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Over the past several weeks we have been giving you a dream card by David. Here are the matches that we have seen so far. 

The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes, Gordy, and Roberts) vs The Road Warriors and the Power Warrior (Kensuke Sasake)

Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Tommy Dreamer

Randy Savage & Magnum T.A. vs Triple H and Paul Orndorff

Kurt Angle vs Mr. Wrestling II

Sting & Dusty Rhodes vs Shawn Michaels & The Rock

Falls Count Anywhere: Mankind vs Chris Benoit

Elimination Chamber Match

Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant vs The Giant vs The Undertaker vs Kevin Nash vs Nikita Koloff


Team USA (Rude, Austin, Pillman and Anderson) vs Team Japan (Chono, Muta, Hansen, Misawa)

AND NOW OUR MAIN EVENT (and it is a good one)

60 Minute Iron Man Match

Ric Flair vs Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat

Nuff said


Now here are the questions for this week.

Daniel from Tuscon AZ asks about theme songs. 

How many wrestlers have kept their original theme song throughout their career? I know Lesnar’s has never changed, but is there anyone else with a long tenure that never changed their music?


This was a very tough question because Lesnar was the only one that I could think of. Flair came to mind, but he had Evolution, Randy Savage came to mind, but he had the NWO theme, I am assuming that you are meaning wrestlers who have been around a long time and never changed their music. Shawn Michaels had two different “Sexy Boy” themes, plus the Rockers. Undertaker had many various themes in WWE, and his Keep Rollin’ biker music. So right as this moment, all I can think of is Nikki Bella, who has used “You can look but you can’t touch” since her debut in the WWE, Brie has had her own music “Brie Mode.” So that’s where I am on that, only Lesnar and Nikki Bella. Readers? any more you can think of?

Ross from Virginia asks about some Ring of Honor

There seems to be a lot of really good teams in Ring of Honor Wrestling. Which team do you think could make it in the WWE?


I would have to say the team that would be the most successful in the WWE would be the Young Bucks. They have so much talent, they are over with the fans, and I think they can adapt better in the WWE than many other wrestlers that are successful in ROH. There are other teams like The Kingdom, or Red Dragon that could have some success, but I think they would get lost in the crowd in the WWE. The Young Bucks could make it with the faction of the Bullet club with AJ Styles. Could be a faction like the Radicalz.

Reynaldo from Tallahassee Florida asks about Mr Wonderful.

My favorite all time wrestler is Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. Was there any plan at any time to put a World title on him? He never even had a run at the Intercontinental title or United States title. 


Paul Orndorff falls into that category who may be one of the best wrestlers to never hold a World Championship, I personally still think William Regal gets that nod, but Orndorff came so close on so many different occasions to win the WWF title off of Hogan. He was involved in a cage match where one referee even declared him the winner as he and Hogan dropped to the floor at nearly the same time. The other referee said Hogan won the match, but to no avail, Orndorff did not walk out of the match as the champion. He also had a match against Hogan wear he put on the WWF title belt. As for getting a run at the Intercontinental or US titles? The stars just never alligned for Mr. Wonderful. He held the WCW Television championship, and held the WCW Tag Team Championship on multiple occasions. To my knowledge, to answer your question, there was never anything in place to put the world title on Paul Orndorff.

James from the Northwest has a question

How much control does a wrestler have with his character?


It really depends on the wrestler, and what it states in his contract. Some wrestlers have complete creative control of their character, meaning that they can basically veto any idea that pertains to their character. Take Hogan for example, this is a piece of shit that typically used his creative control of his character to get involved in championship matches. He used his creative control to win the WWF championship at Wrestlemania IX, when he had no business in the main event. He used his creative control again when he would not job to Jeff Jarrett and wanted to win the title at the Bash at the Beach 2000, this one backfired as Vince Russo came out and had Jarrett lay down for Hogan, and basically told Hogan to take the belt because he has a new one, and a new champion would be crowned that night, eventually won by Booker T. Other wrestlers who do not have the fame of Hogan, or a Flair don’t have much control of their character, but Vince McMahon allows them to suggest ideas on how they would like to work with their character, the final decision ends with Vince though. Even Cena does not have complete creative control, but he has gone on record in saying that he wouldnt want it, as he will do what he is asked to do.

Bobby from LA chimes in about the Great Muta

How did the Great Muta spit his green and red mist before, during, and the end of a match? What was it made up of?


All it is is a food coloring capsule that Muta would put in his mouth sometime during the match and then producing a little saliva, then spitting it out. So really to answer your question, I don’t need to say anymore than it is made of spit.

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