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Guess what day it is? No not humpday, it’s Thursday, and its time once again for yet another epic battle of wits with the expert panelists on the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we discuss the fall of Hulkamania, Summerslam, and much more.

Here are this weeks Power Rankings.

1. John Cena- a win over the WWE Champion to retain his US championship, keeps Cena on top.

2. Seth Rollins- You tapped out! That’s exactly what Rollins did Monday night against the US Champ

3. Bray Wyatt- Wyatt appears more dangerous than ever with reforming Luke Harper

4. Brock Lesnar- Absent from Raw, but is Brock ready for the Undertaker at Summerslam?

5. The Divas- I know, right? All the Divas? Well after two impressive matches on Raw, the Divas deserve this


And here are the questions for this week.


Have we seen the last of Hulk Hogan after his contract was terminated by the WWE? Is Hulkamania really dead?

Steve: CELEBRATION TIME..COME ON!!! Finally Hogan gets what is coming to him. Karma is a bitch isnt it Hogan? While I have to answer this question as NO, Hulkamania is not dead, as much as that pains me to say it. This will blow over eventually, and the WWE will come back to terms with Hogan after he gives his phony fuckin apology to the fans, to Vince McMahon, to the New Day, etc… Hogan was too big a part of the WWE in the past to just throw him aside. This was a business move for the WWE, and once this boils over in a couple years, Hogan will be back. I mean Booker T said that word on National television, and he went on to have a Hall of Fame career.

Chad: I have to say that I think that Hogan will eventually be back in the spotlight of the WWE. One thing Vince McMahon has built his company on is giving talents chances at redemption. For example rehiring Daniel Bryan, Matt Hardy andmany others that have been fired so I definitely expect to see Hogan back with the company especially with the name and stature of the Hulkster.


Is SummerSlam going for 4 hours a good idea?

Steve: I say no here, and the reason is, the 4 hour broadcast is reserved for Wrestlemania. I mean, while I agree, this could be a great SummerSlam with the Taker vs Lesnar match alone, What else do they have scheduled so far? We will probably see Cena vs Rollins for the title, but they have a hard enough time filling time for Wrestlemania, and resort to rock concerts during the show. I personally hate that, but it is what it is. 4 hours is too much, and I have a feeling they are trying too hard to make it a Wrestlemania event, and I think it will fail.

Chad:  I say this is a bad a idea Wrestlemania is the biggest event in the industry compared to other events like the Super Bowl and the Final Four so that event deserves the pomp and circumstance of having the 4 hour show. Having Summerslam fall into the 4 hour category doesn’t make it unique especially only having a couple matches setup for the card.


What is next for Curtis Axel, now that the Mega-Powers gimmick is basically done, thanks to Hogan’s termination?

Steve: Sad that Hogan had to ruin such a good thing going for Curtis Axel. He was finally out of the shadow of his father, and had his own thing, until Hollywood had to ruin it for him. It was seen on house shows that Axel was dressed up as the old version of John Cena, so is that really where they are going with this? Honestly, I think they should go back to his gimmick where he was the son of his father, the gimmick worked, he was the Intercontinental Champion, he had killer music. Now he just looks like a goof.

Chad: The only thing I can see for Axel to do is to go back to the gimmick he started his Curtis Axel run with being his fathers son and maybe even a guy for Paul Heyman to manage when Lesnar is not around.

rollins vs cena

Is Seth Rollins vs John Cena the right call for the WWE for the championship?

Steve: I suppose so, because who else are you going to put in there? You already did Ambrose, Reigns is with Wyatt right now, Kane is getting sun burnt in Hawaii, you really don’t have anyone else to take this spot, and if they are trying to recreate Wrestlemania with Summerslam, then Cena is the way to go. However, I think that Cena should be defending the United States Championship. If they have him drop the belt before SummerSlam so that it is defended at the event, because we all know that the likelihood of the IC belt being defended is slim to none, then I would like this choice a little better.

Chad: Summerslam is still a big show on the WWE calendar I don’t believe it requires 4 hours but it does still require star power which is why having is what is what having Cena going after the belt is another draw on the card outside of Lesnar/Taker which for a major event like Summerslam is definitely best for business.



Several episodes back we were asked to choose the show stealing match for Wrestlemania’s 1 through 10. Same concept, except, What were the show stealers from Wrestlemania’s 11 through 20?

Steve: Wrestlemania 11- I gotta go with Shawn vs Diesel, not the greatest of matches, but still the best on the card.

Wrestlemania 12- Can anything beat the Iron Man match between Shawn and Bret? Nope!

Wrestlemania 13- Easiest of the bunch, Austin vs Bret in the submission match, hands down.

Wrestlemania 14- Despite having a back injury, the Austin vs Shawn match was the best of the night.

Wrestlemania 15- Rock vs Austin takes this one in a runaway

Wrestlemania 16- TLC match was amazing between the Hardy’s, Edge and Christian, and the Dudleys.

Wrestlemania 17- So many good matches here, but the holy shit moment happened in the Rock vs Austin match.

Wrestlemania 18- People may disagree with me here, but the RVD vs William Regal match was the best on the card for me.

Wrestlemania 19- Has to be Shawn vs Jericho. Was a great match from start to finish, but a close second was Brock vs Angle

Wrestlemania 20- I thought the triple threat title match was amazing! Can I say his name? Benoit vs HHH vs HBK, but the Angle vs Guerrero match was incredible too!

Chad: XI- Diesel and HBK easily the best match on that card

XII- Bret and Shawn in the Iron Match match stole that show easily

XIII- Austin vs Bret the match that cemented future of Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE.

XIV- Austin vs Michael’s best match of the night and the match that helped begin to turn the tide in the War against WCW.

XV- Rock and Austin is the clear show stealer on this show

2000- The triangle ladder match was a spectacle here

X7- TLC 2- Edge’s spear is still played to this day

X8- Rock vs Hogan took the energy out the skydome for the main event.

XIX- Michaels vs Jericho slightly edges out Brock vs Kurt because if the missed shooting star press

XX- The triple threat world title match was a great showing of 3 talents that could go



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