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Welcome Welcome Welcome Wrestling fans to yet another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we have a lot to cover as we are just days away from the new and possibly improved Summerslam, where you can see on the Network for only….$9.99. Lesnar vs Taker II, Cena vs Rollins title for title. It is coming out to be an awesome show.

Power Rankings

1. Randy Orton- After a pinfall victory on Raw in the tag team match, Orton is on fire!

2. Cesaro- Can anyone stop Cesaro? Kevin Owens gets his chance this Sunday.

3. John Cena- Can Cena do the unthinkable and take Ric Flair’s record reign with his sixteenth world championship, when he battles Seth Rollins at Summerslam?

4. Seth Rollins- If you ask me, the champ is in trouble, but at least he is confident going into his match against Cena.

5. Roman Reigns- Reigns looked great against the Wyatt family and Luke Harper on Raw.



Did you know that the Undertaker’s manager while he was in WCW was none other than Paul Heyman himself?


Here are the questions this week.


A little more than a week ago, at a house show, a fan threw a replica briefcase in the ring that hit Roman Reigns in the head during his match with Bray Wyatt. The WWE security escorted the fan out of the building and was intoxicated. Question: Because this is the second fan occurrence in the WWE in the past couple weeks that was alcohol related. Should the WWE pull the trigger and ban alcohol sales?

Steve: You cant take away someones beverage of choice because of a couple of yahoos who want to get their fifteen minutes of fame. That fame ends up getting them behind bars. So no the WWE should not ban alcohol sales, because that could be a huge source of income for some of the venues that they have. How much is a beer at a wrestling event? At last check it was like five or six bucks, that adds up, and you could be talking thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Why not beef up security, or not allow particular items near the ring that people could potentially throw in the ring and end up hurting someone.

Mr. WV: Alcohol has always been served at wrestling events. I can remember fights breaking out in the crowds when I would go to shows as a child. I don’t think WWE should ban sales of alcohol at events. They have had it available for years at the shows. Just because some people can’t control them self and act a fool when drunk they shouldn’t punish all the other fans who can do that. If most fans can control them self with alcohol, they shouldn’t be punished. Please WWE don’t stop selling beers at your events.

Chad: As of right now these have been isolated incidents by a couple of shall we say overzealous fans chucking objects in to the ring. I don’t think that the WWE should ban alcohol sales from their arenas as it is a major revenue stream at the events. However, I would like to see the WWE look harder at what people bring into the events and try to limit fans to signs, belts, etc, so that we don’t have briefcases and other dangerous things thrown into the ring and the persons responsible prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Jim:  One fan, or two, should never change policy for thousands and thousands that drink responsibly.  How about we not allow briefcases ringside?  How about we confiscate that at the door?  How about we prosecute fully and ensure he does jail time?  Both far more reasonable than banning alcohol.  These are stadiums.  Beer sales are the most profitable product sold.  The venue normally doesn’t get much of the ticket. They get a giant portion of the concessions. So you punish the venue and the thousands of law abiding fans because of one idiot.  Not the way to go.

Todd:  I don’t think WWE should penalize the universe for a couple of idiots, who made poor decisions while they were intoxicated. I believe the guy who threw the briefcase at Reigns was banned from all future WWE events. I understand they need to protect all wrestlers and other members of the WWE but its only a couple of incidents. I could see taking alcohol away if it happen night after night and continue to happen, that would be understandable.


What are your Summerslam predictions for this Sunday?

Steve: Brock will defeat the Undertaker once again and show that he is still dominant over the deadman.

Rollins will walk away with the WWE Championship, and Cena will still be the United States Champion after Summerslam, HOW? I have no idea, but neither one wins this match, Double DQ, Double Countout or something.

Ryback will retain the IC title

Wyatt and Harper defeats Reigns and Ambrose

Ziggler defeats Ryback

Barrett and Cody defeats Neville and Amill

Prime Time Players retain their belts.

