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Thursday’s are a great day. It is the day before Friday, and most importantly it is time for the Wrestling Roundtable. This week Josh returns after his training. Im sure he is even more educated now. So buckle up and let’s get down to business.

Power Rankings for this week.

1. John Cena- The United States champion with a big win over Kevin Owens propels him to the top spot.

2. Seth Rollins- Another narrow escape with the WWE title at Battleground on Sunday. What is next for the champion?

3. Brock Lesnar- The Beast is pissed beyond repair after failing to win the WWE title, can he make it two straight over the Undertaker at Summerslam?

4. Bray Wyatt- Big win over Roman Reigns at Battleground, with the family reunited, is Bray Wyatt now a force to be reckoned with?

5. The Undertaker- Hell why not the Undertaker? He was the one left standing after the WWE title match at Battleground. He cracks the power rankings for the first time.


This week in Professional Wrestling

Vince McMahon won his battle with the US Government in the steroid suit.

The Rock won his 7th WWE championship.

Brusier Brody was stabbed to death by a fellow wrestler in the locker room.


And without further or due. Here are the questions for this weeks Roundtable discussion.

owens vs cena

Was Kevin Owens’ loss to John Cena at Battleground bad for his character?

Steve: It really just depends on what they do with Kevin Owens now. Do they keep him in a main event picture? Do they have him work with other top tier stars? It could be okay as long as they continue to push him. It is not the end of the world to lose, even tap out to John Cena. But if they put him into matches with B players, then he is doomed.

Eric: The rubber match happened this past Sunday between Owens and Cena. After a hard fought battle back and forth, Cena picks up the win and made Owens tap out. I don’t think that lose hurt Owens at all. I think that match solidify him as a WWE superstar. I do feel that this feud needs to end there. I think if they go for a 4th ppv in a row that would hurt Owens character and if you don’t believe me just look at Rusev. Him and Cena went at it on 4 straight ppvs and now he’s been bumped down to a low mid carder at best. If the WWE wants to keep Owens looking strong and good they need to end the feud now. No more ppv bought for these 2. People tap out, it happens but losing 3 straight ppvs matches to the same guy. That would hurt more in my opinion.

Josh:  Worst thing ever for him.  It isn’t the fact that he did not win the US title.  It is the fact that he TAPPED OUT.  If you were going to have him lose, give him the Stone Cold treatment, bloody his face and have him pass out from the pain.  I don’t buy him as a monster heel anymore, and won’t for a very long time. He will be relegated to Rusev land at this point.  Sorry Kevin, you deserve better than this.  The worst thing they could do is put him in like a triple threat or a fatal four way, and pin someone other than Cena….for him to be legit, he MUST BEAT CENA CLEAN AGAIN.

Chad: I don’t see it hurting Owens because I believe that Owens is more over the with the fans than Rusev was and that they would stick with him through a non top tier feud. He may even feud with someone and elevate them. I believe in Owens ability to work outside of Cena.

 taker vs lesnar

Is the Undertaker returning to the WWE to face Lesnar at Summerslam the right call as far as timing goes?

Steve: I don’t like that he interfered with the main event at Battleground, as I still think that Rollins needed that match to help his title run. This does set up one hell of an entertaining show moving forward. The encounter on Raw this past Monday was amazing, and even at 35 years old had me on the edge of my seat. I will talk more about that later on, so bringing the Undertaker back seems like a pretty good move. I think he is set for one last run in the WWE, before riding off into the sunset at Wrestlemania 32, in which all signs are pointing toward a retirement match against Sting in Dallas.

Eric:  I like many wrestling fans was very excited to see the Undertaker return this past Sunday at WWE Battleground. I think this has been long overdue to see the Undertaker appear before Wrestlemania and have an actual feud and matches other than at Wrestlemania. Let’s see if he can still go and have a great match. I think he can and seeing it happen would be best for business. Undertaker doesn’t have too long left as a WWE superstar, so they mite as well get as much work out of him as they can before he retires. It’s only a matter of time before he steps away from the WWE for good, I think this feud between him and Lesnar is right at the perfect time and seeing these two go at it will be an amazing feud and be great for business.

Josh: Not really.  It actually saddens me to see Taker back.  In every match he has had over the past few years, you can tell he has lost a lot of steps.  I don’t want to risk seeing a bad ‘Taker match.  But of anyone, Lesnar is probably the best fit, as it will be believable that Lesnar will be better than the Undertaker.  I see this match putting Taker out of action until Wrestlemania.

Chad: I definitely feel like the timing is perfect for Undertaker for not Brock beating the streak at Wrestlemania but not really having that big win over Lesnar going back to Brocks first run in the company. Waiting 18 months shows that Taker had time to stew over the loss and he is ready to unleash on Brock in a fight at a Summerslam on the wwe netwok for 9.99 a month.


In your (damn) opinion, do you think that reuniting the Wyatt Family makes sense for Bray Wyatt?

Steve: I just don’t know what the WWE is doing with Bray Wyatt. So I guess it makes sense to the point where what else are you going to do with him. Pairing him with Harper once again puts another stable together, but I just don’t see this going anywhere. I think that Bray Wyatt is destined for greatness in the WWE, and has the ability to one day be the WWE Champion. Also, the last I heard, the WWE is needing a top star to run with the Intercontinental Championship. In my opinion it should be Bray, or Cesaro to make a solid run with that title.

