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BaN-Brooklyn-292x300What up world! Welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. First of all I would like to thank everyone who read last week’s edition. That was a tough one for me to put together, and I thank everyone for their support. My Mom is progressing, but it’s going to be a long haul. I recognize that, so there might be times where I’m going to be down, but that’s the roller coaster called life. So knowing that, and anticipating it, I’m going to move on and keep a brighter outlook on things. I know that’s what that wonderful little lady would want me to do.

This week, I’m going to talk about David Price, Sheldon Richardson, Tom Brady, and close out with some “beef”. So, as I sit here listening to the Drake and Meek Mill diss tracks, all I got to say is let’s do this!

When it comes to Major League Baseball I have two teams, and admittedly a divided loyalty. The first team I discovered was my hometown New York Mets. My first memory is not the 1986 World Series win because I was only 4, but it was of my first Mets game in 1988. The Mets lost to the Cubs that day, but as a 6 year old Shea Stadium looked larger than life. From that day on I was strictly a Mets fan. Or so I thought. A couple of years later I made my first trip north of the border to see some “family” that lived up in the Greater Toronto Area (shout out to the 905!) and one of my “uncles” gave me a signed Toronto Blue Jays baseball.

The reason for the quotations in that last paragraph is because these people are not my blood. They are longtime friends of my family. The woman I call my aunty, has known my mother since they were both little kids. For context my mother is 70 years old, so that’s some lifetime friend shit right there. However, they are closer to me than most of my blood relatives so since my uncle was a big Jays fan, I became a big Jays fan. With all of that said, the Blue Jays trading for Troy Tulowitzki and David Price has me feeling charged up.

Toronto_BlueJays_puzzleThe last time the Blue Jays made the playoffs was 1993 after winning back to back World Series. Yeah, I just dropped two Drake tracks on you. Pay attention. The Blue Jays are currently 6 games out of 1st place in the AL East and two games out of the Wildcard but the New York Yankees aren’t exactly running away with the East, and with the Jays upgrading their offense and their starting pitching I really like their chances at making a good playoff run.

I’m not saying the Jays will limp into the playoffs and just fizzle out. Nah. Nope. I’m putting all my loonies on the Jays now. I’m talking American League Championship Series at least. Price, Buerhle, Estrada, Hutchinson (even with his high E.R.A.) and Dickey (even with his losing record) isn’t that bad of a starting rotation. Funny thing is the MLB trade deadline isn’t over yet so it’s still possible the Jays make another deal in this go for it mode that they are in.

My predictions are usually off so read this with a grain of salt, but all I know is that between my two teams I feel a hell of a lot more confident in the Blue Jays making the postseason than I am about the Mets. That might be because the Mets seem way too hesitant to make moves, but that’s on them. Right now I’m all in on the Jays. All in.

Sheldon richardsonBefore I get too excited, I need to move on to a more serious subject. Actually it’s more of a rant. What in the hell is wrong with New York Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson!? If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Richardson, the player was suspended for 4 games due to testing for marijuana several times in the NFL drug testing process. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Earlier this month Richardson was arrested for evading police.

Apparently the big dummy thought it was smart to drive 143 miles per hour with his lights off with passengers in the car, and one of them was only 12 years old. Of course when the chase finally ended, the smell of marijuana was present in the car. The NFL will likely add on to the 4 game suspension in light of these new charges but I can’t help but think this guy is one stupid son of a gun.

You’re a young multi-millionaire but you are not invincible. Yeah, we all have unguarded moments, and I am typically against the whole notion that we need to hold athletes and celebrities to higher standards than we do ourselves, but damn this is just stupid. 143 miles per hour? Seriously!? How is that not reckless to drive that fast on a road that had other cars and probably pedestrians? All it would have taken is one moment where the car can lose control (and reportedly the back wheels did slide out at one point according to the police report) and cause an accident that could have killed you, or your passengers. Is it really worth it to have fun and risk killing people?

It can’t be. Look, I don’t want to beat the guy up but I pray he realizes just how stupid that was. I really do hope someone has reached out to Sheldon Richardson and explained to him that what he did was extremely reckless and that he should be thankful that he’s walked away from it all with nothing more than some police citations and some games lost. At least that punishment isn’t nearly as bad as losing your damn life! I hope he learn something from this. I really do.

