Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome as always to another edition of #ask7pound. This week we will answer the reason why Vince McMahon continues to focus on such a rigorous schedule for his wrestlers. Plus, why did the WCW scrap Roddy Pipers 3 mystery men at Uncensored 97? This and much more.

We will first start with a little bit of “Bad News” with Bad News Brennan


At Summerslam Brock Lesnar faced the Undertaker in a rematch from
their clash Wrestlemania XXX which Lesnar conquer the Undertaker’s
undefeated streak. At Wrestlemania VI the Ultimate Warrior conquered
the Immortal Hulk Hogan to become champion. In 1998 WCW signed the
Warrior and a match was scheduled for Halloween Havoc between Hogan
and Warrior to co main event with the DDP challenging the streak of
Goldberg…I have some bad news though…THIS…MATCH…SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are the questions for this week.

David starts us off with a question about the schedule of the wrestlers.

Why does Vince push the road schedule like its the 80s instead of concentrating on TV and giving time off?



Because Vince is a traditionalist. He feels that if you want to be on the biggest stage and compete in the WWE, you have to pay your dues just like the old wrestlers did. He does not force the wrestlers to go out on the road 300 days a year, as they are contractors, but if you ask Vince, he will tell you that anyone can be replaced, and if you don’t want to put the work in, there are thousands of people out there that will put in the work. So if you want to have a long storied career in the WWE, you will keep the fans, even on house shows happy, and appear at any event that you have the opportunity to compete at. Vince continues to build storylines, even at LIVE events, to help build certain rivalries. He actually fired the Ultimate Warrior as well as some other top performers for not appearing at House Shows as they were advertised to attend. Vince is all about what the fans want, and if his top people are not there, they will not sell tickets.


His next question asks about the direction of the WWE.

Do you think the E is moving too much into being Kid-Freindly

pg era

I don’t think so. It still has some risque storylines but they do try to keep it PG, maybe a borderline PG-13. Here is the problem, the WWE nearly lost some major TV deals with USA, as the network wanted them to tone it down a notch. They received some massive complaints when Triple H had sex with a corpse, and Edge and Lita had a LIVE sex celebration on LIVE TV. They nearly lost the TV deal with USA. So in order to keep the network happy, they have to keep it PG to PG-13. So I think it is moving just fine the way it is. You never know what could be down the road for Vince and the WWE. I could see a network picking them up, and them going full blown back to a damn near rated R show.


Eric wants to know about Roddy Piper’s team at Uncensored.

At WCW Uncensored 1997, it was originally supposed to be Rowdy Roddy Piper and his team of 3 random people he had try out for. Then there were replaced with members of the 4 horsemen. Why did they replace the original 3 guys with the horsemen?



Team Piper originally consisted of John Tenta, also known as Earthquake, Shark, Avalanche, am I missing any? He was the only wrestler of the bunch, He also recruited a boxer named Craig Malley, and a kick boxer known as Layton Morrison. The team was quickly replaced by the Four Horsemen, and for good reason. NO BODY HAD ANY FUCKING IDEA WHO THESE GUYS WERE!!!  There was no way the WCW, even if they were WCW, was going to have three guys, well two really, step in the ring against guys like Hogan, Nash, Hall, Luger, and Sting. They would look horrible and most likely cause the Main Event to really suck. They made the right call here getting rid of these guys and replace them with the Horsemen. It saved the match if you ask me.


Jon wants to know about Hardcore Holly

Why didnt the WWE do more with Hardcore Holly? The guy seemed to have a good work ethic, but never got an opportunity at a singles title, only some lame tag team title reigns with Crash Holly.


Are you forgetting his brief tag team title reign with the 123 Kid back in 1995? Remember he won the titles with the Kid at Royal Rumble 95 in a huge upset over Tatanka and Bam Bam. He also had title runs with Crash as well as Cody Rhodes. Plus his fifty thousand reigns as WWE Hardcore Champion. To answer your question though, why he never was pushed in the main event, the cards just didnt align for ol Sparky Plugg. He had the work ethic, sure, but so did WIlliam Regal, and he was never a world champion. In fact, he never even had a world title match on a big stage. Holly had a championship match against Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble in 2003. So he had some opportunities but Holly was never going to be the guy to lead the WWE as the top guy. He did have a short little stint as Intercontinental Champion, when he defeated Jeff Jarrett on an episode of Raw, the title was eventually held up and he lost the rematch to Jarrett a week later. This is when he was Sparky Plugg. (God what a horrible gimmick).


Wayne wants to know about some WCW title changes. 

In 1995, why did the WCW Championship change hands so many times. It went from Savage, to Flair, Back to Savage, back to Flair, then the Giant, then Hogan. It doesnt seem logical for the title to change hands that many times in a 8 month span.


So lets go back to Halloween Havoc 1995 when the Giant (now known as the Big Show) defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on October 29th, 1995. He was forced to vacate the title on November 6th due to the controversy surrounding the finish of the match. This set up World War 3 where Savage won a 60 man over the top rope battle royal to win the championship on November 26th. He lost the title to Flair on December 27th at Starrcade. Won it back from Flair on January 22nd, lost it back to Flair at SuperBrawl VI on February 11th 1996, Flair lost the title to the Giant April 22nd, and Hogan defeated the Giant on August 10th 1996 at Hog Wild. So this was 7 title changes in a year, 8 if you count the vacated title change. However, you are right, and the only answer I have to this was Savage and Flair went back and forth with the title for a couple of months and traded the title. They wanted to give the Giant a run with the belt that he won in more of a clean fashion, then when Hogan turned to the NWO in the summer of 96, he of course had to cap that off with another world championship. So I think the main reason for so many changes was due to the feuds they had brewing.

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  1. I miss the attitude era, and I miss WCW.

    Don’t watch wrestling nearly as much as I used to, but I read the #ask7pound and the roundtable every week.

    Good stuff.

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