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Welcome back to another Thursday edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Things are getting congested here on the RT as the panelists are eager and ready to answer some more questions related to the world of professional wrestling. This week on tap, We discuss the Diva’s main eventing? Also another hot topic on Cesaro. This and much more on the Wrestling Roundtable.

Here are this weeks Power Rankings

1. Randy Orton– After a big win in the triple threat match, Orton looked solid against Rollins for the title on Raw. He nearly walked out as the champion had it not been for Sheamus.

2. Cesaro– The Swiss superstar climbs a spot after an impressive match against Orton and Owens.

3. Seth Rollins– Narrowly escaped with his championship once again. Rollins is starting to return to his little bitch ways.

4. John Cena– The US Champ has been out of action since his broken nose. Will be be able to compete at Summerslam?

5. Brock Lesnar– The beast is gearing up for his epic rematch against the Undertaker.


This week in professional wrestling.

Lex Luger defeated Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, Luger lost the belt back to Hogan six days later.

Here are the topics for this week.


Recently, WWE Diva Charlotte stated publicly that her ultimate goal was to main event Wrestlemania. Question: Can you ever envision the Diva’s in a main event on the biggest stage in professional wrestling? And if not Wrestlemania, do you see them in a Main Event on a Pay Per View period?

Steve: There is no way on earth that the divas will headline a Wrestlemania. Simply put, because they typically use the main event of Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship. I think the Divas may see some more action at Wrestlemania, possibly two matches. With Mania four hours long, I could see them getting some screen time on the biggest stage. As for main eventing a pay per view? Maybe this is possible down the road, as they certainly have the talent pool.

Mr.WV: The WWE Divas division has certainly taken off recently since they have started to bring up the newer divas. Years ago it was all about the divas stripping each others clothes off and looking good in bra and panties. No gave a shit if these gals could wrestle or not. Now a days it’s a whole new ball game. It’s not all about sex appeal, it’s about getting down and wrestling. As a father of a little girl, I think the divas of today are much better role models than the ones of yesterday. Although the divas division is picking up, I can see them main eventing a ppv sometime very soon. I think it would be a great change and go a long way for the divas. I do believe however they have some work to do before they could main event Wrestlemania. I’m not saying that is impossible, as one day they very well could main event a Wrestlemania but for now I think very soon they will be main eventing a ppv for the WWE.

Josh: Divas will not main event a Wrestlemania….even with the influx and popularity of the divas…Divas don’t draw….the only possible exception is the top WWE diva (possibly Charlotte), and a member of pop culture who can go…say Ronda Rousey….that has a shot of headlining a PPV…but still not ‘Mania.  If a Divas match is outranking the WWE championship going into mania…every single writer and performer should be looking for a new job.

Chad: Eventually with the right two individuals I do see the possibility of the divas being the main event on A PPV. However I don’t see the day that comes when the Divas would ever headline Wrestlemania to me that is reserved for the champion vs the Royal Rumble Winner. The closest in my lifetime that could have happened would have been Trish vs Lita and right now I don’t see that kind of a rivalry to main event a PPV event

Todd:  I can not see the divas main eventing Wrestlemania. It is just to big of a stage for this and it is no disrespect to them. There are some tremendous athletes in the divas division. It  might be possible for them to main event a smaller Pay Per View in the first match of a double main event situation but i don’t think they will ever be the last match.

Jim: I do see a day for a woman to headline, but I hope and pray it isn’t Charlotte.  She is just terrible.  She chest slaps (poorly) and says “woo!”.  Other than that, she does the figure 4!  Oh, so original.    However, with the rise of Ronda Rousey, it only makes sense that the WWE will attempt to find the right woman to headline.  I just don’t think she’s on the roster right now.  The Bella Twins are played out, and the rest are just terrible wrestlers.  I don’t want to see a flying butt bump.  I don’t want to see Natalya, ever.  Tamina is a force, but has zero personality.  Paige has so much skill, but her on air personality is just terrible for wrestling.


With Cesaro on a solid hot streak, many are stating that Cesaro may be the next guy in the WWE. Some have said that Cesaro needs to lead a major and dominant faction. You are the booker. Who do you put with Cesaro as a faction?

Steve: If I am booking Cesaro, there is no way I put him in any sort of faction whether he is leading it or not. Cesaro is the kind of guy that can be overlooked in a crowd. He needs to be on his own, and start getting into dominant matches against top tier opponents. He has looked awesome against Cena, and against Rollins. He holds pinfall victories over Rusev, and over Owens. Cesaro is primed for a main event push, but this is going to be the WWE’s last shot at pushing Cesaro.

