Season Preview: Seattle Seahawks

Season Preview:

sea-seahawks-helmetSeattle Seahawks

Russell WilsonRussel Wilson finally got PAID and will almost make more every game than he did over his career. Maybe I’m the only one, but I don’t see him being worth that kinda cash. Yes, I understand he’s got a ring and is 36-12 as a starter. I also  see the #1 Defense and the #1 running back . . . and the #27 passing offense. People don’t get just how good that defense was. They allowed 254 points no one else was even close- next was 282 and only 4 other teams was under 300. They allowed 267 yards per game, no team was under 300. Is Wilson elite? Maybe. But to me, he’s unproven and definitely not worth near-Rodgers money.

Marshawn Lynch is the big man here, no matter what happened in the Super Bowl. He is coming off his second best year, and is 29 years old. He’s also expensive as all get out, and if he starts to decline, and lets be honest, the next carry could be the start of that with the wear and tear on his massive frame, thats going to cause problems in the lockerroom. Russel Wilson is the second best back in Seattle, I guess Robert Turpin is the backup, but I had as many TDs last year as he did. He’s a decent change of  pace here, but lets be honest, if Lynch  goes down holding his knee or  we see his hammy pop, the chances of Seattle being a threat ends.

Jimmy GrahamThe Receiving core is in a bit of a question mark. They have Jimmy Graham, who is dominant, but  the Seattle has never been used to throwing a lot Tight Ends, Doug Baldwin is steady, but not a star, Tyler Lockett was drafted n the third round, so he might get a chance, but he’s 5-10. Jermaine Kerse should be better than he is. My solution? drop the TE question, and just put Graham running curl routes and corner zone busters. Cooper Helfet isn’t a bad TE , and let him grow there. Luke Wilson is a huge target as well, but again, the two best weapons are all short range monsters.

The Offensive line has a problem. Max Unger is gone, in the Jimmy Graham deal, Patrick Lewis should replace him, Russell Okung is a solid tackle, and Justin Britt is is coming off an up and down year. Okung is in a contract year- and I’ll put good money that Wilson won’t be happy if he’s gone next year. JR Sweezy has been a stunning find as a former 7th round pick, and while the loss of James Carpenter is going to hurt, the Seahwaks kind of saw it coming. The Seahawks also dropped a pair of 4th rounders into the mix here, but I think this could be a problem area- but haven’t I said that on every team in the NFC West?


The front four is back solid and dependable as ever- no wait, the Seahawks cut run-stopper Tony McDaniel. In his place, the Seahawks actually have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR tackles that on paper and talent, could fill the role. Problem is, they are all hurt- or have been hurt, repeatedly. Maybe the Seahawks could play one each down?
The ends are in far better shape with Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett- and have been with the team since 2013. Few teams have a pair of tackles that can handle this duo.

Bobby WagnerYou want to know why Seattle has been to back to back Super Bowls? Its dude to the guy in the Dreads that didn’t get the ball last year, and this group right here. The Legion of Boom gets all the love, but this group here is the real reason in my eyes. Bobby Wagner is now the best MLB in the NFC West, and has speed to burn, and if you wanted proof that this group- and team- runs on him, go back and watch the games he missed last year. Yeah, the 2-3 stretch they went, that one. KJ Wright and Bruce Irvin are excellent players as well, and both have very good footwork. Lack of depth is about the only question mark here, with Malcom Smith doing what Super Bowl MVPs do, go to Oakland.

Richard ShermanThe final grouping, the Legion of Boom, almost don’t need to be introduced, but here we go. Byron Maxwell is gone to the Eagles, but Cary Williams is a concern, he didn’t exactly set the world on fire in Philly either, and is getting 6 million a year. Will Blackmon is back from the Jaguars, hopefully he hasn’t forgotten how to win since he’s been gone. The other corner, Richard Sherman, is pretty good, I guess. I mean he’s a decent corner in this system. The final line of defense has a couple of guys that could start on a few teams. Earl Thomas is coming off shoulder surgery, and Kam Chancellor, as long as he’s on the field is one of the best in the game today. If Williams can play like he’s paid, and everyone stays healthy, and they can find some depth, then this unit can still be scary- unless Kam stays out the whole year- and he might.

Special Teams

Kicker Steve Hauschka fell off HARD last year, and has got to rebound or he’s going to be replaced. Punter Jon Ryan is solid. They need a kick returner something fierce, with Percy Harvin not there anymore. Tyler Lockett should be the guy from day 1, coverage units are nothing special.


Marshawn LynchThe Seahawks should be fun this year to watch. Wilson got PAID, Lynch is is always entertaining,
I think the Seahawks are a bit weaker than they were, but nowhere close to the steps back the rest of the NFC West took.
I see them going 6-0 or at worse 5-1, like last year.
They also get the NFC North’s big 3  in the first 4 weeks of the year- with GB on the road. I’ll take them going 3-1 here, either dropping to GB or Minny later in the year. The Seahawks do get Pitt and at home, a but Cincy and Balt on the road, so I’ll take a 2-2 here, and the Bonus games are home for Carolina and at the Cowboys. I’ll take 2 wins there.

Sooooo 13-3?
Well, lets pull it back a second and just go 12-4. I think the lockerroom is starting to fall apart, and the depth is already vanishing. People want to get PAID, and there is a salary cap.

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