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Welcome one and all to the single greatest Roundtable discussion in the history of professional wrestling. It’s time for the Wrestling Roundtable.

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Speaking of Eric…….

This week. HE HAS RETURNED!!!! Eric Asafailo is back and ready to get back into the groove of things. So we say goodbye to Mr. West Virginia and thank him for his contributions to the Roundtable in Eric’s absence. I still can’t wrap my head around who that guy actually was.. hmmm.

Anyway, our rant of Summerslam continues and how horrible of a show it was. This week we discuss, what does the WWE do now in the wake of their most horrible PPV. This and much more on the Wrestling Roundtable.

Let’s start off with the Power Rankings.

1. Seth Rollins- Rollins has his work cut out for him at Night of Champions, now having to defend both championships.

2. John Cena- Cena seems more confident than ever to regain his US championship.

3. Kevin Owens- Back to back wins over Cesaro has Kevin Owens rolling.

4. Bray Wyatt- The Wyatt Family seems unbeatable recently

5. Sting- Sting goes for his first ever WWE Championship at Night of Champions? Can he dethrone Seth Rollins, or will the Black Scorpion come out and interfere?


This week in professional wrestling. 

The British Bulldog wins the Intercontinental Championship over Bret Hart in his home country of the United Kingdom, Bulldog and Bret headlined Summerslam making it the first time the Intercontinental title was the main event of a Big 4 pay per view.

Brock Lesnar joins the UFC


Here are the questions this week!

sting vs seth

Buy or Sell: Sting competing for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP at Night of Champions.

Steve: Ill buy this, only because there really isnt anyone else that would really make sense to put up against Rollins. Are you really going to put him in a rematch against Cena? Shit, maybe throw Jon Stewart in there against him, that would draw headlines. It’s not that I am thrilled to see Sting face off against Rollins for the title. I am really excited to see Sting finally compete for a WWE Championship. This also makes sense because if you recall back in November at Survivor Series, Sting cost Rollins the match when he was pinned by Dolph Ziggler. So this match is about 10 months in the making. The reason that I am not too excited to see it, is because I think the WWE is going to pull yet another screwjob over and Rollins finds a way to walk out with the championship. This will just piss me off as a fan even more after what transpired at Summerslam. So yes I like Sting getting his shot, but I have a feeling that Rollins wins via screwjob.

Eric: Sell, Sting is one of the all time greatest wrestlers in our business. He has done so much: he was the franchise player in WCW, multiple time world champion in WCW and TNA. He’s been around for several years and now he’s got a chance for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. I don’t agree with this. Sting doesn’t need this. Ten years ago, yes Sting could have held the WWE title, but now? Sting is older and the business has taken it toll on him. Now it’s about the next generation of superstars. Yes, Sting will always be a legend in the business, however as most wrestlers know one day you won’t be able to main event like you used to and you have eventually pass the torch. I think it’s time for Sting to do so. My prediction is he will lose at Night of Champions.

Josh: Buy.  Sting will win the WWE title.  He is the perfect guy to get it off of Rollins….have the man claiming to be a living legend get beaten by a true legend.  This will also cement Sting as one of the all time greats as he will finally hold the one title that has “eluded” him for all these years….I love that the announces say the title has “eluded him”…He hasn’t ever chased it, till now.  This sets up another heel to win the title…maybe a Bray Wyatt winning at Survivor Series.  I’m just saying, that’s not the worst scenario out there.

Chad: I’ll buy this for the fact that it is something different as far as the challengers for the title go. In my mind I see Rollins retaining the tile via some help from the Authority and probably keep the US title as well so he can come out on Raw and say he beat 2 legends in one night and kept both titles.

Jim: Sell on Sting.  Why does he get to just waltz in and get a title shot?  God forbid he actually wins.  He’s my age!

Todd:  Sell. This is a bad match in my opinion. I think we already know the outcome. I don’t see Sting winning the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP and Rollins will certainly not beat the ICON cleanly. The last 2 pay per views have been surprises at Summerslam Jon Stewart saved his ass and at Battleground it was the return of the undertaker that saved his title. What will WWE have in store for us at Night of Champions? In my opinion Triple H will get involved some how. Who knows, maybe J&J security make their return. No matter what happens this is another botched finish and another disappointment for the WWE Universe.

dudley boys

Buy or Sell: The Dudley Boyz returning to WWE.

