America’s Got Talent: SemiFinals 1


America’s Got Talent:
SemiFinals 1

Welcome to my coverage and predictions of the Semifinals of America’s Got Talent! Comment on my rankings below or

I really do like this act, but I have to think its peaked. I’m thinking it might be better off being a show on late night Comedy Central more than a Vegas show. For some reason I’m not liking the musical numbers.
Howard buzzes them. He says the same thing, the package piece was better than the performance. Howie breaks out the family show- so that will make Heidi happy. Ira

Ira drops the Duncan Save. Might be accurate.

Mountain Faith Band

Bluegrass cover of The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face
Kinda flat, I wasn’t overly thrilled. Not bad, but not amazing. Just kinda there. No Buzzer, but the judges agreed.

Metal Mulisha Fitz Army

Another save. Sure seem to be a lot of these this year.
Stunt Motocross.
My question is can you do this for an hour and make people care? I guess you can to a certain extent. But if the act is as dangerous as they say it is, and it might well be, how are they going to do 10 shows a week?
Howard is a big fan, says that not being able to see them live might be hurting them. One dude has a black eye. Apparently he got that in a fight, and we get our first vote-begging from Howie.

Samantha Johnson
Singer; performed a cover of The Weeknd’s, “Earned It.”
Looks a whole lot older than she did before, I’m sure I’m wrong, but I just wasn’t thrilled. The Ladies are standing, the men are sitting. I’m hard on singers, just cause doing covers isn’t a million dollar act for me.
Mel B says this song doesn’t have much range, you can tell she doesn’t sing anymore- some singers could throw verbal acrobatics into reading the phone book.

Derek HughesDerek Hughes
Comedic Magician
Took a long time to get there. I mean a LONG time. Its a basic trick- tearing up a book and popping a few jokes then bringing the book back. I did enjoy how he made an effort to make sure he kept all the parts together- until the end when he missed a peice, but that was the one he needed to complete the story. Very Well done, and almost seems like he’s auditioning for a show incase he doesn’t win. On a strong night he could be in trouble, but so far its not, and there is no way he doesn’t make it past a judges call.

Drew Lynch
Back to back comics? Ok.
Solid set. Just a solid set. I wonder if he can pull a Josh Blue and make it all the way, but everyweek its impressive. Its a long build joke, but it worked.

We haven’t been seeing enough vote-begging, so we have to have a special segment to vote beg.

The CraigLewis Band
Singers Duo; performed Sam Cooke’s, “A Change is Gonna Come.”
I like these guys. I think they have great comic timing, but they are still singers, I think they could be tweaked into a good variety act. I’m not a huge fan of the cover act- but they are just having fun out there, and made me enjoy it. Give them something better to banter about. Think about how Terry Fator does it, but with using each other as the puppet.
– We get monster votebegging, so apparently the previous segment sunk in.

Oz PearlmanOz Pearlman
Just a perfect act. He brought Howard up and guessed what he would drink out of 5 different drinks. Just a rock-solid perfect act.

Benton Blount
Singer; performed a cover of Rachel Patten’s, “Fight Song.”
Solid country singer, but nothing special, I can see him having a decent career with his story and his look, but nothing that I havn’t seen before.

dance group
I love this act. This just blows me away, and it happens every year- started with Fighting Gravity- so that must mean they are going to end up 3rd. Everyone loves this act, and with good reason, I only saw one error, but just a spot on show. I don’t see how karioke singers get votes over something like this.

Arielle Baril
Opera singer; sang “Nessun Dorma”
Let me be honest. I don’t care that she’s young. I’m tired of it. She’s 12. She’s SINGING. Its not like she’s flying a plane or performing surgery, I’ve bought microphones, and never saw a “you must be over 18 to use this product” Oh my goodness, she’s 7 and using a Rubik’s cube! WoW!
As far as the act- its Opera- Next!

The Rankings

Siro-A Drew Lynch
Oz Pearlman
Derek Hughes
Drew Lynch
The CraigLewis Band

— If they do a Judges save- and I hope they don’t, but I think they will take Samantha over Ira and/or CraigLewis

Samantha Johnson
Arielle Baril
Mountain Faith Band
Metal Mulisha Fitz Army
Benton Blount

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