MLBRT 8/6… MLB trade deadline thoughts…


The MLB non-waiver trade deadline has passed and the crew sorts it and gives up some thoughts…

Newly minted HOFer Pedro Martinez speaks about the era he played and who he pitched against…  and the crew dishes on his surprising comments…

And… some personal news regarding one of the crew…

Dan is on Family Leave this week… join in with me and congratulate him as he celebrates and adjusts to a new addition to his family… yep… his wife delivered a child and he’s been a tad busy the last week or so…

More details on this next week as Dan will be rejoining the crew then…

1) The Colorado Rockies traded Troy Tulowitzki and veteran reliever LaTroy Hawkins to the Toronto Blue Jays for shortstop Jose Reyes, rookie pitcher Miguel Castro and two other minor leaguers yet to be named…

Rate the deal.

Archie1Archie: Toronto got the best of that deal. IN Colorado, A Tulo in the hand is better than ANY pitching prospect in the bush. I feel for the fans of Colorado. Losing a popular guy like Tulo is hard but it was evident the Rockies were never going to build around him any time soon.  Troy has done about all he could do for the Rockies but he was owed another $130 million+. I guess the Rockies felt they could use that to start fresh and looked to bail on the contract.

Tulowitzki... Colorado Rockies
Tulowitzki… Colorado Rockies

The Blue Jays on the other hand having picked up his contract for the next 6 years will be thrilled if he remains at his current level of play. I think Toronto probably did get the best of the deal. History shows that most of the Shortstops along with all the other infield positions maintain their level of play until about the 36 year old mark. Barring any injury the Blue Jays will profit from his skills and clubhouse

I’m still shocked the Rockies let him go so cheap.  

Dan: Dan is on Family Leave…

new arrival

E.J. 12Earl: It’s a good deal for both teams.

Reyes... Toronto Blue Jays
Reyes… Toronto Blue Jays

The Rockies get back Reyes, and, if, healthy he is still a good player. He’s also on a shorter term contract than Tulowitzki, and, he might be able to be dealt after the season if that’s what Colorado wants.

As far as the Jays are concerned, it’s a win for them as well. The Jays are all in. Picking up Tulo, David Price, and Ben Revere have all been big moves and I think they have a damn good shot at one of the wildcard spots if not the division. I keep saying this but the Yankees are still in reach. People want to give the East to the Yanks but it’s still early August and there is still enough time for the Jays to claim the division.

Tulowitzki... Toronto Blue Jays
Tulowitzki… Toronto Blue Jays

meJoe: I’ll give the edge to Toronto in this deal but truthfully I don’t see it as a big game changer for them as far as making the playoffs.

They already have the best scoring team in baseball, so, big deal with the added offense Tulo brings. Yeah, he is a better defensive player at short than Reyes, so, I guess that should/could save a few runs and mean a few games added in the win column… maybe.

Overall, I just don’t see adding Tulo as that big of a deal. He’s a nice addition… nice like being a multimillionaire with a Porsche and Mercedes in the garage and suddenly finding a BMW under the Christmas tree nice. An abundance of riches.

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve: They both win here.

Reyes... Colorado Rockies
Reyes… Colorado Rockies

The Blue Jays get an All-Star in Tulowitzski and add some more power to their already loaded lineup, and, he is not too bad at shortstop either.

The Rockies get an All-Star quality player in Reyes who still has some solid years.

I honestly think the Jays gave up too much for Tulowitzski, when I think they probably could have gotten him for less than a player like Reyes. Still, it’s a good trade for both teams, but, I would bet that Reyes is going to be on the move yet again soon.

2)  The Dodgers, Braves and Marlins were involved in a 13 player trade… the Dodgers added 7 players including immediate starting rotation help (Mat Latos and Alex Wood) and bullpen depth (Luis Avilan and Jim Johnson) and the rest of the players were salary dumps, especially by the Marlins…

The Braves and the Marlins for the most part added prospects.

In your opinion, did the Dodgers pull off the steal of the trading deadline?

Alex Wood
Alex Wood

Archie1Archie: Hell yes! Pissed me off as well. I was not so concerned about losing Avilan and Johnson but what the hell was Hart thinking giving up a young talent like Alex Wood? IF, his plan is to build for the future Wood SHOULD HAVE been part of that plan.

Wood has a 3 season ERA+ of 117 and was only getting better. He is in NO WAY a financial burden at the small sum of $502K.

So again, IF Hart is “building” why would he NOT keep a good young Leftie in the pen? 

Dan: Dan is on Family Leave…

new arrival


E.J. 12Earl: It’s not a steal but the Dodgers were able to pick up what they needed in a pretty big deal containing 3 teams.