PBC will defeat the Bellas and BADD

Cesaro over Kevin Owens

Sheamus over Randy Orton

Mr. WV:  Prediction for SummerSlam go as followed: 

Stephen Amell and Neville vs King Barrett and Stardust
Amell and Neville win this, I could care less about this match but Amell is a celebrity and Celebrities always seem to win.
Ziggler vs Rusev
Ziggler, he’s back and he’s looking for Payback  (no pun intended)
9 diva Elimination Tag Team match
Team B.A.D., they have Sasha Banks. She’s is in my dam opinion the best wrestler right now in the divas division and it’s only a matter of time before she has the divas title around her waist. 
Kevin Owens vs Cesaro 
Owens, this is my prediction for match of the night. These 2 are both very talented and will prove it this Sunday
Regins and Ambrose vs Wyatt family
Wyatt Family, I think Erick Rowen will return and aid the Wyatt Family to victory. 
Sheamus vs Randy Orton 
Orton, he’s the viper and will finally settle this feud at SummerSlam. 
Tag Team championship match
Lucha Dragons, same pick I had at Elimination Chamber. I think these 2 are an amazing team and deserve a rub with the titles and I hope this Sunday they finally get it. 
Intercontinental title match 
Miz, Ryback has been getting hurt a lot and they want to rebuild value of the IC title. I think Miz would go on and defend the title all the time like the us title. 
Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker 
Undertaker, the Deadman finally get his revenge for Lesnar ending his streak and after the match Sting comes down and sets the foreground for a match at Wrestlemania between the two icons. 
Winner take all Main Event. 

Seth Rollins, WWE if you want Rollins to continue to be top heel, you gotta have him pin Cena. Cena is the biggest face ever in the WWE and have him lose to Rollins will only build him up more as the top heel and continue Rollins momentum.

Chad: Undertaker pulls out the win leading to a final showdown deep in the heart of Texas at Wrestlemania 32.

Rollins and Cena retain through a double DQ; countout; the Rosebuds starting a rave in the middle of the ring (joking)

Wyatt Family wins but a post match beatdown leads to the arrival Sting.

Ryback Retains; Rusev dominates Ziggler; Cesaro steals one from Owens Sheamus defeats Orton; PBC with the victory; Neville and Anell win; I’ll say the Lucha Dragons come through in the tag title match

Jim: Please pardon my negativity today, but I’m actually looking forward to Summerslam like I normally look forward to a root canal.  The WWE is in a terrible state right now where they are trying to sell us superstars that wouldn’t even make a RAW card in the past, let alone the 2nd biggest pay per view of the year.

