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Let’s start off with another match up with David’s Dream Card. As you all should be well informed by now, David has came up with a card with a host of dream matches that he, and in his opinion, every one should agree with.

Here is the next match on the card.


Team USA

Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Steve Austin and  Brian Pillman vs


Team Japan

Masa Chono, Stan Hansen, The Great Muta, and Misawa

So who does the crowd cheer for? Who cares! We have team Japan, who are all Hall of Fame wrestlers, plus a native son, and the Dangerous Alliance, one of the best short-run stables in history, all with experience in the Fall Brawl cage. This brings together 6 first-ballot Hall of Famers just based on talent and one would be if not for injury and one who would be if he wasn’t blind as a bat!


And now here are your questions for this week.

Gerrit from Tampa Bay asks about Sgt Slaughter

Was there ever any repercussions against Sgt. Slaughter when he turned against the US and joined with Iraq, this was all during the Gulf War, and I cannot imagine he was welcomed at many places.


Slaughter has said many times that he feared for his life some places that he went. People would throw things at him outside the building, and one time there was a group of people that were actually waiting for him outside an arena, and had to have a police escort to take him back to the hotel. This probably was not the brightest move on McMahon’s part to have an American turncoat become an Iraqi supporter for the sole purpose of having him face off against the “Real American” Hulk Hogan. Fortunately nothing serious happened, but this could have been a serious situation. So yes, Slaughter did have some issues in many places he wrestled at in the United States. After the Royal Rumble 91, when he won the WWF title, he actually feared going back to the hotel as he felt there may be some issues. Slaughter got many threats during this particular run, and usually had to be escorted by security when outside the arena.


Jones asks about Samoa Joe

I have two questions about my favorite wrestler, Samoa Joe. Is he related at all to other Samoan wrestlers like the Rock, Roman Reigns, the Samoan Swat Team? Also when should we expect Samoa Joe to appear on WWE TV?

samoa joe

No, Joe is not related to any of the aforementioned Samoans that you stated. Rock, Reigns, SST, Rikishi, just to name a few, are the Anoia family, while Samoa Joe is with the Seanoa family who does not have much of a wrestling background. I am sure that they know each other well, but they are not family.

As for when we will see Joe on WWE TV? I would guess you will probably see him make his debut at the Royal Rumble next year as a Rumble participant. Right now he is having success in NXT, so the WWE wants to keep him there until they feel he is ready to join the main roster, but it is coming.

Ronnie from Atlanta GA.

How many times has a battle royal crowned a World Heavyweight Champion?

angle title

If we are naming WWE and WCW, here is the list.

Ric Flair won the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble match in 1992

Randy Savage won the WCW Championship in the World War 3 Battle Royal

Kurt Angle won the World Championship in a Battle Royal on Smackdown in 2006

The Great Khali won the World Championship in a Battle Royal on Smackdown in 2007

There was never a title change from a Battle Royal in TNA, not that any one cares

There was never a title change from a Battle Royal in ROH either.

So there is the short list of World title changes stemming from a Battle Royal.


Nez from all the way from Nigeria chimes in this week.

What is the likelihood of having a Wrestlemania in another country down the road?

mania london

I would think that there is a very good chance you will see a WrestleMania overseas in the very near future. China has been a considered spot, also of course London England, where they held a very successful Summerslam. John Cena has even said publicly that WrestleMania needs to come to London. They are a great draw, and they definitely have the fan base. Now with a lot of British born wrestlers in the WWE, I could see this happening in the next couple of years.


Vince from Connecticut (no not that Vince) asks a quick question.

This is more of an opinion based question but I am curious to get your feedback. What has been the most ridiculous gimmick that has ever been around in the WWE, or in wrestling that you can think of?


Does TNA count as a gimmick? Because that is really embarrassing. Jokes aside I think that the most ridiculous gimmick of all time has to be the Red Rooster. Why? Because Terry Taylor had a ton of wrestling talent, and could have had a really good run as either a heel or a face. They portrayed him as a rooster, and made him look like a fool. So it may not have been the worst gimmick ever, but it was not a good move for Taylor.



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  1. I get the (on air) rationale behind the Rooster.
    Heenan could make anyone a star- having proven that with the Brooklyn Brawler. The Rooster was another attempt at re-running the same storyline, but with a MUCH better wrestler. Problem is, for whatever reason, after the turn, something happened and Taylor did squat after it. (Q for next week?)

  2. What exactly is your question? Why did Taylor do squat afterwards? I think Terry Taylor was a very talented wrestler when he was in the NWA, and the UWF. He had an awesome program with Nikita Koloff to unify the two Television Championships in 1987. I just feel that the WWE put a shitty gimmick on him and he was under utilized. They could have done so much more with him.

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