Movie Review: John Wick

John Wick
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Keanu Reeves, he does some movies I love (Constantine, Matrix, Parenthood) and balances them with movies I hate (Revolutions, 47 Ronin)

So where does John Wick fit in?

We start off a bit slow, Keanu has a sick wife, who dies, and gives him a dog. Keanu doesn’t want the dog and doesn’t love the dog, but he ends up loving it, and now I want a dog. Keanu spends his days driving his badass 69 Mustang around the airport squealing his tires.

John Wick AlfieA chance encounter with a trio of Russian Mobsters who want to buy his car, ends up with them attacking him that night, killing his dog, beating his ass and taking his car.
Later, the men show up and Holy Shit! That was Theon Greyjoy that was beating up Keanu! Anyway, John Leguizamo runs a chop shop and when Theon tells him to get him a new VIN number and papers, Leguizamo recognizes the car, punches Theon and tells him to get out. When Theon tells his daddy, big Russian Mobster dude calls John Leguizamo and says “You struck my son” and Leguizamo says “Your son stole John Wicks car, and killed his dog” Big Daddy Russian just hangs up the phone.

Yeah, that’s a setup.

But wait there’s more. SO much more.

Father and Son come together, and Daddy punches his son in the belly, as Keanu starts walking to his basement with a sledgehammer, as Keanu is busting up the – well, its supposed to be concrete – Daddy tells us who John Wick is, in one of the most badass intros ever.

Let me put it this way. We have seen nothing from Wick but nice driving skills and an ability to get his ass kicked. Well, and doing some sledge work like he’s on Hard Knocks as a punter. By the time the Russian is done setting up his story and Keanu is done busting out his case. You know he’s just a stone cold killer. Its one of the best scenes I’ve ever seen.

Can I nitpick? Sure, and I will in the spoilers section.

John WIck RUssiansBut the movie itself is a 10. Solid 10. I will own this movie, and soon. It is VERY well shot for a first time director, hell, for any director. The cast is rock-damn solid, from Keanu being awesome and pushing his limited range to the limit, to Bobbi Moore from Agents of Shield doing her thing, to William Dafoe being an older badass assassin, to the dude in the alcohol commercials to Ian McShane to even Kevin F’N Nash in a fun cameo.

Solid 10. I put out on twitter I spent the first 10 minutes wanting a dog, and the last 30 minutes begging them not to screw up the ending to this movie. They didn’t. Hopefully next year I can get the Man Movie series going, and this movie is going to be a threat.

Spoilers Shead

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  1. Haven’t seen “John Wick” but compared to “Porter” (Mel Gibson)? Better? Same? Or otherwise? Guessing better in your opinion.

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