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BaN-Brooklyn-292x300Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 14th of August and we’ve entered into the NFL Preseason, and the beginning of the English Barclays Premier League. For me that means busy weekends full of football and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be even happier when college football kicks off in a few weeks. Until then, all I got is my television remote, and some beer.

This week I’ll talk about why Geno Smith got what he deserved, and why the Washington Generals are no more. Got it? Good. Let’s do this!

This week Geno Smith, quarterback of the New York Jets, got knocked the fuck out. Media reports stated that reserve linebacker IK Enemkpali sucker punched Geno over a $600 debt. The punch left Geno with a fractured jaw and him being out of action for a possible 6 to 10 weeks.

The incident leads back to earlier this year when Enemkpali put together a youth football camp in his community. The linebacker paid for Smith to come out and mentor the youths. However, a friend of Geno passed away around the time of the camp and he was unable to attend.

geno smithSo, no Geno, and out $600 the linebacker started to press Geno for that green and Geno by all accounts punked out. The fact that Geno couldn’t just reimburse Enemkpali is mindboggling to me. Geno is making over a million a season, has some money from endorsements, but for some reason he decided to shaft a guy who is on the low end of the team’s financial totem pole.

As a quarterback, you are supposed to be the leader of the team, so how does shafting a guy really show your teammates that you’re the guy to follow? A leader, would do the right thing and just give your teammate back the $600. Instead Geno taunts him and says something to the effect of “you’re not going to do anything about it”. Really? Well IK did something about it and I for one applaud him and hope that once all the facts come out, he doesn’t get hit with a huge fine or a  lengthy suspension.

I mean, you do have to discipline him for hitting a teammate. You do, have to slap the wrists a bit, especially on a guy who has a bit of a history of hitting people. IK, was accused of punching an undercover police officer while he was in college, and that incident did hurt him in the NFL Draft process as it labeled him as someone who has issues with his temperament. However, I’m in favor of not giving the new Buffalo Bills linebacker a lengthy suspension.

I am fully in the Geno Smith deserved that shit camp. He’s a punk. He’s immature and I’m ready for the Ryan Fitzpatrick era for the New York Jets. Fitzpatrick is a journeyman, and nothing special, but he knows the offense and I sincerely doubt that he’ll unnecessarily punk a teammate over money he owes him.

Rex Ryan BillsBack to Enemkpali for a second though. The Jets cut him the second after Geno’s face hit the floor, and the Buffalo Bills picked him up on waivers. If Rex Ryan doesn’t know how to toy with the New York Jets, I don’t know who else (besides Bill Belichick) can. Ryan, stated that he found his former player as a good teammate and a solid citizen but that’s some funny words being attributed to a man who just knocked his teammate the fuck out.

It just seems so appropriate that Rex would take a chance on the guy. I can’t front though. When I first heard that the Bills picked up Enemkpali my first thought was “really Rex?” If the Jets vs. Bills matchups weren’t going to be interesting enough this season, we got another reminder that this rivalry is going to be real interesting as long as Rex is in Buffalo. Can’t wait.

Finally, I have to talk about the end of an era. The whole world knows about the Harlem Globtrotters. The clown princes of basketball have entertained millions of people around the globe. Their opponents, the Washington Generals, didn’t entertain but they were part of the package. That package, has come to an end however. It’s time to pour out a little liquor for the Washington Generals.

The Generals are no more. Founded in 1952 by Red Klotz, the Generals were intended to compliment Abe Saperstein’s Harlem Globetrotters. The Generals were meant to be an ineffective foil for the Globetrotters and they played their part as they only beat the Globetrotters six times in competition. Their first win didn’t come until 1971, which was 19 years after their founding. Overall the Generals, would go on to lose over 13,000 games to the Globetrotters.

This week the Globetrotters severed ties with the Washington Generals, and the Generals have ceased operations. So, pour out a little liquor in memory of the Generals. Yeah they sucked. They might been down right horrible to watch but they weren’t the show. The Globetrotters were the show, and they did entertain millions. Especially the young man who is typing this blog. Growing up I saw the Globetrotters play on three different occasions when their tour stopped  off at Madison Square Garden.

Washington GeneralsI delighted in watching the Globetrotters. I tried spinning the ball on my finger and picking up all the little tricks. However, since I have no athletic coordination what so ever, I didn’t even come close. I tried though, and that’s part of what the Globetrotters inspired. They may not have played a traditional game of basketball but that’s not what mattered. It was the magic of the experience, and every magician needed a partner, a straight man, and that was the Washington Generals.

If this is really the end of the Generals, and not some excuse to create another variation, then they will be missed. Farewell.

I’m done. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting 7Poundbag.


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