–  Brock vs Grandpa?  Maybe instead of keep digging the Undertaker up again and again, we send him to money management class so he doesn’t have to keep coming back to pay the bills.  This has been done, and Brock finishing him off was a proper farewell.  End it already.
–  Rollins vs Cena?  This is only valuable if Cena breaks Rollins’ nose in payback. Otherwise if this match ends with anyone other than Cena holding the World Heavyweight Championship, I may boycott all other pay per views for awhile.  If it ends in some sort of disqualification, then they should refund all pay per view purchasers, as well as all ticket holders to the live event.
–  If Sting is involved in any match, see my comments above about the Undertaker.  Get over the guy.  There’s plenty of young amazing talent out there.  Stop with the seniors division.  But if its just Reigns/Ambrose against the Hillbillies, I can only hope that intelligence prevails and the former Shield teammates win it.  The Wyatt storyline is just terrible.
–  Ryback vs The Show?  Really, who cares?  Did I mention The Miz is there for a 3-way match?  I’ve met Mike Mizanin (The Miz).  I’m bigger than he is.  What in the world is he doing in this match?  My wife likes him though, so let’s pick him to pull the upset.
–  Ziggler vs Rusev?  I’m not even sure this one is happening, but I’m dying here.  In the real world, Rusev would kill tiny little Ziggler.  He should here too. And get Lana back.  He lives with her.  Why do they make him watch her kiss another man week in and week out, while he stands beside the Scarecrow, Summer Rae?  At least he’s finally claiming to be Bulgarian…since he is.
–  I spoke last week about the Diva’s division.  I stand by it this week.  I won’t watch any Diva match.  The Tag Team Title is on the line in a 4 way match, and again, I’m boycotting it.  There are no more female superstars.  It’s just a bunch of women running around the ring, and one weirdly shaped daughter (son?) of Ric Flair who has no skill or ring presence, but there she is, a “superstar diva”.
– I’ve said all along and I won’t back down….the current WWE policy of allowing black wrestlers to only wrestle as teammates of other black teammates, and Mexican wrestlers to only wrestle as teammates of other Mexicans HAS TO STOP.  And these four teams are only allowed to wrestle each other.  We have the Diva’s division…and we have the Minority division.  Heck, even the Diva’s division is broken up mostly by race.  It’s wrong and I will not stop pointing it out until they change their racist ways.  They not only fired Hulk Hogan for racist remarks, they eliminated all history of him.  And at the same time the participate in it week end and week out.
– Amell/Stardust/Neville/Barrett.  Nothing more need be said.  Those are the 4 most boring words in all of wrestling.  And luckily for us, they will be an early match in a 4 hour pay per view.  So I have time for dinner before coming back for the final 3 hours.  I’ll say more about Amell in the next question.
– Did I miss anyone?  Oh wait, Kevin Owens vs Cesaro.  I make no apologies for not liking Cesaro.  But Owens is fat, with skinny arms, no personality, and an ugly scraggly beard.  His beard makes Wyatt’s look groomed.  Anything other than a Cesaro victory will be a let down.


Todd: 1. Ryback defeats Big Show and The Miz to retain the IC titlle

2. The Wyatt Family defeats Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

3. Lucha Dragons defeats The Prime Time Players, The New Day, and Los Matadores to become new World Tag Team Champions

4. Neville and Stephen Amell defeats King Barrett and Stardust
5. Cesaro defeats Kevin Owens
6. Team PBC defeats Team Bella and Team Bad
7. John Cena defeats Seth Rollins then Shemaus cashes in
8. Undertaker defeats Brock Lesner
9. Randy Orton over Sheamus
10. Dolph Ziggler defeats Rusev

seth rollins

We have asked this in the past, and will ask it again. Has Seth Rollins’ title reign been a bust, and where would you rank his title reign among the worst ever?

Steve: It has been a complete bust and a complete waste of talent. I don’t fault Rollins here as I do really want him to succeed and be a great champion. The way he is being booked is making him look like a little bitch. If you have followed the Roundtable in the past, you know my feelings on this. I have many times called Rollins a little bitch and that he is probably the worst WWE Champion of all time. Okay you do have guys like Ivan Koloff who was champion for a mere week, and you had Andre who held the belt for a couple minutes, but Rollins is most definitely the worst champion in the modern era, hands down, but I concede that it is not his fault.

Mr. WV:  don’t think Seth Rollins title reign has been a total bust. He has had a fee good matches. He ladder match for the title with Dean Ambrose at the Money in the Bank was one of the best ladder matches I have seen in a long time! I hope he doesn’t lose the title to Cena this Sunday at SummerSlam. I don’t the WWE has used Seth Rollins to his full potential yet. I think he could do amazing things if the WWE would only give him a chance, so hopefully very soon they will let him lose and he will show what he can do and all the talent he has.

Chad: The worst ever I’d have to say no because the squirmy little bitch to perfection and makes the people want to seem him get beat. I’d have to say guys like Khali and possibly even Del Rio were worst champions. Del Rio winning the briefcase-fine. Del Rio cashing in the briefcase-fine. But then to have him lose a month later; win it a month later; and lose it another month later what was the company saying the champion. Even when he champion going into WM 29 I was praying for Ziggler to cash in and beat him.