The Braves and Marlins picked up some players, but, yeah, the Dodgers win here. They get two starters, and some bullpen help.

meJoe: Since, I first saw this deal I was amazed at what they pulled off just by getting two rotation level pitchers and shoring up their bullpen.

Mat Latos
Mat Latos

And, I am still scratching my head about how they did this trade… essentially that they got what they got for some unproven prospects and helping Miami dump salary.

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve: They got a couple of solid starters for next to nothing, so, yes I think the Dodgers got a steal of a deal here.

Sure, they didn’t get Hamels or Price, but, they already have the best 1-2 combination in baseball with Kershaw and Greinke. They didn’t need another #1 starter. They made the best moves here and they didn’t have to give up the farm to do it.

3) Pedro Martinez, when asked about Alex Rodríguez getting into the Hall, said… “I’m not going to go into that because there’s nothing I can do with the way voters handle who did what. Certainly the numbers are there but as you know from previous case… why not Roger Clemens, why not Barry Bonds? Because of the same reasons. So I’m not going to go into that and make a big deal out of this. I hope they all make it to be honest.” 

When he was asked to elaborate on the so-called juiced era he replied, “When I pitched it was the middle of that era where they say it was a juiced era. Well, guess what? I wanted the best out there, I wanted to face the best, I wanted to beat the best, I was able to do that. So if you ask me again, if, I want to fact that kind of competition, yes I do. If, I’m going to be given the 99 and the change-up and the curveball, bring it on again. I don’t care. There’s no crying in baseball right? I’m going to repeat that, there’s no crying in baseball, so, I just hope that whoever gets a chance to make it here, makes it. It doesn’t matter. I’m not condoning people cheating the game or doing the wrong things, because I never did it. Hey, enough of the whining, let’s just play ball and face it. Once again, I’m going to repeat… I’m not condoning bad things in the game, but at the same time, let’s go and compete, let it be.” 

What’s your opinion on Pedro’s comments? 

Archie1Archie: I agree for the most part.

I, for one, have been a BIG TIME advocate of letting them play. I will ALWAYS believe until the day I’m pushing up daisies that EVERYONE in MLB KNEW what the deal was. NO ONE has plausible deniability in my opinion. From the MLB Commissioner all the way down to the bat boy, everyone knew guys were juicing.  And, until Congress got involved no one really cared.Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez throws again

The MEDIA and all their outlets turned on the players like ravenous hounds and to this day are holding them out of the HOF for Cheating. Yet, they sniffed around them all like a pack of Hyenas for morsels of any tidbit item that helped promote their writings/columns or magazines. Those same Hypocritical Sons of Bitches now are keeping guys like Clemens out of the Hall for one reason and one reason only: BECAUSE THEY CAN. 

Dan: Dan is on Family Leave…

new arrival

E.J. 12Earl: Let them in. They got the numbers. Yeah, you can say they cheated and tainted the game with steroids, but so what?

You want to put them in a seperate room or place a damn asterisk then go ahead, but, to me, I’d let all of those guys in.

meJoe: My biggest gripe with players who use PEDs is the jobs they steal from that last guy or two or three trying to win a spot on a MLB roster and how it has a ripple effect on players on down through the minors who get to make teams until you get to the lowest minors’ level and some poor schlub gets bumped from the game he loves playing because someone had an unfair advantage.Pedro

As far as Pedro’s take on the players who used the PEDs and his being able to beat them regardless… I guess it just proves how damn great he really was and maybe how great he could have been if no one used any performance enhancers at all. I mean, if he could dominate major leaguers who were using PEDs what in the hell would he have done against players who weren’t using PEDs?

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve:  He is right!

I mean, this era is a thing of the past. Taking PED’s may help you recover from injuries faster, maybe get a couple MPH on your fastball, maybe inch that ball over the wall. But, it still takes god gifted ability to hit a 90 plus MPH fastball, or, even throw a 90 plus MPH fastball. Throwing a curveball is not going to happen by taking PED’s, you have to have that ability. PED’s is not going to help you with timing to hit a curve or a fastball.

I agree with Pedro, it’s like time to move on, go out, and, play.

4) Who were the biggest winners at this year’s non-waiver trade deadline?

Archie1Archie: Uh…I think you already nailed it.

The Dodgers.

Dan: Dan is on Family Leave…

new arrival

Yoenis Cespedes/NY Mets
Yoenis Cespedes/NY Mets

E.J. 12Earl: I’m a loyal dude who follows two teams. So, of course, I’m going with the Blue Jays and Mets.

The Jays are all-in on the AL East and the Mets finally got the big bat needed in Cespedes. Both moves have paid immediate dividends as well, considering the positive energy that is in Toronto, and New York right now.

meJoe: I like what the Dodgers did a lot…

Houston did real good, too.

