Season Previews: Dallas Cowboys

Season Previews:

dls-cowboys-HelmetDallas Cowboys

Is anyone still hating on Jason Garrett? Just wondering. Have you looked at how new his staff is? Outside of Wade Wilson, no position coach on his staff has been on the team more than 6 years. Both Scott Linehan and Rod Marinelli  are highly respected and with Garrett doing his coach by CEO thing, this could be a strong staff, something new in Cowboy-land.

Tony RomoAnyone still hating on Tony Romo?
34 TDs and 9 Ints would work for any team. He did throw for 3705 yards, while leading the league in completion percentage. Can’t really hate on him anymore.
Dez Bryant might not be overly happy with the offseason, but he’s still one of the top wideouts in the NFL. Jason Witten is old, but still a top tight end with Romo’s trust. The offensive line is  a FRIKKEN WALL, and just got better with La’El Collins coming in and didn’t cost the Cowboys a thing.
Running Back is going to be a problem.
DeMarco Murray is gone, and Derrick McFaddin spent 7 years being a bust in Oakland. But he’s got a line here, so if he can’t do anything here . . .

Defensively Rod Marinelli did a good job, They were ranked 8th vs the run, but got almost no passrush.

Paging Greg Hardy.

JJ WilcoxProblem solved if he is back to being what he was. He won’t be in till week 11, but oh what a difference maker. In other question marks off the field, Randy Gregory is a solid talent if he can pee clear, can be a problem solver as well. Sean Lee is also going to be back after being on IR all year. The Secondary looks like it has been hit with a bomb. Morris Clairborne has been a super-bust, Sterling Moore is gone, Brandon Carr has been a waste of money, but at least he is able to play – Barry Chuck is almost an extra linebacker more than help over the top against deep ball. That’s the bad news. The good news is JJ Wilcox is player and could play either role. Orlando Scandrick is the one guy that you can write his name in the starting lineup in pen.


That secondary is just scary. if the Cowboys can’t get a pass rush, then teams with good O-lines are going to pick them apart. The issue is, the Cowboys can turn right around and pick them apart since they might have one of the best lines in football.

Cowboys Jerry JonesI’ll 5-1 vs the NFC East- since they get everyone’s best shot, and everyone is gunning for them. Before you whine they went 4-2 vs the division last year. I’ll give them a 4-0 record vs the NFC South, since only Carolina has the defense to play with them, but with Kelvin Benjamin out, they don’t have the horses, the Saints can pick them apart, but are in the same boat, just with a worse cap situation. The Bucs could give them problems, but they have a rookie QB and a defense that isn’t going to get through that wall often.

I’ll go 4-0 vs the AFC East, since Tom Brady might not be back in time for that game. Bonus games vs Green Bay and Seattle will tell what the record is. They do get Seattle at home, but I expect Jimmy Graham to get about a dozen balls and chew that secondary apart- plus Seattle has a secondary that  will make what ever running back the Cowboys have beat them.

He won’t.

So 13-3?

Holy Shit. Did I just pick Tony F’N Romo and Jason F’N Garrett to go 13-3?

Damn. I thought my Buffalo prediction was out there.

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  1. I’ll do you one better and say that I’ll either be a genius come February or a damned fool for saying this but I think the Cowboys could make the Super Bowl. They may even win it.

    Losing Murray hurts, but running back by committee behind that beast of an offensive line should be good enough to get the job done.

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