Steve: Sell: Sorry Frosh but I don’t think the Dudley’s coming back to the WWE makes any sense for them. The tag team division is probably better than it has been in a long time. Other than the fact that the New Day says that they are the greatest team ever, it serves no purpose for the Dudleys to come back to the WWE. They are old, washed up, and really have no business in the ring against these younger teams. I think eventually they will win the titles again, and that will take away an opportunity for teams like The Lucha Dragons, the Ascension, and the Prime Time Players. They had their run back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, time to move on.

Eric: Buy, In my damn opinion, The Dudley boyz are the most celebrated tag team in all of professional wrestling. These two have held tag team titles all over the world. They are what you think of when someone mentions a great tag team. They work wonderful together and can make other tag teams look great and put them over. I think this maybe the Dudley Boys last big run in a major company and I believe it is going to be a memorable one. I can’t wait to see them go up against such teams as: New Day, Prime time Playaz, and Lucha Dragons. So Dudley Boys returning to WWE, BUY.

Josh: It’s ok Steve, you have every right to be wrong, if you want to be…but this is a TOTAL BUY.  They are the perfect transitional champ.  Have them beat the New Day, which helps protect the New Day as they lost to quite possibly the greatest ever. Then that sets up your next team of the future, and who better to lead the tag division into the future than the team that beats quite possibly the greatest ever?  Maybe the Ascension?  Maybe Vaudevillains get called up?  The options are endless.  WWE needed something as PTP fell incredibly flat.

Chad: Total BUY! The Dudleyz have conquered the world of tag team wrestling and to have them come back and work with the tag teams of today but not before they get another reign or two as the tag team champions and have more big moment on the grand stage at WrestleMania. Which then leads to a Hall of Fame induction down the road and a new documentary DVD and give fans the opportunity to see their greatest WWE and ECW moments. All of which can be done on the WWE Network for the low monthly price of 9.99

Jim: BUY!  I complain about the tag teams more than anyone.  The Boyz are not only great, they break the racial code too.  I love that they’re back.

Todd:  Buy. I think it is great that the Dudley Boyz are back. It gives the tag team division new life. The only thing there is really no competition for the Dudley Boyz. The Wyatt Family and The Shield are doing their own thing and everyone else are second tier tag teams. I mean The New Day is the most ridiculous team since The Spirit Squad. In my opinion The Dudley Boyz should win the tag team titles at Night of Champions and keep them until another hungrier dominant team comes in the WWE cause there is not currently one there.

seth us champ

Now that Seth Rollins holds both the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT title and the US TITLE, what should WWE do with the US TITLE?

Steve: This is very simple. GET IT THE FUCK OFF OF ROLLINS. mic drop.

Eric: It’s time to retire the US title. I have always said too many titles make them less important. This is WWE chance to take away that title for good and have just four titles. You would have the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT title, the Intercontinental title, tag team title and the divas title. That would be all you need. That could all of those titles actually be worth something and it maybe be more valuable for the belts, instead of seeing them get traded around like hotcakes. So WWE, in my damn opinion, It’s time to retire the US title once and for all. Let’s go back to four titles.

Josh: They should have Rollins retain.  Keep the midcard title on him, to have him unite it with the IC championship.

Chad: WWE is trying to make Seth Rollins their Jay Lethal with two titles. Seth Rollins has not had a clean title defense get it off of him. Simple.

Jim: Burn it.  Its useless around the waist of Rollins.  If he’s holding it, its garbage.

Todd:  I think WWE should force Seth Rollins to Defend both titles at Night of Champions. He always brags about how good he is. Let him show the WWE Universe. He defend it against John Cena since he still has a rematch. WWE has shown no sign of stripping him of the title and having a tournament and that is a bad idea anyways. WWE should get the U.S. title off Rollins before he ruins it like he has already ruined the World title. This is almost as ridiculous as The New Day winning the tag titles. What the Hell is the WWE thinking?

night of champions

Since WWE has dwindled down to a lot less titles than previous years, is it time to retire the Night of Champions Pay Per View?

Steve: I don’t have a problem with the pay per view itself. I think it is a good opportunity to showcase all the championships in one night. Throw in the three NXT championships, NXT title, Womens title, and Tag team championship to go along with it. It would be a good opportunity to show off the NXT talent again in a big stage. They just need to tweak it a little bit, but I like the event personally.