Mr.WV: Cesaro has building up some steam as of late, so would I put in a stable with him? I would build it up similar to the four horsemen. Cesaro would be the leader, my mid card guy would be Tyler Breeze from NXT. I think this guy would be an excellent mid card talent and needs an excuse to come to the main roster, and for the power and strength! I’d pick Blake and Murphy from NXT. I think they could provide strength and great Tag team wrestling. So there you go folks, Cesaro, Tyler Breeze, Blake and Murphy. These men make up the group of CM Double B (ok the name needs work I know) but still I think those four men could create an unstoppable Stable in the WWE.

Josh: If you mean by some said he should lead a faction, you mean me…during last week’s Roundtable, you are correct.  He does need to lead a stable.  Everyone says Cesaro’s biggest weakness is his personality and work on the mic…what better way to prove that wrong and skyrocket him to the top?  Let’s look at all the wrestlers who got over by leading a stable….Shawn Michaels, HHH, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Undertaker, The Rock, Wade Barrett (it was after the stable broke that he fell flat, but the Nexus was over), and more recently, Bray Wyatt.  If Cesaro is truly as good as everyone says he is (and he is), then putting him not in…but AS THE LEADER OF a stable is a surefire way to solidify him at the top.  As for his cohorts?  You need a tag team, I would go with the Ascension, you also need someone to fill up the midcard, a lieutenant if you will, and I would go with someone like Big E.  A diva can’t hurt, I would use Tamina…you book them as a group who just wants to fight and wrestle, hard-nosed and tough as nails.

Chad: For Cesaro I definitely that a stable is bad Idea for him because right now his popularity is based solely on his individual matches that he has been having with Cena and Owens but I just don’t see the right mix of guys that would be right for a stable at this point unless it was European thing with Neville and possibly BNB but that would be tough to book to make sure Cesaro is the the guy in the group.

Todd: The man that gravity forgot Neville cause every faction needs a high flyer, The Worlds Strongest Man Mark Henry to do all the heavy lifting for the team, The Cenation John Cena. I think he could learn alot from Cena if this were to happen in real life.

Jim: Well, this is my first week in the round table, but it may be my last if this guy becomes THE guy, because I can’t stand Cesaro.  I need personality in my wrestlers.  It isn’t about arms and chest.  You have to be able to sell the character.  They’re trying to sell Cesaro, but I’m not buying him.  He’s a follower, not a leader.  Put him under Wyatt so I can go get a snack and go to the bathroom on the same event.

ethan carter

Is Ethan Carter III the only thing that is keeping TNA afloat?

Steve: Wait a minute, TNA is afloat? I thought they have been a sinking ship for the better part of three years. In all seriousness, well I was being serious. Ethan Carter III is the best product of TNA, and has a shit ton of potential to be a big star in the business. He has the look, the talent, and the talk to really make it in the wrestling world. Now, he just needs to get out of TNA and get into the big leagues. He had his shot before as Derrick Bateman, but now that he has a following, he can really make some noise.

Mr.WV: Wait, so you mean TNA is still a float? I didn’t know they still had any chance. I think that Sharkboy is keeping them afloat. Just Kidding, that sharkboy is nothing but a punk ass bitch. He’s so scared of Eric Asafailo from In my damn opinion that he never even responded to his challenges. So we definitely know sharkboy wouldn’t keep TNA a float, he can’t even keep his own career a float. ECIII is the only TNA has left. All of their other talent has gone to WWE or ROH. I think it’s only a matter of time before he leaves also and TNA has to close their doors once and for all! Also get this trend for my boy Eric Asafailo #sharkboyfearseric

Josh: Who is Ethan Carter III?

Chad: I watched TNA; I wanted TNA to succeed; but please for the love of god somebody come along and put the death nail in it already; I cannot call TNA afloat right now. Their big anniversary show main event was not about crowning Carter as the champ but a glorified send off to Jeff Jarrett in his match the King of the Mountain Match.  They have Lashley and the Wolves; and the aging Hardys left.  That’s not much to put on a weekly show

Todd: Well I quit watching TNA about two years ago, so I don’t know a hole alot about it any more. I do hear some things here and there. The only two people I ever hear about any more is Ethan Carter III and Kurt Angle and he is injured so im going to have to say yes by default.

Jim: Carter is pretty good, but my favorite is Bobby Lashley.  I think Lashley deserves another shot at WWE.  And not as some group of Prime Time What Up BS.  He’s a legitimate stand alone guy with superstar potential.  But for Carter, he’s certainly putting butts in the seats.  In the end, that’s how I rate TNA wrestlers.  Can they make in in the WWE?  That’s all that matters.  Because as you’ll see in the final question, that’s really all that matters in wrestling.


Rumor has it that in the event that John Cena cannot go at Summerslam due to his broken nose, that the WWE will put Sting in the championship match against Seth Rollins. Good move or not?

Steve: Well who else can you put in there? Reigns is in a program with the Wyatts, as is Dean Ambrose, you really don’t have any of the top tier stars that have any beef with Rollins, so Sting really makes sense here. If you remember, Sting cost Rollins the match at Survivor Series, which got the Authority temporarily fired. I would have no problem seeing Sting against Rollins at Summerslam, I would actually look forward to it.