And, the Giants added a nice starting pitcher on the cheap… although at least one NL scout has said one of the minor leaguers the Giants gave up was a very high caliber player. I don’t see it, but, hey, what do I know.

Scott Kazmir/Astros
Scott Kazmir/Astros

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve: The Astros really made some moves to bolster not only their starting rotation, with adding Scott Kazmir, who so far has proven to be worth the investment, but, they also added Carlos Gomez to improve their offense, which was already a force.

They proved to the baseball world that they are going to be in this until the end. They want to compete for a championship now. 

5) Which team surprised you the most… either by their activity or their non-activity… at this year’s non-waiver trading deadline?



Archie: This one is tough IF I don’t go with the Dodgers again.

Jonathan Papelbon
Jonathan Papelbon

There were a total of 157 players traded in July. I think that is the most ever of any season. With that much movement it was kind of hard to track were everyone was going. I don’t think Morse even unpacked his bags in LA before being shipped to Pittsburgh.

I think the one deal that I just don’t get is HOW IN THE HELL does Washington get Papelbon AND Cash Considerations for a Minor League Pitcher in Nick Pivetta from Philly?

Dan: Dan is on Family Leave…

new arrival


A J Preller/Padres GM
A J Preller/Padres GM

E.J. 12Earl: The Padres have no chance at the NL West. None. They made big moves in the offseason that has not worked out. Here was a good chance to recoup some of the prospects the farm system lost to make those deals and no deals were made at the deadline.

Now, they might be able to make some waiver deals, and, I’d suspect Justin Upton gets dealt somewhere in August, but, the Padres blew a real good chance to rebuild.

meJoe: The Yankees not trading away any of their touted prospects for any of the available starters. I think the pitchers they already have on their roster, and in the minors, are good enough to get them into the playoffs, so, why should they sacrifice their future and overpay for supposedly touted big stars like they always did in the past?

And, surprisingly they bloody well didn’t.

What I would like to see them do now is to dump some of their over the hill players. But, I guess that would be asking for too much.

As far as other surprises go… Toronto’s moves are high on the “Wow” scale, also.

And, last, but not least, is the fact that the Mets actually went out and added a big bat… that surprised the hell out of me.

Brian Cashman/Yankees GM
Brian Cashman/Yankees GM

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve: I was a little surprised that the Yankees did not do a whole lot at the trade deadline. With the Blue Jays seemingly on a collision course to take over the AL East, the Yankees just held true to form and really kept what they got.

I like this though, even though I am not a Yankee fan, I think the Yankees were having a great season with what they had, and, they had some players in place already. I still think they will take the East.

Extra Innings…

  • 1952 – Satchel Paige, at 47, became the oldest player in major league history to pitch a complete game or a shutout when he beat Virgil Trucks and the Detroit Tigers, 1-0, in 12 innings.
  • 1953 – Ted Williams is back in a Red Sox uniform after military duty in Korea. He will finish with 13 home runs and a .407 mark.
  • 1967 – Against Chicago, Brooks Robinson of the Orioles hits into the fourth triple play of his career for a major league mark.
  • 1972 – Atlanta’s Hank Aaron hit his 660th and 661st career home runs to break Babe Ruth’s record for most home runs with one club. The 661st came in the 10th inning to give the Braves a 4-3 triumph over the Cincinnati Reds.
  • 1973 – Roberto Clemente and Warren Spahn head the list of new inductees at Cooperstown. Clemente is the first Latin-born player to achieve membership at Cooperstown.
  • 1981 – After a seven-week strike, major league baseball players approved a split-season format. The New York Yankees, Oakland A’s, Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers were declared the first-half champions and automatically qualified for the divisional series.
  • 1982 – Just five days after hitting three home runs in a 5-4 loss to the Twins, Doug DeCinces hits three more home runs in a 9-5 win at Seattle. DeCinces is the first player other than Ted Williams to hit three home runs in a game twice in the same season.
  • 1985 – For the second time in five years the Players’ Association stages a midseason strike. But unlike the 50-day strike that interrupted the 1981 season, this one will be settled by the following day and all 25 canceled games will be made up.
  • 1986 – The Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles, 13-11, in a record-setting battle of grand slams. Texas’ Toby Harrah hit a grand slam in the second inning before Larry Sheets and Jim Dwyer connected for grand slams in Baltimore’s nine-run fourth.
  • 1988 – Oakland Athletics outfielder Jose Canseco became the 11th player in major league history to hit 30 homers and steal 30 bases in a season. Canseco, with 31 homers, stole second base with one out in the ninth inning for his 30th as the A’s edged the Seattle Mariners, 5-4.
  • 1988 – Rich Gossage got his 300th save as the Chicago Cubs beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 7-4.



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