Eric: Yes, I think it is time for WWE to retire the Night of Champions ppv. When the ppv first started every match was a championship match, how back then you nine titles in the WWE. As I stated earlier, too many championship make them less valuable. I think now that the WWE is back to five titles and if we are lucky soon four(see previous answer) then yes it is time to retire the ppv. What better opportunity then for the WWE to build up story lines for Survivor Series. Hmm, am I on to something, does the WWE already have too many ppvs? That’s a whole other question for another time. For now, I’ll stick to my answer and yes. WWE, it is time to get rid of Night of Champions ppv.

Josh: They should retire about half of their PPV’s and go to 6 per year.  Royal Rumble, Mania, Money in the Bank, Summer Slam, King of the Ring and Survivor Series…done.  Although to counter my own point…it wouldn’t be terrible to see the cruiserweight title or the hardcore title back in WWE, then replace King of the Ring with Night of Champions.

Chad: They definitely need to retire this particular PPV with the lack of belts in the company right now. They should also cut down the total number of PPV offerings and keep with the main ones (Royal Rumble; WrestleMania; Summerslam; Survivor Series) and possibly the specialized PPV’s be special episodes of Raw to gain a little of viewership for big Raw’s

Jim: They could eliminate 8 of the PPVs and I’d be happy.  But since I’m paying $9.99 a month anyway, it’s no big deal.  I just wish it featured actual champions.

Todd: I don’t really have an opinion on this question. There has been other matches on the card during this pay per view before, so it does not really matter to me.

young bucks

Recently the Young Bucks of Ring of Honor wrestling, were declared the best tag team in the independent circuit. Will we ever see the Young Bucks in the WWE?

Steve: Screw the independent circuit. These kids are the best tag team that I have ever seen compete in a wrestling ring, and I am not just talking the independent circuit. I love this team. They have ring skills, chemistry, mic skills, and some moves that will blow your mind away. They have experience together, have worked successfully in Japan, as well as being one of the top teams in Ring of Honor. Sadly, I don’t think that we will see them in the WWE, only because the look of these two, too much resemble the Rockers, and Vince was never sold on that team, which is why they broke them up. I could see him doing much of the same with the Young Bucks. They are a great team that need to stay on top, and if they were in the WWE, they would get lost in the mix.

Eric: Finally, the greatest tag team in Professional wrestling today is being recognized. If you have never seen the Young Bucks, then you are missing out. These two the greatest tag team I have seen in a long time. I think it is only a matter of time before we do see them in WWE. I think they would be a great addition to the roster and would help make the tag team division increase even more. I have said it many times, I love tag team wrestling and I think the Young Bucks will be a great addition to the WWE roster. So everyone, let’s get it trending #superkickparty

Josh: Probably…I mean the best usually do end up in WWE at some point, unless they get some kind of chip on their shoulder…they will have to accept a spot at NXT for a while first…if they can simmer in developmental for a little bit, yeah they will make it, and if they don’t…doesn’t matter, there are dozens, if not hundreds of other tag teams that will make it.

Chad: Are the Young Bucks a great tag team? Yes, I have been a fan of theirs since they were GenMe in that Dixie Carter/Jeff Jarrett trainwreck of a wrestling company.  The Young Bucks would be great for the tag team division of WWE to give it a different feel when they are out there they remind a lot of people of The Rockers and The Hardy Boyz. That in itself may be there downfall as Vince quickly broke up the Rockers and put the Hardyz through splitting; reuniting; splitting up; etc. I don’t see the Young Bucks being in WWE for long before somebody thinks what’s best for business is splitting them up which would not be best for their careers

Jim: I never say never.  We see New Day, so anything is possible. But they’re just not any good.  They’re terrible wrestlers, soft and flabby, and miserable to watch.  So, yes….sadly.  Things must be worse in Stamford, CT than they’re letting on.  I smell desperation.

Todd: Yes I do see them in the WWE some day only if they are willing to deal with the traveling schedule. That is the main reason some wrestlers choose to go to TNA and ROH cause they don’t travel as much. The Young Bucks remind me a lot like The Hardys when they first came into the business. They are great and better than almost every tag team in the WWE today. They would be a great addition to the roster. The Young Bucks would definitely be the team to challenge the Dudley Boyz.

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