Jim: Well, Sycho Sid was the champ at one time, as was The Great Khali, Jack Swagger and Vince McMahon himself.  So that doesn’t leave much room for the worst champion ever.  But if I were ranking them from worst I’d call The Great Khali the worst champion ever.  Then Vince McMahon.  Then Jack Swagger…and Rollins would get my vote as the 4th worst champion in WWE history.  He’s a terrible wrestler. Terrible trash talker.  And the blonde streak is just pitiful.  So there you are Sid Eudy…you were better than Rollins.

Todd: First of all I don’t even think you can consider Rollins a Champion. Correct me if I’m am wrong, he has only two title defenses where there has been no outside interference one was at Money in the Bank in the Ladder match which is no disqualification anyways and the other was recently on raw in the open challenge against Neville. It seems like Seth Rollins cant win on his own. What kills me is he comes out every week and brags about breaking John Cena’s nose but he still lost the match. Seth Rollins has to be the worst WWE World Champion in history in my book. There is only one other superstar I could compare Seth Rollins to and that is Edge. At least Edge was Clever at some of his world title wins, Seth Rollins just plain cheats.


Are you looking forward on seeing Stephen Amell compete in a WWE match at Summerslam?

Steve: Nope, but look for him to be apart of the Hall of Fame inductees next year. SMH

Mr. WV: Who is Stephen Amell? No really who is this guy?  So I guess my answer is no, since he’s not a wrestler so I could care less about him.

Chad: I was more excited about Pacman Jones being TNA world tag team champion…nuff said.

Jim:  I never look forward to a TV star with absolutely zero wrestling experience, being put into a match.  Because they are almost forced to try to perform wrestling moves.  It’s embarrassing.  It hurts the brand to keep telling the fans “hey, anyone can do it!”

Todd:  I don’t know, can he wrestle? I would gather it is going to be more of a handy cap match than anything. He might get in the ring once when one of the opponents are down but I could not imagine him being in there for any length of time. I guess we will have to wait and see.


The WWE writers have been talking with Sting to have him join the Shield (Reigns and Ambrose) to start a feud between the Wyatt family. Do you like this move to have Sting join the Shield?

Steve: I would love to see Sting vs Wyatt as I think these two,even at Sting’s age could put on a hell of a show. Both unpredictable, and it would be a decent match. Also, little history lesson here. This could be a payback type match as Sting defeated Bray’s father Mike Rotunda to win his first ever singles championship in the NWA when he won the Television championship. It was also the last singles title that Rotunda held. As for putting Sting with the Shield? I don’t see it working, and it doesnt make any sense to do this. Sting vs Wyatt in singles I could work with, but in a tag team? I don’t like it.

Mr. WV: No, I think Sting has one feud left in him before he retires and he needs it to be with the Undertaker. Same with Undertaker needs the feud with Sting. This is the dream match fans have wanted for years and it’s finally possible to happen. So WWE, please don’t disappoint us and give us the feud and match we all want to see. Undertaker vs Sting.

Chad: Anytime Sting can wrestle is a treat (except for the :30 fiasco against Jeff Hardy a few years but that’s a different story) why not have Sting be the third guy and possibly lead to a Sting/Wyatt match at Survivor Series another big show on the calendar

Jim:  I answered this above, and I’ll answer it again.  Recycling old men in the same outfits they wore 30 years ago is bad for the brand. Sting looks terrible with his balding head and no longer amazing body in the leotard.  He needs to follow The Undertaker out the door to the pasture where he belongs.  I don’t want to see Hogan, Flair, Sting, or any other superstar of the 80’s wrestling today’s beasts. They wouldn’t stand a chance, and part of the appeal of the WWE is that the matches must be believable.  See my comments about The Miz vs The Show.  Come on!  Might as well put him up against Mark Henry.  It’s simply not believable.   I do not want Sting back in any capacity, except maybe in a suit at ringside talking about the good old days.

Todd: I think it would be good for Reigns and Ambrose. They would learn a lot from Sting. The new Shield would definitely be stronger as opposed to having the paper champion Seth Rollins. It be nice to see Sting around for a few months instead of every 6 months or so. I heard this could happen as soon as next month as long as Erik Rowan is healthy enough to go.

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