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The Wrestling world lost yet another wrestling great as Rowdy Roddy Piper passed away last Friday due to a heart attack. Piper was 61 years old. This week on the Wrestling Roundtable, the panel discusses the career of Rowdy Roddy Piper, reflect on our most memorable moments, and matches by Hot Rod. This and much more on the Wrestling Roundtable

A couple of changes this week to the Roundtable, as we have a new member to the group. Todd Able is joining us. Also, due to Eric Asafailo being out of action without notice. The Wrestling Roundtable has suspended Eric indefinitely. Joining us in his place is Mr. West Virginia, who seems eerily familiar.

Power Rankings

1. John Cena- Will the US champ accept the challenge of the WWE Champ?

2. Seth Rollins- issues a bold challenge, can he back it up?

3. Cesaro- Is anyone hotter than Cesaro right now? I think not.

4. Brock Lesnar- The beast seems ready to go at Summerslam

5. Bray Wyatt- Looked great in the six man match, can Wyatt stay on the winning track?


This week in professional wrestling

Rowdy Roddy Piper made his WWF Television debut.

Steve Austin wins his first singles championship when he defeated Owen Hart for the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam 97, Austin was also severely injured due to a tombstone piledriver, that broke his neck.

Bret Hart defeated the Undertaker to win his 5th WWE Championship, it would be his last run as the WWE Champion.


Here are the questions this week.

best of piper

With the passing of Rowdy Roddy Piper, what is your favorite memory of Piper?

Steve: My favorite memory of Roddy was at Wrestlemania V, when he did a Pipers Pit with Brother Love and Morton Downey Jr. Brother Love came out and did an impersonation of Piper (horribly I might add) Morton came down and Brother Love tried to interview him as Brother Love, calling it the Brother Love show. Then Piper came out, and made Brother Love look like a fool, ultimately ripping his “kilt” off and sent Brother Love packing. Then if you recall, Downey, who was lighting up mulitple times in the ring, kept blowing smoke in Piper’s face. He ended up getting the fire extinguisher to the face. That was one of my favorite memories of Piper.

Mr. WV: This week the world of Professional Wrestling lost another great legend in this business. The hot rod, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Roddy left us wrestling fans with many great memories we will always have of him. My favorite memory of Piper has to be Wrestlemania 6 when he came out to face Bad News Brown. Piper painted himself black on half of his body. I remember watching Wrestlemania 6 as a kid and think wow, that’s pretty cool. If you ever read Pipers book, he talks about that in there and says he couldn’t get that stuff to wash off and had to walk through the airport like that.

Chad: There a lot to choose from but for me it would the classic Piper’s Pit in which Piper hit Jimmy Snuka in the head with a coconut for me when I think of Piper I think of that hit to the head which knocked Snuka backwards pushing him to knock the back of the set over. An all-time classic moment

Josh: My favorite memory would be “I’m here to kick a$$ and chew bubblegum…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”  It is a line that gets repeated over and over, and most people don’t even realize where the reference comes from, but the Hot Rod will always have a place in pop culture references due to a bad movie and a corny line.

Todd: One of my favorite memories is on the 1000th raw episode.  Layla started off in the ring and she introduced Cyndi Lauper And Wendi Ricther. A Short time later Heath Slater Interupted them and acted like he could sing his stupid song. Here comes Rowdy Roddy Piper to save the day. Piper gives Cyndi Lauper a gold record. Slater Tries to sing his song again; Piper pokes hm in the eyes and Cyndi hits him over the head with her gold record.

piper wrestling

Which is your favorite Rowdy Roddy Piper match?

Steve: Gosh there were so many, but I think the match for the Intercontinental Championhip between he and Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 8 was my favorite of them all. It was a classic match, where Piper, who was a face at the time, went against a good friend in Bret Hart. In this match, Piper showed some of his classic heel moves when he sucker punched Bret while he was tying his boots, which busted Bret open. Then later in the match he attempted to use the ring bell as a weapon when the referee was out. He changed his tune, went for the sleeper, Bret countered with at great reversal and got the win. Classic match for both Piper and the Hitman.

Mr. WV: Hot Rod has had many great feuds and matches over the years. I thought long and hard about this one and my favorite Piper match of all time goes back to 1983 at the original Starcade event. Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine in a dog collar match. This match was a fight. Both men were beating the hell out of each other a classic match, that still stands the test of time as an all time classic match. If you have never watched it, check it out on the WWE network for only $ 9.99

Chad:  For me it would be Wrestlemania 8 against Bret Hart the psychology of that match was excellent and provided a platform for the two stars to have a great match on an already stacked card with the Hogan/Sid and Flair/Savage co-main event matches on the card but having these two go at it for a title on a big show equalled a classic match

Josh: I was a little too young to really remember his matches in his prime, but thanks to the magic of the WWE Network, for only $9.99, I have been able to go back, and I would say that even with all of his other classics, Wrestlemania I was probably the best.  You have WM 8, which has been mentioned several times now, and that was a great intellectual match, but the pure size and majesty of the main event against Hogan and Mr. T….Piper was the heel that made Hogan the face of the company, allowing the WWE to take the nation by storm.  The significance of that event can not be understated.

Todd: My favorite Piper match was at Wrestlemania III Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Adrian Adonis (hair vs hair)

piper champion

Rowdy Roddy Piper never held a World Championship in wrestling. Does this hurt his legacy at all, or did Piper not even need the championship?

