Season Previews: New England Patriots

Season Previews:

ne-patriots-helmetNew England Patriots

Lets Predict the Patriots.

Win the AFC East



Brady vs MOntanaYeah- its that automatic. Brady has 12  Division titles. That might have something to do with the ineptness of the division, but hey, 12 in a career is 12 in a career. In the Super Bowl Era, only 2 other QBs have won 4 Super Bowl titles, and both of those had far better offensive weapons. The last time Brady wasn’t sporting a AFC East Champion hat? The same time he was doing what we all do, watching football and wishing he was playing, only he had better seats. Brady also has won 6 AFC crowns. That more than anyone else in the Super bowl Era.

So can he make it 7? Can he get his one for the thumb?

Will he even play this year? Lets find out.

OK, lets go down a few things.

The Hoodie is the best coach in the NFL, and I’ll say it, the best coach since Bill Walsh. I’m comfortable that no one outside of a fan-boy will disagree with that statement.

Offensively, the Pats allowed Brady to get knocked down 26 times, that’s 4th in the NFLBrady&Hoodie– and only LG Dan Connolly is gone-and Ryan Wendell started at RG for the Super bowl. I think they are fine there, and whomever is throwing the ball has a ton oif good to decent backs behind him. For once, the Patriots have decent receivers to catch the ball, with Julian Edelman turning into a star- but is he Deion Branch 2.0? Who knows, and if he’s smart, we won’t find out. Rob Gronkowski is 100% for the first time in a while, and he’s the #1 TE in the game, and with Jimmy gone to Seattle, he ‘s going to widen the gap this year.


Vince Wilfork leaves a hole. Lord knows the Pats have made a lot of guys who went to multiple pro-bowls with the team look like  they weren’t missed before, and I don’t see this time being any different. Dominique Easley was a first round pick, and should slide into the role, or Possibly this years number 1 pick. Or maybe heck with it, lets go with the guy that was in the rotation last year, Alan Branch a former second rounder- in other words, I think they got this. The Patriots were #9 vs the run, and I don’t see that sliding too far, if at all.

sb49-malcolm-butler-int-ji-1Losing Revis might be a bigger problem. Malcolm Butler might be a Super Bowl hero, but I don’t know if he’s good enough to be an every-down corner, why didn’t he do like every Super Bowl MVP rotation player did- sign a huge deal with the Raiders?

So lets Bottom line this one.

The 4 games Brady might miss- and I think he should, just to get rid of this thing, not like he has anything to prove in the regular season- he’s not Peyton Manning after all. Are the Steelers/Buffalo Jacksonville and Dallas after the open date. That’s 2-2 there, Maybe even 3-1 depending on Pittsburgh, since the Pats are at home.

How much money you want to put on a PISSED OFF Brady, at night, fresh as a daisy on the road vs the Colts? I’ll cover that. if the defense shuts down Dallas the week before- that game might be 20 points in Vegas.
After that they blow through everyone until they face the Giants, but you know Brady loves the Giants, but that starts a hard road- with Buffalo, Denver, Philly next. Then the rest of the season is a playoff tuneup.

New England PatriotsSo lets give them a 2-2 record in the beginning, they drop either Denver or Philly, and either the Jets or Miami at the end. I’ll go 12-4, and if the Defense can beat Dallas, they might not lose at all when Brady comes back.

But like all things Patriots, the Regular season is the Pre-season for January.



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  1. 0-16! Nah. That ain’t happening. 12-4, the AFC East, and a playoff run. Why? The Pats are too damn automatic.

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