Season Previews: Buffalo Bills

Season Previews:

buf-bills-helmetBuffalo Bills

Is Rex Ryan a good coach? Is he a solid coach? I think he’s better than most- but I don’t think he’s the great coach some think he is. I’ll take him in a heartbeat though over some retreads.

Rex Ryan BillsFor the Bills? I think they are more than justified in thinking they can get back to the playoffs. The issue is- Rex Ryan thought he had bad QBs in New York? wait till he gets a load here. The other issue the Bills gave up a couple of high picks for Sammy Watkins who might not be a top 3 WR from his class. If Rex can turn Mark Sanchez into a playoff starter what can he do with EJ Manual and / or Matt Cassell. Fred Jackson is old, but dependable, but LeSean McCoy should love this offense. The Receivers are going to be fun, Percy Harvin can be a Pro-Bowler if he cares, Robert Woods can be a solid sidekick and Sammy Watkins has all the talent in the world. So any decent QB can be a a star here.

Defensively this defense is going to be trouble for everyone. Super Mario Williams is going to be in love with Rex Ryan. I mean like serious bro-mance here. This defense was #4 last year- and added a RB to keep the clock going, an exceptional gambling defensive mind and other than having to replace DaNorris Searcy, they didn’t lose a ton. This Bills team is only worried about the QB.

Super Mario WilliamsLet me bottom line how solid this team is. If you were going to to create yourself on Madden 16, and didn’t have a rooting interest, and your player was a QB. This would be the team you would want to be drafted to.

I’ll give the Ry-Bills a 6-2 record in the AFC East- simply because they play the Colts and Pats before going to Miami. I’ll also give them a 3-1 record vs the AFC South, since they get Houston late in the year, when I think the Texans are going to have issues. The NFC East is going to be a problem. I’m actually going to go 1-3 here, since they play at Philly late in the year. Bonus games vs Cincy and KC are both wins.

Did I just give the Bills a 10-6 record?

Yes. Yes I did.

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  1. While I think Rex picks Tyrod Taylor, I’m inclined to agree with you that the Bills will be surprisingly good this season. 10 wins is completely possible.

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