Season Previews: New York Jets

Season Previews:

ny-jets-HelmetNew York Jets

Ding Dong the King is dead!

The Jets have gotten rid of Rex Ryan and his circus- for better or for worse, and like many teams who got rid of his daddy, they might be wanting that circus back in town sooner rather than later.

Flash JetsThis is another rinse repeat season for the JETS, sorry Earl, New GM, New Coach, Questions at QB, and throw a ton of money-over 100M in contracts- at players that don’t play QB. Spend the offseason wondering about that QB.

The Jets have talented weapons if they can get someone to get the ball near them, with Eric Decker missing Peyton Manning like a Ray J misses Kim Kardashian. You could do worse than Brandon Marshall, Decker and Jace Amaro at TE has some talent. Chris Ivory is the best RB, who a have a lot of players looking to get a fresh start in the NFL. The line is decent with D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold both starting to hit the ends of the prime but still solid- the other 60%? Not so much.

He's Baaaack
He’s Baaaack

But lets talk defense. This unit is SOLID. 6th overall, and with ANY kind of keep-away that a credible NFL offense could put up, a top 5 unit with anyone at DC just on talent alone. Todd Bowles is no idiot, he won’t mess with this group, but he will make them follow the rules and get rid of a lot of the looseness that Ryan allowed them. If that discipline makes them better and tighter, this defense is going to be scary.


I don’t have a lot of faith here. Geno or no Geno, this QB roster is shakey. I do think that there are 20 QBs out there that can throw for 3500 yards with these weapons- the line might cut that down to 3K, but it should be doable. Oh if Vinny Testaverde was 20 years younger. The Jets need a pitch and catch guy that’s able to be pinpoint for 25 yards and let his weapons do the work. The problem is, out of the 20 QBs that can do that- I don’t think any of them are on the roster.

The defense is going to win games, but how many?

Geno SmithI’ll go 1-5 vs the division. Either winning a gimmie vs a playoff preparing New England or the game vs Miami, either catching the Cowboys or Eagles  looking ahead, cause that happens every year. 1-3 vs the AFC South, with either Houston, or Tennessee being the victim. The Bonus games are Cleveland and Oakland- both of whom should be improved, and not the easy wins. I think I’ll give them both losses, the Raiders should be much harder to win against in LA and the Cleveland game, while in Jersey, is going to be hard since the Browns have a better talent pool to pick from at QB.

3-13, but chin up, that should mean a top 3 pick and hopefully Andrew Luck has a brother.

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  1. Here’s the funny thing about the Jets. They have good running backs, a good receiving corp that should improve once rookie Devin Smith returns to full health, and a stout defense.

    The problem is the quarterback situation is not good. Maybe Geno and/or Ryan surprises but I doubt it as much as you doubt it.

    I’m thinking they finish 5-11 and hope that a can’t miss QB prospect or two will be available in next year’s draft.

  2. I think Ryan needs to be able to minimize misatkes and control/manage thegame. Use his weapons… Maybe no playoffs this year but they are getting here… I guess at lesat .500

    Then again… who knows? Wild card in the lurkinmg?

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