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Welcome back wrestling fans to another round of questions to our expert panelists on DA DA DA (insert scary music) the Wrestling Roundtable.

Summerslam is behind us, and we have a lot to discuss with the event.

Power Rankings

1. Seth Rollins- Despite my personal feelings on him, you cant argue that he is on top this week.

2. John Cena- Got screwed by a TV host! Seriously?

3. Randy Orton- Even after a loss to Sheamus at Summerslam, Orton still cracks the top 3.

4. Kevin Owens- Big win over Cesaro at Summerslam, can Owens keep up the momentum?

5. Cesaro- Still looked impressive at Summerslam against Kevin Owens, but the Swiss superstar falls a couple notches.

This week in wrestling history

Vince McMahon was born. Who knew what he would become.

Triple H defeats Mankind to win his first ever World Heavyweight Champion.

Then Governor Jesse the Body Ventura is the special guest referee in the main event of Summerslam 99.


Here are the questions this week.


What are your thoughts on Summerslam?

Steve: Words cannot explain the absolute disgust I have for this pay per view event. This may very well be the absolute worst pay per view event in the history of professional wrestling. I have seen some bad events in the past, but this takes the cake. After the Seth Rollins vs John Cena match, and the outside interference by Jon Stewart, I was in such a foul mood after this match, that I turned off the show and did not watch the remainder of it. I said going into the event that I have no problem with Seth Rollins winning this match, as long as he wins clean. Rollins has so much talent, but the WWE continues to make him a little fucking bitch. And for that, I will not watch the WWE product as it stands today, until they A) get the title off of Rollins, or B) Have him win a decent match clean, without anyones help. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Rollins, I think he is an amazing talent. However, the writers need to be shot and buried alive.

MR WV: Well, I think SummerSlam could have been a lot better In my damn opinion. (someone should do a show like that.) I think the show had plenty of potential for being a great show show. It was just good. You had your great matches like the tag titles, Cesaro and Owens, Cena and Rollins. Also the performance by Stephen Amell was very impressive. I wasn’t expecting him to show some of the moves he did. However, there was some matches that just stunk up the joint. The Intercontinental title match was bad, Sheamus and Orton was blah and Taker and Lesnar could have been so much better but just a very anticlimactic ending. I had high hopes for that one. So if I had to give a rating for SummerSlam, I will give it a 6.

Josh: THE DUDLEY BOYS ARE BACK!!!  STING IS BACK!!!  Wait…I know I was supposed to be answering a question about something else….what was it?  Darn…I can’t remember….HOLD ON!  It was something to do with the travesty of booking that was Summerslam, and how lazy and incompetent the writers are…but I got so distracted by the shiny new thing that WWE threw out in our face with the sole purpose of getting our attention away from the fact that Jon FREAKING STEWART just tapped John Cena with a chair, permanently immobilizing him.  BUT THE DUDLEY BOYS ARE BACK!  DEVON!!!!  GET THE TABLES!!!

Chad: Wow…just wow the fact the company built this up as another 4 hour show spectacular and for the show to be that bad is just disappointing; I mean it’s bad enough having the Undertaker win via overexcited timekeeper and a low blow; Having a comedian screw Cena out of the title I mean it got the front page exposure but really. I knew the night was going to be bad when the forst 15 min of the show were when Mick Foley claiming he didn’t hear a B in Brock and thought it was Rock I just knew this was going to suck

Todd: This has to be the worst pay per view I have ever seen. I mean if I wouldn’t have the WWE Network and paid $54.99 for Summerslam I would be pretty pissed off right now. Shoot I don’t think it was even worth the $9.99. The two big matches one was a bust and the other ended in controversy. That is just piss poor writing. WWE needs to get their shit together or they will lose a lot of fans to this stupidity. Seth Rollins Has No Business being any kind on Champion ever. He has already buried the WWE World title and now the U.S. title. I could be world champ and u.s. champ if I had all these people helping me. Worst show ever!

Jim: I am officially ranking SummerSlam 2015 as the singular worst pay per view in the history of professional wrestling.  The WWE has officially jumped the shark.  It was worse than Mabel winning the King of the Ring 20 years ago.  It would be better to bring back Chyna and XPAC, or even Shane McMahon than to make me watch last night’s pay per view.  I only hope they do better with NXT, because the WWE began it’s long slide into “who gives a damn” with that pitiful excuse of a pay per view last night.


Did NXT Takeover, literally “Takeover” the weekend, and if so, was it a good idea to put it on the night before Summerslam?

