Hitchcock: The Cheney Vase


Hitchcock: The Cheney Vase

Hitchcock is one of those names that more people know then possibly his movies. Ask the average fan to name a Hitchcock movie, and after Psycho, they might have trouble, even more will have trouble after the Birds maybe North By Northwest and a few others. I’ll admit to only seeing a few of his movies, and none of his Black and Whites.,

Hitchcock cheney vase sceneBut recently I came into possession of a Hitchcock collection. Yup, 20 movies, a good many of them in England.

So I’m going to be working my way through these, and I’m going to be doing these a little differently. Instead of a 10 point scoring scale, I’m going to be doing a simple thumbs up and thumbs down on this one. If I can see ever getting into this one again, its getting a thumbs up.

This one is off of the Alfred Hitchcock presents series. So its kind of a cheat to say its part of his 20 movies, but its on disk- and I really wasn’t in the mood for a silent movie, so its up next.


This one is  a pretty standard story. Guy needs a job, ends up the trusted assistant to an old person, and then gets greedy and wants to take something, in this case a priceless vase, and has a girlfriend to help him, then the girlfriend turns against him, and now he’s got to get the stuff and get out of dodge before the relatives/cops/lawyers/etc get there. The fun part here is the way the man is outwitted, again, I’m not going to spoil it for you, but considering I feel like we have seen the setup 100 times, this is fairly novel. I’m just sure you want to sit through a 20 minute prologue to get to a 20 second grin at the end. Its actually a pretty smart twist I didn’t see coming.

Alfred Hitchcoch banner

The Alfred Hitchcock pre-and prologues are fun, especially the ending – But I can’t give  Hitchcock a point here, leaving him with a 1 for 2 so far on our series. I’m going to try to get through a silent movie for next week, but no promises. I’ll go a 3 here, just for the fun.


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