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BaN-Brooklyn-292x300Welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. The calendar has flipped to the month of August and we here in the Northeast are trying to spend the last full month of summer to its full advantage because we can see winter in the distance. We not ready. This summer has gone by way too fast. So while I sit here trying to bask in the rays of the sun, let me go ahead and piece together a blog for you. Lets do this!

My interest in politics goes back to the election of 1988. I was all of 6 years old, but I remember seeing Bush/Quayle and Dukakis stickers on light posts in Brooklyn. I have vague memories of the Ronald Reagan era. I was into things like that. I watched the news, and I took interest in things that kids typically avoided like the plague.

I remember Bill Clinton and the election of 1992. It’s about the economy stupid. I was 10 and probably saying that shit like I knew what the economy was. I had no money of my own, and my Dad worked in a recession proof industry, but still I felt like I was worried about the economy. I was a weirdo.

clintonThe first election I was allowed to vote in was the 2000 Presidential election between George Bush and Al Gore. I voted for Gore. I live in New York City, and it’s probably 90% Democrat out here so I went with the winning team (or so I thought). With that said my own political views tend to drift more towards the center, if not center-right to be honest. I call myself a Conservative Democrat, but a few people in my life have dismissively called me a Republican. I could easily see myself voting Republican, and I have voted for Republican candidates in the past 15 years as an eligible voter.

With all that said, I watched the GOP Debate on Thursday night. Now I have to admit that its far too early in the election season for debates. Primaries are still about 6 months away, and the general election is well over a year away, yet we had a 10 person free for all debate on Fox News last night. Now if you watched the debate there was no clear winner. It’s damn near impossible to find a winner in a 10 person field.

gop debateWell, the only standout was Donald Trump. You see I have some issues with Mister Trump. While I like his brashness, and I don’t necessarily disagree with everything that comes out of his mouth, I am having a real hard time looking at him and seeing “President Trump”. Honestly? I think the man is a bit of an ass and I don’t know if America can be represented by an ass. He is touting himself as the “I say what I want” businessman that the country needs, but in my humblest of opinions, I can’t see this man even making it to the end of 2015 as the frontrunner in the Republican field.

Why? His big mouth will shoot himself in the foot. While I agree with him that the United States of America is a little too politically correct for its own good, but to go in the complete opposite direction and be brash and churlish for the sake of being so, sure as hell ain’t the answer either. Eventually, he is going to mess himself up and I hope so too. He’s a nice sound bite but that is all he is. May he step aside and let someone worth his or her salt take the lead.

TrumpTruth be told, as I sit here evaluating the 2016 race I don’t see anyone convincing. I’m not crazy over the prospect of another President Clinton, and some of the things Bernie Sanders says scares the hell out of me. Show of hands: who hopes the person that will eventually win the 2016 Presidential election has not entered the race yet? I’m sorry but there are over 10 declared Republicans and none of them look that inspiring to me and on the Democrat side there are two or three and all have their own flaws.

Maybe that’s why I made the remark on Facebook last night that the politico I once was is slowly dying. Truth be told it has been dying since 2010 or so. The monster that is politics keeps growing, and it has become nothing more than fearmongering and facts spinning. OK, maybe it has been that for years but with the never ending news and election cycle I have admittedly grown a thick shell of apathy.

To the point where I don’t care who wins, or what party is in power. As long as I have a job, and can cash my paycheck and support my family I pretty much could care less who’s in power and that is a shame. That’s not what the 6 year old who used to watch CNN and read the New York Daily News would have ever expected to grow up and become. I don’t care. I don’t care! I don’t care? However, I watch debates, so here I am. The politico in me is dying, slowly but surely and I can’t help but feel sad this morning as I reflect on that.

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  1. EJ — Another rousing post!

    Yes, “Uncle Bill” Clinton was a special President. I feel a kinship with him because we were both “activated” into by politics by meeting with JFK (at separate times and locations, of course). He is the only president in modern times to have had budget surpluses for several years during his tenure. He did more than any other modern President to include politically those who felt “outside” the main society. If it was Kennedy-Johnson who got the Civil Rights Acts passed, it was Clinton who began implementing those acts in ernest.

    In contrast, “Darnold” Trump is just a bully. Like a schoolyard tough, he is shaking down everyone within his reach for their lunch money. He is telling others what to do without making any commitments himself. He is claiming that he is being treated unfairly by those he has treated unfairly — even while he is being led by his ear down to the principal’s office.

    Bullies do not seem to have any comprehension that what they are doing is bullying. In their mind there is always legitimate reasons for their attempt to dominate others. The only way I know to confront a bully is to outbully him/her. That is why I was surprised that there was so little directed at him — even by Megyn Kelly — after he put everyone on the stage down. (As and aside, Rand Paul did stand up to him, for which I give hime kudos but not political support.) I know the impression that the Republican candidates and media gave of being a bunch of wimps isn’t who they really are, but they lost a lot of stature in my opinion. And also in my opinion, it will be hard for them to win it back.

    It might be interesting to see what Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders could do with Trump.

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