Hello again wrestling fans. I hope you all had a great weekend, but it was time to go back to work yesterday for most of you, so how about another round of questions by you the fans. This week we touch on the Divas side and discuss a little Total Divas. And then What happened to Alberto Del Patron? This and much more!

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David’s dreamcard is over with, We hope you enjoyed those dream fantasy matches. Now we have a new segment. I’ve got Bad News by Bad News Brennan. Okay yes its a little bit of a knockoff but oh well. Let’s see what kind of bad news we have for this week.


 In 1993 Ric Flair made his return to the WCW here quickly started helping Arn and Ole Anderson were teasing a fourth man to join them and reform the Horsemen the  announcement would be made on A Flair for the Gold…

I have some bad news though…The 4th man was Paul Roma.


Here are the questions for this week. 

Dalton kicks us off about the Funkadactyls

On total divas I remember seeing before that Naomi was being taken off the cast. However it has been Cameron who has not been on the show when Naomi is on weekly.



Well you are right, the original plan was to have Naomi take a hiatus from the show when she got married to Jon Uso. They felt like Naomi did not want to air a lot of her personal stuff on Total Divas so they were going to scratch her. Cameron, however needed to develop, so they sent her down to NXT to train and develop properly, so they did not want to have Cameron as a distraction with NXT. Not to say that we won’t see Cameron down the road, she actually did make a cameo appearance two weeks ago. But the ultimate reason is because Cameron needed to focus on her in ring skills and not worry about a reality show.

Sean wants to know about Eva Marie

When do you expect Eva Marie to get on the main roster. I know she went down to train, but is there talk of her competing for the divas title?


The problem that the WWE is having with bringing Eva Marie on to the main roster is that she has so little experience in the ring, and she lacks that drive and effort. What you see on Total Divas is pretty much how things are with Eva Marie. The WWE has been wanting to develop her quick because she is over with the fans, and also getting noticed with outside vendors and magazines, so that means free publicity to the WWE. Problem is, Eva is wanting to do more and more outside of the WWE, and it appears as though wrestling is taking a back seat to all of her secondary commitments. When will we see her in the WWE? This is only my opinion, but I don’t think we ever will. She has too many things outside of the WWE where she won’t have to work as hard to make a living, and it would seem that she lacks that drive and effort to make it.

Rene asks about the evolution of the Bellas

How are the Bella Twins so different now? When they first started in could not tell them apart, and now it’s clearly obvious which one is which. How did they grow so different over the past 7 or 8 years?

bellasthenbellas now

Well if you want me to be blunt. Just take a look at their chests. In all seriousness though, you are right. You can see in these two pictures that the one on the left it is hard to tell them apart, Nikki is on the left, Brie is on the right. You can kind of tell in their facial features who is who, but you have to really pay attention. The picture on the right, you can see a lot of differences, Nikki has the long streaky blonde hair, while Brie has that tom boy look. This is just their brands, as the WWE wanted each of them to have their own brand, along with the Bella brand, just in case one leaves and the other one stays. So the reason they have changed, is simply due to branding purposes.

Juan wants to know where the hell Alberto went?

Where did Alberto Del Patron go in Ring of Honor? I haven’t seen him on TV, but he is still on the active roster.


Nope, Alberto El Patron is no longer with Ring of Honor. Shortly after he signed with Ring of Honor, he switched gears and signed a deal with Lucha Underground wrestling, where he has competed in that series since January of this year. Alberto made a few appearances with Ring of Honor, challenging for the ROH World Television Championship against Jay Lethal, where Lethal won this match. ROH had high hopes for El Patron, and had plans to put the title on him eventually, however since he refused to be exclusive to ROH, so they scrapped that about as quickly as they started it.

Eric from Dawson IL asks about the Light Heavyweight Title.

Why did WCW originally get rid of the light heavyweight title in the early 90’s, only to reintroduce it years later as the Cruiserweight title?

light title

Excellent question. The WCW Light Heavyweight Championship was introduced in 1991, when Brian Pillman defeated Richard Morton at Halloween Havoc 1991. He lost it to Jushin Thunder Liger in December of that year, only to regain the title at SuperBrawl II in February 1992. He then held on to the title until June where he lost it to Scotty Flamingo at Beach Blast 92, Flamingo held it for a couple weeks before losing it to Brad Armstrong. That that my friends is the history of the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship! They discontinued the championship after Armstrong had to forfeit the championship, they had intended to put the belt back on Pillman in a tournament, but he decided to go heel, and WCW scrapped the idea so formed a team with Steve Austin later that year. So the answer really is, they didn’t have too many light heavyweights to really make it worth their while. In 1996, they started forming a partnership with New Japan, who is notorious for Cruiserweights, and Mexico with the Lucha Libre division. This sparked the idea to create the Cruiserweight title. The title was created via a tournament which was won by Shinjiro Otani of Japan when he defeated The Pegasis Kid, who was Chris Benoit under a mask. Finally Dean Malenko defeated Otani to really get the championship recognized on an episode of Monday Nitro. They had the division that they were looking for in 1991.

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