Steve: Takeover could have ended after the Jushin Thunder Liger match, and it would have been better than the Summerslam event. But to be fair, this event was spectacular, and absolutely stole the weekend right from under the main roster. The Diva’s match between Sasha Banks and Bayley was amazing, and the ladder match between Owens and Balor was just as good. Very impressive show, I will be watching more of this, instead of that joke of a product known as the WWE.

MR WV: Yes, NXT did takeover this weekend. I watched both shows and I was way more impressed with NXT Takeover than I was SummerSlam. SummerSlam I rated a 6 where as Takeover I would rate a 9. I really enjoy watching NXT because yes there are storylines but it’s more about wrestling than the storylines. That is what gets most wrestling fans attention is the wrestling part and not the story line part. Yes, I think it was a good idea to have it before SummerSlam. It gave fans a chance for three nights of wrestling. You had NXT Saturday, SummerSlam Sunday and Raw Monday. As a WWE fan, I really enjoyed all of the action. As a matter of fact, as I’m typing this, I’m rewatching NXT Takeover, I havnt had the urge to rewatch SummerSlam but this I did want to rewatch.

Josh: If nothing else, it was 20x better than SummerSlam.  In fact, they probably should have promoted that as the show of the summer…not that absurd, sorry excuse for a 4 hour PPV…but hey…THE DUDLEY BOYS ARE BACK!!!!  WHAASSSSSUPPPPPP!!!!!

Chad: Excellent offering by NXT really putting out the best that the brand has to offer including a great ladder match for the NXT championship and a good title match between Sasha and Bayley that really impressed and I thought would have forced the WWE guys to step up their game which as we all of alluded to and will alude to again did not happen. NXT won the weekend in Brooklyn.

Todd: Yes, Nxt Takeover was a way better show than Summerslam. I thought the NXT divas championship match stole the show Bayley vs Sasha Banks that match was better than any match at summerslam. Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens was also a really good match for the NXT championship. It was a good idea for NXT bad idea for WWE. Reason is NXT showed up WWE this time around.  Thats good in a way though cause you know you have good talent coming up from NXT for the future.

Jim:  Wrestling fans love wrestling.  And the opportunity to sell this product to a ready made audience was huge.  NXT’s problem is that it doesn’t have enough talent to stand alone yet.  But it will. And this was a fantastic way to increase that market.

taker vs lesnar

Will we see an Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar III?

Steve: Well considering I did not WATCH Brock vs Taker II, I guess I cannot really comment on this. However, with what I read, and what people told me, the controversy surrounding the match, most definitely sets up a third match. Probably happens at Wrestlemania 32.

MR WV:  No, there is no need for a third match between these twos. I used to really enjoy watching the Undertaker wrestle, but we all know the man is getting old. He’s not the same Undertaker we used to all see and love. I don’t want my memory of the Taker tarnished by not seeing him live up and perform like he used. There is only one match I want to see the Taker have now and that is a match vs Sting. I think after we see that match, it will be time for the Taker to hang it up for good. As far as having another match with Lesnar, I say No. There is no need for a Undertaker Lesnar III.

Josh: That technically was Brock vs. Taker III….just saying, during Brock’s first title run he faced the taker in the fall, in, if I am not mistaken, a cage match, which Lesnar won….I am suprised MR WV missed that…..However, we will likely see another rematch, wrestling storytelling would not let the feud end like that.  We will likely be looking at a finalizing stipulation….Casket Match, Hell in a Cell, or something of that nature.  Hopefully it isn’t nearly as badly booked as what the SummerSlam match was…that was just ridiculous…If you are going to have Taker win….have him win clean…that is still believable..wait…what’s that?  THE DUDLEY BOYS ARE BACK???!!!!  TESTIFY!!!!

Chad: After that horrible booking job for these two legends of the business and how Undertaker looks physically after he fights Brock Lesnar…collapsing backstage… I would hope not but knowing the WWE the 3rd installment is already signed; sealed and delivered for the grand stage of Wrestlemania 32 in AT&T Stadium in Dallas where Undertaker needs to finally be done win lose or draw for the sake of his health and the sake of the business; he’s done his bid for the business let him walk away.