Mr.WV: Bad Move, people have waited years and years to finally see Sting appear in WWE. To have him just show up and win the title or even be in a title match is completely wrong. If the WWE wants a good showing for Sting, then they need to put him in a storyline and have him possibly feud for the WWE title. He can’t just walk in and get a title match. That would be like spitting in the face of all the guys who have been working hard every night to earn a title shot. So PLEASE WWE, DO NOT have Sting replace John Cena at SummerSlam.

Josh: Wrong choice here.  You don’t waste Sting…you know he will not win the title, there will be no suspense, and it would go down as another “loss” for Sting.  No, if Cena can’t go, you have Rollins do another open challenge…AT THE PPV.  This is your opportunity to debut someone new (maybe Finn Balor), or bring out someone coming back from injury (maybe a Daniel Bryan, although I don’t think he is that close to returning), or bring out someone to surprise Rollins with a tough match so that Sheamus can cash in.

Chad: I definitely think it would be a bad move to insert Sting into a title match.  However, with Sting costing Rollins and the Authority at Survivor Series (though they were back a month later #WWElogic) I could see where a Rollins/Sting Feud would be a good idea. But to insert a guy like Sting into a title match that’s something that would happen to Sting in WCW or TNA. Come on WWE let’s Rise above Stupidity

Todd:  I think its a bad move on acount its doomed for another bad main event. Let’s face it Sting is probably not going to win the world title. Rollins is not going to be Sting cleanly. So there is going to be outside interference to help Rollins win or Disqualification. I am still predicting Sheamus cashes in his money in the bank briefcase no matter what match takes place.

Jim: Sure, why not a washed up has been against the singularly worst champion the WWE has ever had?  Saves me $9.99.  The guy is 56.  That’s older than me, and that’s hard to do.

ring of honor

Ring of Honor has been gaining some huge popularity over the past year, and have brought in some top tier wrestlers like Alberto Del Rio, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, just to name a few. Does ROH have any shot to compete with the WWE?

Steve: I cannot be biased here, and have always said to speak the truth, so Jim, I am sorry for what I am about to say. There is no way in hell that Ring of Honor can compete with the WWE. If Jim Cornette thinks that he can, he might as well pack up shop right now, because it will never happen. Why? Because they don’t have the budget like the McMahon’s have. I love watching ROH, and talent wise, they may even be more superior to the talent in the WWE as far as wrestling ability goes. However, until they start selling out major arenas, and can get out of gymnasiums, the budget just isn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a knock on ROH, love it, watch it, and will continue to do so. It’s all about the money though.

Mr.WV:  ROH has been stepping up their game as of late. They are running some great shows, having big names and creating new superstars all the time. I think if ROH stays to what they do best and that’s wrestling, I think they could eventually be a big competition for WWE. Who knows, one day maybe the Monday wars could return? I know TNA tried that and like everything TNA does they failed at it. I think ROH has already passed TNA and I think it is only a matter of time before they are in competition with the WWE.

Josh: There is no way.  ROH may have quality, but WWE is a machine that will crush any competition.  The only option ROH has, is if it finds an investor, willing to put the dough forward, and STAY OUT OF THE WAY.  Let people that know wrestling run the show, you just put your money up and reap the rewards, do not get involved.  Say someone like Trump, or Buffet, or Cuban put their money up, ROH could compete, as the production value, advertising and market share would skyrocket, but barring that….no way.  WWE is too mainstream…and that is the tragedy.  If RoH could legitimately compete with WWE, it would force WWE to take risks again, get better, or die and improve the overall atmosphere of professional wrestling.

Chad: ROH is definitely on the rise and the talent they are getting are world class talent. Alberto El Patron big name around the world. AJ Styles leader of the Bullet Club; in my opinion; the best faction in pro wrestling anywhere in the world. The company is almost like a land of misfit and outcast wrestlers trying to be  a big time wrestling and they are succeeding.  As far as competing with WWE I don’t see that happening because they don’t have the budget of WWE and a lot of their talent work independent shows and I can’t see ROH trying to do exclusive deals with talent.

Todd: I have only been watching ROH for a little over a month now. I am just now getting into it. I can’t comment on this question a lot cause i don’t know a lot about it yet but it looks alright so far.

Jim: Look, my answer on the farm team wrestling organizations will always be nearly identical to this:  Nothing can compete with the WWE.  If Alberto Del Rio, sorry…I mean Alberto El Patron, was “top tier” he wouldn’t have been fired from the WWE.  If Daniels and Styles were top tier, they’ve have had a shot at some point in their lives with the WWE.  There is some hope with ROH, but it isn’t these guys.  I watch for one reason, and that’s to see who I might see on day on the WWE.  Right now….there isn’t one on the ROH roster.

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