’s poisonous Clam Juice, Eric has made a full recovery and is now going to take back his place to give you his opinion.

This week Eric discusses the success or failures of wrestlers that leave the WWE, also he touches on the latest of Jimmy Snuka who was arrested for murder earlier this week.

This and much more!

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  1. I really thought you went away. Face it, I eat punk ass bitches like you for breakfast. You want a match? It will never happen. I am way out of your league. You might as well stay on hiatus because the other two are far more entertaining. You are just a poor excuse who wants his 15 min of fame. It isn’t gonna be from me. Drop it!

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