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Tuesday is here and we are rolling into August. Wrestling fans have so much to be excited for for Summerslam coming up. So what better to calm your nerves than a little Q and A with #ask7pound. This week: Did Elizabeth ever wrestle in a match? What would have happened at the Great American Bash 1991? Plus a couple more questions related to the Great American Bash.

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Let’s get started with another match in David’s Dream Card. If you are just joining us, you have missed a great card so far. David, our fearless leader has created a dream card of matches that we would all just love to see happen. Here is the next match on the card.

The following contest is an ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH!!!


Elimination Chamber

  1. Hulk Hogan
  2. Andre the Giant

Yes, The Star of the 80s vs the star of all-time 

Putting him in early may cost him wind, but he’s going to be such a target going in, he pretty much has to get in early so he’s not pounded on the second his cage opens.

  1. The Giant. See Andre. Take 30% off.
  2. Undertaker. Its not often that the biggest gimmick in history is the smallest man going into a multi-man here, but he’s close.
  3. Kevin Nash. Have to have a spot for the best big man booker of all time.
  4. Nikita Koloff. Should be fun to see what the big Russian can do in the monster cage, he was a beast in the Fall Brawl cage, but there is no teams here, and he has a quick sickle that can be a game changer.

And now here are the questions for this week!

Darren from Boise Idaho wants to know about the wrestling career of Miss Elizabeth

Did Elizabeth ever wrestle in a match in either WWE or WCW?



Miss Elizabeth was one of the few female valets that rarely got involved with matches with her guys. In the WWF, she started her career in 1986 with Randy Savage, and never really got involved in a match until 1989, when she was managing Hulk Hogan and Brutus the Barber Beefcake at Summerslam 89 against Savage and Zeus. Liz got involved when she walloped Sensational Sherri with the loaded purse, knocking her ass out. She again got involved at Wrestlemania VI, when she was the Crown Jewel for Dusty Rhodes and Sweet Sapphire as they defeated Savage and Sherri in a mixed tag team match. She cost Sherri the pinfall when she grabbed her hair from the outside of the ring. Then she disappeared for a year, and came back with the marriage of Savage at Summerslam 91. Just think, Liz actually main evented a SummerSlam. She never had an official match in the WWE before she left the company in 1992.

Then Liz jumped ship to WCW in 1995, where she again managed Savage and Hogan. She ultimately got involved in the WCW Championship match with Flair and Savage when she took her heel off, handed it to Flair, and gave Flair the championship. Then she again swapped roles again, when she joined the NWO, and really didnt get involved in many matches, just was the valet for Savage. She had a few slaps here and there but never a match. She then joined Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell with Totally Buff, and was involved in a stipulation where if her team lost, she would have to shave her head. They won but her hair was safe.

Finally in the year 2000, it happened, where Liz made her first ever match against Daffney. If you saw the match, it was a very short match, I have inserted in for your viewing pleasure. She also wrestled matches against Rhonda Singh as well as newly inducted WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, then known as Madusa. So she has officially wrestled in three matches, all in the WCW.

Angel from Seattle renews a rivalry

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s Ric Flair had many matches with Lex Luger for the World Heavyweight Championship. Luger was never able to win the big one and defeat Flair. Which brings me to the Great American Bash 1991 where Luger was set to face Flair once again for the belt. Flair ended up leaving WCW, and they put him against Barry Windham where he won the title. My question is, Would Luger have finally gone over Flair at the Bash?

flair vs luger

Leuger was going to go over at the Great American Bash 1991 no matter who he was going to face. He was primed to become the next WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Jim Herd, when he took over made it perfectly clear that he did not want Flair to hold the championship because he felt that his time was up. So Luger was going to be his guy. Luger wanted Flair in this this match for the reasons exactly what you said in your question. He never defeated Flair for the championship, and to this day he still has not, and never will. Luger wanted this on his resume as a man who defeated Flair for the championship. Flair left the company in June, 1991 to go to the WWE, and he took the belt with him. It was said in Flair’s DVD that it was his choice to leave, and Herd stated that he wanted the belt back. Flair basically said he will return the belt when he is returned his $25,000 deposit. Herd declined, and that is when they had a new championship belt made for Luger. It is not how Luger wanted to go over as champion, but he at least got his run at the championship.


Phil from Arizona has another question regarding the Great American Bash 91.

I watched the Great American Bash 1991 and noticed that the scaffold match between PN News, Bobby Eaton vs Terry Taylor and Steve Austin. I noticed the scaffold was made of plywood instead of the classic metal scaffold they used in the 80’s. Why did they switch to the wood version? It seemed like it was so much smaller.


As you can see in this picture, the scaffold at the Great American Bash 91, was very thin. The old metal structure that they had was wider, but it cause some severe lacerations to the back of the wrestlers who participated in the event. So first off, it was better traction, and better on the wrestlers when they would land. Though if you watched any of the scaffold matches, there was not a lot of wrestling action that took place, and some would say that they were really boring matches. The idea was to throw your opponent off the scaffold, but that never happened in any of the three matches. They would end up dangling from the bottom of the scaffold and then falling, which is close to being the top of the rope. Sure, not comfortable, but it is not falling off the top. Jim Cornette actually broke his hip when he fell from the scaffold in 1986. And if I am correct, the WCW never had another scaffold match after this one.


Jerrod from Kansas City asks about the Great American Bash event in general

Why did the WCW not show a Great American Bash Pay Per View in 1993 and 1994? It was one of there most prized shows I thought, and they just sort of put it on hiatus for 2 years.


Mainly because the management in WCW around that time wanted to go in a different direction, and they had Beach Blast for a couple years, then in 94, they sort of brought back a Bash of sorts with Bash at the Beach. Then they got smart and Bischoff went back to tradition in The Great American Bash, as it was one of, if not one of their most popular pay per views. So really in theory, it was just to try something new. There was even talk to get rid of Starrcade around the early 90’s, when they had the Battle Bowl for Starrcade. Battlebowl was going to be a once a year thing to replace Starrcade, but the buyrates sucked so they never scrapped Starrcade. I think WCW would have folded before 2001, had they have done that in my opinion.

Gabe from West Virginia chimes in about a sensitive subject to me

What was the point of taking the WWF title off of Bret Hart to Yokozuna at Wrestlemania IX, only to have Yoko drop it to Hogan the same night? Hogan did not have a significant reign, and I felt that Bret was on a role leading up to Mania. 

hulk vs yoko

Bret was on a hot streak, and he has told many people privately that this was the low point of his career. He had absolutely zero problem dropping the title to Yokozuna, and that was the plan all along, then he would regain it the following year, which he did. However, the piece of shit Hogan, had to insert himself and use his creative control that he had in the WWE at the time, and decided to put himself over in the main event. This really caused a rift between Hogan and Hart, because Hart, who was a guy for the business (up until 1997) did not think it was right for Hogan to just intervene and take the championship. Hogan had been away for about a year, and just thought he was due another chance at the top, so he went over on Yokozuna, lost it in June in the King of the Ring, and I will note that Hogan did not defend the championship once before facing Yokozuna again, then Hogan faded off in the sunset and became a part of the Vince McMahon criminal case on steroid use. Then he re-appeared in WCW a year later. So the point of Hogan going over at Wrestlemania IX is simply because Hogan is a piece of shit. (mic drop)




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