Brady&HoodieYou know what I really wanna know (peep the Meek Mill drop) this morning? Why is Tom Brady fighting the National Football League in court? Look, as I said at the time I could give one fuck about some deflated footballs. Why? The Patriots killed the Colts in the AFC Title Game and some footballs being a little soft had nothing to do with that. The Pats were the better team. That much was obvious. HOWEVER, if Tom Brady was not conspiring with the equipment guys, why not cooperate with the Wells investigation?

While the Wells Report was full of “maybe” evidence, it’s not a good look that Tom stonewalled the investigation by destroying his phone. While I get that as a celeb, destroying your phone is protocol because you don’t want to get yourself hacked and leaving information that you want to protect from getting out, it does look pretty bad that you destroyed the phone before handing it over to Wells. It looks like you’re hiding something. Even if you’re innocent, it looks guilty.

With all that said it would be smarter of Tom to just take the four game suspension. Taking this thing to court, as the NFLPA are doing doesn’t make much sense. Especially since it seems the court process are in favor of the NFL. The NFLPA filed in Minnesota hoping to get a judge that was in their favor and what happens? The case gets shifted back to Manhattan, where it will likely come up with a verdict that is beneficial to the NFL. So why waste time on an inevitable result? What could the judge rule that hasn’t already been in the Wells Report?

It’s a hail mary on the part of Brady and his legal team but Brady already got his hail mary this year when Pete Carroll decided the Seahawks should throw the ball from the 1 yard line instead of handing it to Marshawn Lynch. Tom is a lucky man, but even for lucky people like him, the shit runs out eventually. If I were Tom, I’d just take the 4 games. Keep my mouth shut, and when that suspension is up, you come back and light the NFL on fire. Let your play do the talking. It’s probably the smartest move he can make but it doesn’t look like that’s what is going to happen. A shame, really.

MeekBefore I close this out I’m going to give a brief word on the Drake-Meek Mill “beef”. As a fan of hip-hop, I’ve seen plenty of beef over the years. I think we all love the drama and competition in the art form. As Jay-Z and a few other rappers have said over the years, rap is a sport. It’s competitive and ugly at times. With that said, this whole thing is weak sauce when compared to battles like Jay-Z vs Nas or B.I.G. vs Tupac. It’s not even LL Cool J vs. Canibus.

It’s B.S. really but I got to admit Drake is killing Meek Mill. Don’t know if Drake had ghostwriters, which is what Meek Mill alledged and what started this nonsense, but Drake is murdering this dude. Murdering. Which is stunning me because although I’m admittedly a pretty big Drake fan, I didn’t think the guy could carry a battle. Guess I was wrong. Dead wrong. \

If this isn’t your thing, that’s cool. However, if you’re curious take the time and hit up Google. Catch up with the diss tracks. Catch up on the fan reaction. The shit ain’t over but it’s pretty entertaining stuff.

Anyway, I’m done. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting


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  1. Whenever the issue of DeflateGate comes up, I think of our colleague Jane Gray and am thankful that she is not around to have her beloved Patriots dragged through the slime like this.

    But it is inconceivable to me that Brady did not know what was going on. I don’t know whether he could have been convicted of destroying evidence in criminal court, but the standards of proof are different for a civil infraction than they are for a criminal act. Brady’s action would seem to be improper by the “preponderance of evidence” standard used in civil cases, and the NFL isn’t even a court. I think he has dug himself into a hole he may never be able to dig himself out of.

  2. Yeah, I thought of Jane typing that up. May my fellow 12/20 birthday mate Rest In Peace.

    Part of me wants to give Brady the benefit of the doubt but I have to agree that it does seem pretty inconceivable that he didn’t have a part to play in Deflategate.

    That’s why I don’t get why he is fighting it. If he couldn’t give conclusive evidence of his innocence to Ted Wells or to Goodell in his appeal, I’m not sure what makes him and his people think they can convince a judge that everything the NFL saw and ruled on wasn’t accurate.

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