Steve: Not in the slightest bit. Piper was one of those wrestlers who never needed a championship to solidify his character. He was over with the fans as a heel, a face, and even as a commentator. I think his brief run with the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship in WCW was just a way to thank Hot Rod for all of his contributions in and out of the ring. He even got a chance to be the co-holder of the tag team championships with his real life best friend in Ric Flair. This probably meant more to him than any World title. Piper never needed a championship because his personality was enough of a title for him.

Mr. WV: Piper never held a world championship in our business. I don’t believe this hurt him at all. Piper never need a world title, he waz already over with the fans enough as is. Titles can be great if needed to put someone over, but if you don’t need them don’t use them. Would I have liked to see him win the world title, Absolutely! Does it hurt him that he never won the world title, Hell No! He never needed it and Piper was about doing what’s best for business.

Chad: Not in the slightest because of his magnetic personality and ability to entertain the crowds with his Piper’s Pit segments. I believe that the title reigns he did have are a part of his career but not what made the career

Josh: I will venture off the trend here and say yeah, a little…not much mind you, but a little.  Piper was a man all of his own, and I would say hands down the greatest heel in the business.  He is the type of guy, it wouldn’t have mattered what era he was in, he would have excelled….but he never won the big one….case in point, Buffalo Bills….had some of the best football teams the NFL has ever seen…no super bowl titles…He is already a Hall of Famer…but how much greater would his legacy have been had he won the title from Hogan…just once…maybe not for a very long run, but at least a couple months till the next PPV?

Todd: No. He’s held the IC title which was held by some of the all time greats. He also held the tag team title There are so many HOFer’s that didn’t hold the world title. He should be remembered for all the things he has done not the things he has not.



Agree or Disagree? Cesaro should be catapulted into the main event scene, and stay there?

Steve: I agree on this. First and foremost, this is the time to push Cesaro into the main event spotlight. He is on a huge roll with epic matches against Cena, Rollins, and holds pinfall victories over Rusev, and Kevin Owens. Note than only Cena himself has been able to accomplish that feat alone. The time is now for Cesaro, he had an opportunity once before after he won the Andre battle royal at Wrestlemania 30, but it got sidelined. Cesaro is over with the fans, and this, in my opinion is the last chance for the WWE to get it right with Cesaro to push him. You don’t have to put a World title on him, but I think a solid Intercontinental title run should be in the cards for Cesaro.

Mr. WV: Agree, Cesaro is an amazing talent and a hell of a worker. The is also as strong as an Ox. I think he would do great in the main event scene and could have some amazing matches. He could bring it back to what it used to be about and that was wrestling! That is what it used to be all about, not storylines and promos. It was about people going out there and wrestling and entertaining the fans. I think Cesaro could bring us back to those days.

Chad: It is time for Cesaro to get in to the picture for the World title. I as a fan of the business always enjoying seeing fresh faces in the World Title picture no matter the promotion. After winning the battle royal last year and being a Heyman guy I thought is time had come, but now the momentum he is on you have to consider Cesaro as a permanent fixture in the main event spotlight

Josh: Agree.  Cesaro should be WWE champion…I say have Rollins retain, and feud with Cesaro next…have Cesaro be the man to take the big title from Rollins.  He is getting better on the mic and his ring work is second to none.  But what he really needs, is a stable to lead…all the greats had them, Michaels had DX, the Undertaker had the Ministry, the Rock had the Nation, HHH had Evolution, Randy Orton had Legacy even John Cena had his own little hip hop squad in his early career.  Give him a faction, let him run it and run it to the title.

Todd:  I agree by Suvivor Series I think he will be in a World title Match. Cesaro desreves a big push since the Heyman thing fell apart a few years back. I believe he will be the next John Cena for many Years to come


Agree or Disagree? This will be John Cena’s last shot at a World Championship opportunity at Summerslam?

Steve: Disagree. As long as John Cena has a pulse and is active in the WWE, he will always be in the WWE title picture. That is just the way it plays out. Cena is always going to be that go-to guy that the WWE can count on to jump into the main event picture, even if he has been out of it for awhile. While this may be his best shot at winning his record setting 16th world title, as Seth Rollins’ title reign has been insignificant, Cena is always going to be around the main event scene until he retires.

Mr. WV: Disagree, as long as John Cena is still active on the WWE roster, he will get a title shot at some point. “In my damn opinion” John Cena won’t stop getting title shots until the day he retires from the WWE. I don’t think he will be like Hogan was and keep coming back and coming back. I think Cena will know when it is time to call it quits.

Chad: I disagree with this statement as I feel that John Cena is the WWE’s top guy whenever the planning does not work out as anyone anticipated he can always be thrust into the title picture. WWE could build the story line around Cena’s attempt(s) and the quest to tie Ric Flair’s 16 reigns

Josh: Disagree….Cena will always be one step out of the world title picture.  One injury, and BAM Cena is back in as a quick replacement.  He is a great guy to plug and play, and a guy they can ALWAYS fall back on.  In fact, I see a few more title runs in his future, possibly get him up to 20 total reigns.

Todd: I agree this will be his last chance at the world title. I believe he wins at Summerslam only to lose to Shemaus. That way it takes the world title off off Rollins which is long over due, it gives Cena his 16th title reign to tie Ric Flair, and John Cena keeps his U.S. title.

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  1. Rest In Peace Rowdy Roddy Piper. I have fond memories of that Wrestlemania match against Bret Hart.

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