Welcome back wrestling fans to yet another edition of #ask7pound. This week you fans have asked so many great questions, but I can only select five. So we will discuss the Buff Bagwell injury back in 1998, and also the Royal Rumble match. This and much more.

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Let’s get to another match on David’s dream card. We are about in the middle of the pack, so here we go with the following contest is a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH

Falls count anywhere


Mankind vs Chris Benoit

Everyone remembers the bathroom scene that really made Benoit a star. Everyone knows the Empty Arena Match and the Boiler Room Brawl. What happens when these two men who will do anything to win get to go all over Texas?

Did you know? The Fabulous Moolah had a WWF Womens title reign that lasted more than 28 years consecutively? This is a record in all of professional wrestling, and is not likely to ever be challenged. 


Now here are the questions for this week.

We start with Shark Boy’s number one fan

I was watching Fall Brawl 1993 early and they had a match with Ric Flair vs Rick Rude. Ric Flair came out to the ring with Fifi and it got me wondering, Whatever happened to Fifi? She just kinda up and disappeared.



Fifi (real name Wendy Barlow) got into wrestling as Ric Flair’s maid. She was a model who was discovered by Flair, and he thought it would be a good fit. There were some who thought Fifi was Kimberly Page, all the way to Flair’s real life daughter. Nope, she has no ties to professional wrestling, other than her brief stint with Flair in 1993. In an interview she recently gave with ClubWWI.com. Fifi made these comments, on why she left wrestling.

“I took off and decided that I wanted to use some of my education to teach high school actually.  So I put wrestling aside, thinking that one day I would come back.  And eventually just enjoyed teaching, went on, did some things.  I also continued with modeling.  But eventually decided, hey, I want to get back into flairfifithings, see what’s going on.  And I actually went to work on a couple of movies and the most recent one is ‘The Joneses’ with Demi Moore, David Duchovny, Gary Cole, and a few other cast members.  It’s an all star cast and it comes out nationwide this Friday, April 16th.”

So Fifi, Wendy Barlow, is now an actress. Who knew? I remember her being hot as hell when I was a kid in Junior High growing up. And she really hasnt changed much over the past 22 years.

Will from UMASS wants to know about the Criminal Minds of wrestling

How many wrestlers have actually spent time in jail? I know we hear that wrestlers get picked up for petty stuff, but did any one actually spend time in jail overnight?



Oh wow, Will. Do you you realize how long this list is? Many wrestlers such as Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Buff Bagwel, Matt and Jeff Hardy, The Big Show, Lex Luger, just to name a few have all spent some time in the slammer. Of this bunch, Hardy probably has spent the most time, and was actually facing a very long prison sentence, but the judge went light on him and had him complete a treatment program instead. Kurt Angle is another wrestler who has spent many a nights behind bars, but never significant time. So I did a little research and found a couple of notable wrestlers that spent a good amount of time in prison, and Im not talking about an overnight stay.

Ken Patera who was a former Olympian, and Intercontinental Champion got into an altercation at a McDonalds back in 1984 that landed him a two year sentence in prison.

Booker T. had an assault and battery charge stemming from an altercation at a Wendy’s that landed him in prison for 18 months.

MVP who came to the WWE in 2006, then spent some time in TNA, had the longest sentence of the group as he spent 9 1/2 years in prison after an 18 year sentence for armed robbery.

Eric Asafailo from the Wrestling Roundtable wants to know about Buff Bagwell injury

When Rick Steiner bulldogged Buff Bagwell off the top rope back in 1998, what that injury to Bagwell a shoot or was it for real?



No, that was not a work. Bagwell, during that match against Steiner was diagnosed with several damaged vertebrae as well as Severe Spinal shock. Bagwell had surgery on his neck and was bound to a wheelchair for several months, also sporting a neck brace.  At the time, doctors thought that this was going to be career ending for Bagwell as most wrestlers, especially his smaller size do not come back after an injury of this nature. However, not only did Bagwell come back, he won the WCW Tag Team Championship on two more occasions, with Rick Steiner himself, and with Shane Douglas when they were known as “Totally Buff.”

As you will see in this video of the injury, Bagwell’s head actually goes forward, and then back off of the shoulder of Rick Steiner.

Gary from Gary Indiana asks a couple Royal Rumble related questions.

Was it the plan all along to have Daniel Bryan not participate in the Rumble and go on to win the WWE title at Wrestlemania two years ago? Or was it a “fan” decision to change things up?



Very popular question that was thrown out there for many months after Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton and Batista at Wrestlemania XXX. The answer to this mysterious question is simple. No, this was not a planned thing to have Daniel Bryan win the championship. After Bryan’s injury in 2013, Vince McMahon, and the WWE writers were not sure how long Daniel would be out of action. When he came back, they of course wanted him to be a part of the main event, however with his neck troubles, they were not convinced that he would be able to compete. So they decided to give the Rumble win to Batista, and would be able to insert Bryan into the Main Event at Wrestlemania. In the event that Bryan could not compete, they already had a plan for Batista to take the title off of Orton. This did ultimately piss Batista off, and he stated that Vince never told him of the plans to insert Bryan, and that he was actually a plan B. When Batista returned to the WWE, he alleges that he was promised a run with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

With the last two Royal Rumbles considered to be a bust. Is this event doomed from being a big four event down the road?



The last two Royal Rumble matches ended with the fans going home disappointed due to the fact that in 2014, as mentioned, Daniel Bryan was not included in the match. Now we all know why that happened, but it really put a damper on the Royal Rumble itself, and forced the WWE to really change course with Batista as a heel, and it also pretty much ruined the career of Rey Mysterio as he was booed out of the building when he came in at #30. In 2015, they thought they had a fool proof plan to put Roman Reigns over, but again it was Daniel Bryan whom the fans wanted to win this match. After his early exit, the fans turned on Reigns. Instead of having Reigns go over and being over with the fans. He was booed out of the building. Even the Rock, who was asked by Vince backstage to go out to the ring to try and get Roman over, that did not work. Romans’ time is still on hold, as he was supposed to win the title from Lesnar, but again because of the Rumble match, it got sidetracked. So in answer to your question; Do I think the Royal Rumble is doomed? Not neccesarily , but the WWE is going to have to do something very special next year, and they better not screw that one up, or people may riot. In defense to the WWE, the 2015 Royal Rumble was in Philadelphia, and you really couldnt make the fans of Philadelphia happy no matter what you do. However, they are not going to pull the plug on the Royal Rumble as it has been a tradition almost as long as Wrestlemania.

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