Eric:  (Thanks for the gimmick infringement Steve) I think it makes sense for the WWE to reunite the Wyatt Family. The WWE doesn’t know what they should do with Bray Wyatt right now. The man has so much talent in and out of the ring, but they do not know how to book him right now so bringing back the Wyatt Family makes sense. If only Erick Rowen wasn’t hurt, then we could have all 3 members of the Wyatt Family together once again. I always have been a big fan of the Wyatt Family and seeing them reunite I was very excited to see that happen. Now let’s hope the WWE keeps them together longer this time then what they did last time. Together, those 3 men are a dominant force in the WWE.

Josh: It makes sense.  Bray has kind of fallen off of the radar by himself.  Giving him Luke Harper helps with that and makes him a bigger threat.  Wyatt needs to collect wins and solidify himself as a top tier heel.  Honestly, I can see Wyatt winning either the next Royal Rumble, or Money in the Bank….who better to have a guaranteed title shot?

Chad: I think it makes perfect sense to put the Wyatt family back together because it looks like that Bray’s career is in neutral so in order to hit the reset button on his career he needs to go back to the beginning; back to family; and that is the Wyatt family which can go after anybody they want in WWE and maybe help Bray get a title.


PWI Magazine stated. “Bringing up the three Divas from NXT, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch was exactly what the WWE needed.” Do you agree with this statement?

Steve:  I have to admit, and I will likely be in the minority here. But I am not that impressed so far with the three appearing in the WWE. Sure, Charlotte had a big win over Brie Bella at Battleground, and again on Raw, and they actually gave the Diva’s two matches on Raw, but it really was not any more entertaining than what they have put on in recently memory. I think it has a great deal of potential, but they have to switch it up a little bit, and get rid of the three stables, and have them all compete against each other. I am more interested to see Lana vs Summer Rae than any of the nine divas they have in in ring competition.

Eric:  So they is now 3 new divas on the main roster. Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch. I gotta agree with PWI, this is exactly what the WWE needed. Let’s face it,  the divas division wasn’t anything special for a long time. Seeing 3 new fresh faces and having gals get in there who can actually wrestle and put on great match, this is great for business. I have seen what these 3 can do from watching NXT and I’m excited to see them come to the main roster. This is a big move for WWE and I’m excited to see what will happen next. They have really stepped up this feud. I’m anxious to see what will happen next with this feud. 2 thumbs up to WWE here!

Josh: Yes.  In fact, I have been calling for this for a long time.  I have been very impressed with what the new divas are doing.  Now they have to actually change the division, again, why can’t we have Divas table matches?  Ladder matches?  MitB matches?  Give us some quality carnage!

Chad: OMG that was a moment when the NXT divas came out and announced their presence with authority. I completely agree with PWI this was the reboot that the division needed to get more relevant in the eyes of the fans of the company and of wrestling. I actually want to se. what happens next.


Was the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker segment on Raw, Monday night, the best segmments Raw in 2015?

Steve: As I stated before, this segment had me on the edge of my seat. I loved it, and it has me more excited than I have been in a long time to watch a special event like Summerslam. I freaking cannot wait for this epic rematch. I think Taker has one more run left in him, and together with Lesnar are going to tear the house down at Summerslam. This is awesome to see, it has been an highly anticipated rematch, that let’s face it, really didnt see this happening. So this is a real treat to the fans. I just hope the produce. This was easily the best segment Raw has produced this year, maybe in the last five years.

Eric: Yes, the battle between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker this past Monday on RAW was very impressive. I enjoyed seeing them two fight and having the locker rooms empty out but still could not keep them two a part. I don’t think there has been anything else as good as the segment between Taker and Lesnar on RAW this year. That was definitely something fun to watch as a wrestling fan. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend going and checking it. It was definitely something fun to watch. Again 2 thumbs up WWE, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Josh: I guess.  It was pretty good.  I would rank Kevin Owens first appearance above it.  There have been a lot of Raws in 2015, but the piece that stood out the most to me, was Paul Heyman…..That man is money.  Everything he says on the mic is pure 100% gold.  Let’s face it, people wouldn’t even care about Brock Lesnar if Heyman wasn’t speaking for him.   When he turned to the crowd and said let’s make this personal….one of the best promos, not of 2015, but that I can remember.

Chad: Thumbs up for me for this segment it ranks up there for me in all time Raw moments two stars of their magnitude throwing bombs and no one being able to keep them apart makes it great TV and makes their match at Summerslam a big fight feel which makes a compelling match.

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  1. Add me to this round table. 🙂

    Owen is bad for wrestling, period. He’s a terrible speaker, and the bowling ball is probably one of the top 10 singularly dumbest moves in wrestling history. If you must do something with him, make him a tag team partner with Bray Wyatt so I can turn the TV channel only once a show rather than twice.

    I’m also over The Undertaker. His coat was even wrinkled Monday night…it’s been so long in the attic. Hey Vince, I need some money, can I fight Brock poorly again? Umm, Mark, you’re 50. Yeah, but I can still walk really slow and waste 15 minute of air time just getting to the ring. Oh, ok.

    Nothing makes sense for Bray Wyatt. I don’t know why he’s on TV.

    Bringing up the Divas brings up my biggest WWE argument. Why is it so damn racist? Why does a black woman have to automatically be partnered with a black team. I thought having a black woman on Team Bella would start to end this BS, but no, just like with New Day and Prime Time, we have to separate our races. In the end, Charlotte is terrible. The other two are ok, but they don’t get the spotlight, because they’re not blonde, and not Ric Flair’s daughter.

    It was ok. Better than Lesner nearly killing himself trying to get an ax into a car and having it bounce back on him.

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