Todd: Yes I think we will. I think that controversy win at Summerslam set up for a Undertaker vs Brock Lesner III. Just by the fact Undertaker did not win cleanly. Heyman will say Undertaker cannot beat Brock Lesner without cheating. It will be in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Jim:I didn’t want to see Grandpa vs Lesnar II.  But of course we’ll see #3 at Wrestlemania.  That’s the whole point.  There has to be a #3.  Hopefully on the same card we’ll see Ric Flair vs the ghost of Dusty Rhoades, Sting vs his dignity, and Scott Hall go head to head vs the demon Addiction.

owens vs cesaro

Did Cesaro losing to Kevin Owens hurt his momentum, thus hurting his push that the WWE was going to give him?

Steve: Well shit! I missed this match too? I completely forgot that this match was on the card. Fast forward a few minute. Okay I broke down and watched it. This was a good match, probably one of the best on the card. Owens won clean..did you hear that Rollins? HE FUCKING WON CLEAN!!!! Take some notes!!! As far as the question, no this does not hurt Cesaro’s momentum, I think he gains momentum for Owens though, as he may be able to put this win to push him towards a solid push.

MR WV: No, I don’t the lose hurt Cesaro at all. It was actually helpful on both sides of the coin. It helped Cesaro, it didn’t make him look weak, it made him look like he slipped up and Owens got the victory. Cesaro will now be able to build the crowd up behind him and prove he’s hungry enough and could take Owens next time which will lead to a rematch. It was helpful for Owens because he needed the ppv win. He has lost the last two ppvs in a row. He needed the win so he wouldn’t lose his momentum as a heel. Remember Rusev was doing great as a heel, then he lost 3 ppvs in a row. Now he’s lucky to even be a mid card talent, I’m sure he’ll be a curtain jerker before too long. That win just proved Owens still has steam and could still be a top heel.

Josh: I don’t think the loss hurt.  This was the match of the show, just about perfect in every way.  Cesaro and Owens really cut lose.  It was almost as if they were told that the brass wanted an indy style match on the PPV.  This was a great showing.  I still feel as though Cesaro is and should be in the main event level.  Owens too….I could easily see these two main eventing Wrestlemania…although the WWE seems to have it big for Reigns still, not saying Reigns doesn’t have potential, but there isn’t a pair as over as Cesaro and Owens right now.

Chad:  Quite possibly one of the few redeeming qualities about the 4 hour show; I t was a good match; could have been a lot better given more time in a main event situation or even a title situation and Owens won cleanly I think both men have momentum heading into the fall.

Todd:  In My opinion it did. I expected him to win because i thought WWE was giving him a push. I was a bit surprised that he lost this match. Where does he go from here? Has WWE changed their mind yet again about Cesaro? He has the talent and athletic ability. I don’t know why they just don’t let him do his thing.

Jim: Cesaro losing to Owens shows you that the “push” that was perceived was not actually a push at all.  Cesaro will slip back in with the “when we have empty spot” category, where he kind of belongs.

brock vs taker

Which match at Summerslam, “stole the show”?

Steve: This is very simple. The WWE stole my $9.99 that I paid to subscribe to the Network. At least I got my money’s worth during NXT Takeover, so I will say that Takeover stole the show.

MR WV: That is easy, Cesaro vs Kevin Owens. It was just as I predicted last week. The match was the best match of the night. We strength, back and forth action and a great match. These two I think have a bright future ahead of both of them. Both are very hungry and want a top spit in the WWE. If you haven’t seen this match yet, go back and watch it on the WWE network for only $ 9.99. It’s worth the  $9.99. Both men will hold the WWE world heavyweight title within the next two years. That is my bold prediction for the future.

Chad: This is simple…Raw stole the show

Josh:  The only acceptable answer other than none is Cesaro v. Owens.  The Cena/Rollins match was great…until the end.  Same thing with Taker/Lesnar, great till the end.  Cesaro/Owens was amazing all the way through….and the Ending made sense…It does tell us one thing, WWE wants Owens to get to the top of the card.  He will be in the WWE title picture soon….possibly if Sting takes the title from Rollins….Sting vs. Owens?  I’d buy that for a dollar. And yes…I just shamelessly plugged in a RoboCop reference into the roundtable.  You’re welcome.  There was something else….OH YEAH!!!  THE DUDLEY BOYS ARE BACK!!!!  3-D!!!!!!!

Todd: If I cut out the end of the match I have to say the Undertaker vs Brock Lesner is the match that stole the show. Undertaker take 3 F5’s and get put in 2 Kamura locks. Brock Lesner took a tombstone piledriver, a massive chokeslam, a last ride, and 2 hells gate

Jim:  Lana vs Summer Rae.  And that should tell you everything about how much I disliked this 4 ridiculous hours.  I’m only happy that it’s only $9.99 a month.



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